Total Babe

Total Babe


Total Babe are 4 teenagers from Minneapolis. At 17 they have harnessed the pop sensibilities of Belle and Sebastian and blended it with the lyrical depth of Sebadoh.


Clara Salyer, at just 16, formed Total Babe with fellow south minneapolis friends Lizzie Carolan, Jordan Gatesmith and Tim Leick. Clara's surprising influences include Sebadoh, Nuetral Milk Hotel and Beach House. Total Babe's acoustic pop sound has been compared to Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura. The kids have garnered a ton of attention in their hometown, through numerous shows, and with the release of their "Heatwave EP" they have seen their popularity in the blog world grow immensely (featured on NME, Rocksellout, Obscure sound, just to name a few). They even hit #20 on the Hype Machine popular chart. Though singing has been the scariest part of the process for Clara Salyer, she has grown quickly into a singing and songwriting force to be reckoned with. With all the success they have seen already, one can only imagine the heights they can soar to. They are currently working on their full length LP due out next spring.


"heatwave ep" So TM records october 2009

Set List

Short Stories, Champions, Bearbones, Jamps, Gary Coleman, Country, Shape up
(typical set time, 30 minutes)