Total Savage

Total Savage

 Memphis, Tennessee, USA
BandHip Hop

I'm a young, inspired hip-hop artist. My music is positive and up-beat, if anything, it puts you in a good mood. My lyrics consist of stories from my life and experiences affiliated with my life. My music is mostly made up of drums, synthesizers, and samples(made by me).


"Total Savage is a multitalented artist from Memphis that fuses hardcore elements with hip hop to form a unique sound. He realized that he wanted to explore hip hop at the age of 14 after hearing Souls of Mischief�s �93 �Til Infiinity.� Over the next several years he immersed himself in the genre and it changed the way he saw music. As a result, he decided that he �wanted to make an album that changes someone�s life,� as those that he discovered had for him. Total Savage�s influences range from NAS, Eyedea & Abilities, The Beastie Boys, and Hieroglyphics. Total Savage is the epitome of today�s independent artist in that the beats, lyrics, instrumentation, production, and mixing are all done in his personal home studio. Savage holds his own in a genre where lyricism is the foundation of the art. With emotive vocals, authentic lyrics, and unyielding fluidity, Total Savage succeeds in proving that he is a skilled lyricist and producer at the young age of 19. His versatility is also made evident through the transitions and genre infusions in his tracks. Total Savage will embark on his first tour in January 2009." -Lucia Kaminsky
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I dream of Nike

Written By: Gavin Orth/Total Savage

Here it goes again, it's that same old dream.
I'm so sick of it, man. I just wanna know the meaning.
Wakin' up drowning in sweat, my heart's on cardiac arrest, smell the scent of death on my morning breathe.
Here it goes again, it's that same damn dream.

Listen up, you will not believe what i saw at the park, yeah me and her were there after dark and embarked on a journey to a different land, which is where i found this mic in my hand.
"Understand?", he said.
You are to give their ears bloodshed,
and he touched me on the head with two of his fingers and he gave me new sneakers, then he scooted me off like my pre-school teacher.

At that moment everything had changed.
Don't understand this dream I'm in, it is so deranged.
Looked to the left to see if my girlfriend was still in shape,
But in her place a black cassette, the letters read "mixtape".
Over to my right a boombox said "sleep late", so i played the tape and started to desenegrate.
Tape said that girl was nothin' but extra baggage.
And parts of my body mended tags that read "Total Savage".

Give it up man, you can't handle us yet.
Just do us all a favor and give it up, man.
Head tucked between your legs like a marrionette with strings plucked from it's neck.
Just give it up man, and quit acting so scared.

Ma--n, tell me something new, I don't like you, big deal, who does?!
Matter-a-fact, i've been talkin to that guy you call "cuz", says the only time he likes you is when he's on drugs...(deep vocals)or when he's gettin a buzz.
I know it's scary bein' a harry, low-life bachelor who soon enough will have to call me master cuz that dream I had is coming true, and after that I will never abide by you.
Cuz i'll be cuttin' it loose on the dance floor(2xs)

Here it comes again, bit by bit.
I'm so sick of it man, this ain't legit.
I keep thinkin' am I dreamin, but what am I feelin in my toes and my fingers, my veins, am I bleeding?
Here it comes again,I just, I wanna wake up.

New World Order

Written By: Gavin Orth/Total Savage

"if you don't believe then just look deeper in the
cup, no one says they believe, cuz times are changing
so abrupt. The reasons for this, no one know; I mean
what could it be?
I dunno, they just think that it is easier to see.
No-Now 1.2.3. it's as easy as can be, and me I've
never seen so many people on a leash, being walked by
thei owner which be society, in a world filled solely
with disease amphetamines.
Stepping outside to take the kids on a walk, while
they wear gas masks, the air was thick as chalk,
similar to a skunk, Daddy smiled as he thought about
his little shiny flask, he was the neighborhood drunk.
As your walking down the streets, every building that
you turn you see a woman dressed for summer in the
winter, herding the men like little sheep just to
empty out their wallets, that's okay cuz today this is
love as we know it.
And all the signs im seeing say life is a dream, I
just don't seem to believe...cuz a dream is an
inspirational thought and life is something that we're
taught, and if there's nothing to be taught, then we
will all just sit and rot in our own undeveloped lives
and soon we will have to decide what lie we tell
before we join in laughter and die...
See what i mean? it's much easier to see, unless your
dad man sportin' a coat of fleas, wearin' the
of bull-headed essentialities,
livin' the life of a man that nobody can plllease.
pleaase leave me alone.
i'm allergic to you follies, just pack up and go home!
your brain's infected, my heart was redirected, and i
will follow it until my stories get rejected.
"if im elected, i will end world hunger", pssht! yeah
right, that spill is weak like Dr. Thunder.
If i'm elected, i will make you cats sit, and listen
to me sit while Total Savage gets retarted.
Cuz once he's started, he won't quit. no no. he won't
cuz once he's started, you'll get sick, and soon
enough there will be an epidimic,
cuz what he's sayin is so ill, that everybody's mind
is like a dumpster byt the landfill.
and round here at the landfill, we all learn to
cooperate and function by the same drill."


Numskull '08
A Dark Fall EP

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My set can range from 30 minutes to an hour.
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