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"5 Star Rating - Track of the Day"

Signature Review
My highest rate, maybe
There are more than one element that make of this recording something really interesting. First, the rhythm structure (I would need more than two listen to understand if there are 7/8 or 5/8 bars inserted) makes me think about Progressive Rock, with sudden stops and wise drum rolls (an applause to the drummer and the bass player!), along with the synthesizer that appears here and there without taking control of the whole thing. Second, the lead guitar and the keyboards (the rhodes-like key and the synth solo), together with the bass guitar are pure Fusion, and give the recording 90% of the interest: the rhodes, organ and synth licks are really wise, appearing exactly where they have to. Third, the vocals - particularly inspired - are doubtlessly Rock.
The result of these main elements (all the parts are performed incredibly great) make of this song one of the best things I have ever heard in the indie world. I don't know in which genre the band put itself (Fusion Rock? Progressive?), but sure the atmosphere of the song is able to grab everyone's attention, including those who are not into this kind of music. Very well done, I have to give this song the highest rate I have ever given to any GB song.
Reviewed by: lordbygon from Bologna, Italy
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Total B.S. is named for it’s two collaborators Blair Gray and Sara Rockoff.

Blair, a seasoned virtuoso bass player and multi-instrumentalist, producer extraordinaire, and Sara, a master of melody and introspective songwriter have delightfully found their match in Total B.S..

The result of their joining is an amalgamation that is at once indescribable yet embracingly familiar. Both share the characteristic of having a very specific tonal quality to their instrument that is unmistakably their own. Their signature sound is stylistically transcendent. Both lovers of progressive rock, they fuse elements of jazz, funk, metal, and soul into an auditory experience that is so refreshingly distinct; it inadvertently delivers a punishing spank to the generic climate that perpetually inundates popular music.

Blair Gray, a St. Louis native, has spent most of his adult life in California. His passion for music has enabled him to achieve musical abilities and production skills that few individuals ever broach.

Sara Rockoff was born in Munich, Germany. She resided in South Florida from childhood until a pivotal moment propelled her to follow her dreams and move to the West Coast. Her desire for excellence has enabled her to grow her talent to exponential proportions.

Together, they form the unequivocal entity, “Total B.S.,”

Treat yourself to this sonic explosion. Share in the momentous destiny that will not be denied.