Total Movement

Total Movement


Total Movement are bringing a new sound to electronica in London! If you like partying, chillin' out or just gettin down, this music is for you!


Total Movement are a modern electro band. Fronted by twin brothers Paul and Alan Mansford, and after listening to lots of 90's dance music, the band set out to create a unique live performance by mixing samples and triggers with the traditional band line up. Currently performing around the London circuit the band are writing material for their debut album.


'Grace' is Total Movement latest EP release. It features 4 original songs by the band and is available to download from iTunes. Their debut EP 'Halo' from 2008 is also available from iTunes.

Set List

Total Movement usually perform between a 25 and 30 minute set. We do not perform covers and we fit roughly 6 - 7 songs in per show.

We play:
Touch 'N Go (Grace EP)
Letting Go (Grace EP)
Fire (Halo EP)
Halo (Halo EP)
So Close But So Far (Grace)
You Got Style (Unreleased)
Grace (Grace EP)