Total Slacker

Total Slacker


Total Slacker builds on rock tradition with virtuosic guitar, male-female vocal harmonies, grungy bass grooves, and a sharp sense of humor that is completely up to date. This foursome draws a large crowd as their live show is intense, rambunctious, and demands intermittent instrument sacrifices.


Total Slacker is an American band from Brooklyn, New York founded by Tucker Rountree and Emily Jane. I their last year-and-a-half as a band, they've played over 100 (mostly sold-out) live shows including Beach Fossils, DFA 1979, Friends, MNDR, Thee Oh Sees, The Rapture, Real Estate, Rick Ross, Smith Westerns, YUCK, Vivian Girls, Wavves, Widowspeak, Woods, and many more. Also within their first year, Total Slacker has released a 2 song EP, "Crystal Necklace", on Impose Records (sold-out) as well as a 7" split with Weird Dreams (UK), a digital single of "Secret VHS Collection", and a full-length LP, "Thrashin" (sold-out) all on the UK Label Marshall Teller Records. They've received significant press attention from international press and radio for their acclaimed songwriting, captivating live performances, and uniquely charming DIY aesthetic. They have just returned home from a 2-week U.S. tour, which included recording a Daytrotter session in Illinois. Total Slacker are looking forward to the release of two more EPs this June, including a 7" split with Brooklyn scene-mates Friends (both releases on Sixteen Tambourines Records--Japan) and are currently seeking a label for their Sophomore LP which they hope to release this coming fall. Additionally, Total Slacker are looking for a US and EU/AU tour routing agency. Stay tuned as there will definitely be more to come!


2010--"Crystal Necklace", 7", Impose Records (US)
2010--"Ultimate Party Dood", 7", Marshall Teller Records (UK)
2011--"Thrashin", full-length, Marshall Teller Records (UK)


2012--"Brain Slime", 7", Sixteen Tambourines Records (Japan)
2012--"Magical Date Night"/"Friend Crush", 7" split with Friends
Sixteen Tambourines Records (Japan

Set List

Crystal Necklace
Who Killed Kennedy
Brain Slime
Touch Yourself
Secret VHS Collection
Magical Date Nite
These Condos Don't Belong
Psychic Mesa
What's Yr Sign