Total Silence

Total Silence


Smooth jazz, neo soul/R&B, funk and elements of rock. There's something in the music for everyone in that it's all inspirational and feel good. It takes you back to when music meant something; Saturday afternon cook outs, family reunions, backyard card games and soul train lines; with inspiration.


Total Silence is comprised of Christian musicians who's intent is to break down the four walls of the church.

With a unique blend of Gospel, Hip Hop, R&B/Neo Soul and Jazz, the band's mission is to spread the message of love and the love of God to all who will hear. Be careful though, cause you'll get caught up listening to the sounds reminissant of Earth, Wind & Fire or Mint Condition and never know that you're being ministred to; that is until it's too late!

Total Silence was initiallty started by the band's manager, Gregory Henderson Sr., to accompany the band's drummer, Greg Henderson. It's mission was initially to be a "band for hire" to artists needing live accompaniment; but that quickly changed with the introduction of then Christie Bradford Johnson Johnson. Total Silence became Total Silence while working with Christie on her first album. During performances to promote Christie's album, the band found that there was definitely a connection and possessed the talent to branch out on it's own. Under the musical leadership of guitarist/keyboardist, Vincent Crenshaw, the guys began to put their heads together in an effort to define a sound. At the band's onset, it was comprised of bassist, Garland Ellison, drummer, Gregory Henderson, keyboardist & vocalist, Jerimiah Brown and percussionist, Sedar Jones.
All with unique talents that would be a welcomed additon to any group.

In working on a number of instrumental tunes, the band realized that the need for a vocalist to fill the void left by Christie, who married and moved out of the country, was inevitible. Enter classically trained and a natural in her own right vocalilst, Felicia Sims, who brought a strong voice and an even stronger spirit to the band. 2 yrs into the groups official inception, work began on their first project, Be Quiet. While it was a great experience, it wasn't without it's challenges. During the recording of the CD, the band lost it's bassist and part of the group's wisdom, Garland Ellison. But as with any professional and dedicated group, the show must go on.

Total Silence's drummer and percssionist performed together at their local church and was introduced to Darron "Trip" Thomas. With a ready made rythm section performing together on a weekly basis, it only made sense to invite Tripp to become a part of the group. And since joining, Tripp has helped take Total Silence to another level. So here we are today, pressing forward with God's guidance Total Silence continues to spread the word of His greatness and motivation through unique vocal stylings and live instrumetation. You'll see this group on a larger stage very soon! But for now, keep your ears open as radio play continues to increase in Greensboro, NC and other surrounding areas. Total Silence continues to wow audiences with their eclectic sounds of live soulful instrumentation. Visit the band and follow their growth on


2009 "Be Quiet" was released; Be Quiet, We Win & Just Believe receive airplay in the Greensboro, Winston Salem, High Point, Jamestown and Burlington, NC areas

Set List

Sets will depend upon the venue. Venues that feature Total Silence will have a mix of Total Silence originals and covers. Covers include tunes by EWF, Mint Conditon, Kem, Frankly Beverly & Maze, Schacah, Ledisi, Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribett, Fred Hammnond, Stanley Jordan and more!