Total Warr

Total Warr

 Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

«Remember when MGMT where fun?Total Warr are a bit like that, a fun-again MGMT»Sunday Times
Parisian duo Total Warr makes music that has something for everyone, from upbeat pop melodies and irresistible hooks to pulsing electrobeats and layers of fuzzed out synth, somewhere between Weezer&PandaBear


Having received praise from the likes of The Fader and RCRD LBL for their previous releases and dubbed a “Band To Watch” by Stereogum, Total Warr is back with a new EP that showcases their versatility while remaining danceworthy from beginning to end. Comprised of two brand new originals along with remixes from Is Tropical, Alixander III (Azari & III), XXX Change, and Myd (Club Cheval), the Corbay EP will be released digitally on June 11th.

The EP opens with “xxx HATE xxx”, an introspective track that features ethereal vocal harmonies atop swirling layers of sound, all driven by an infectious beat. You can download the “xxx HATE xxx” MP3 where it premiered with Stereogum or HERE, and feel free to post and share!
Is Tropical’s remix of “xxx HATE xxx” preserves the resonant harmonies of the original, but adds a whole new dimension with deep, buzzing synth. Total Warr original “Saturday Night” starts out lighthearted and playful before building to an energetic climax complete with electronic pulses and an anthem-like chorus. XXX Change gives the track a clubworthy makeover, turning it into a dizzying dancefloor banger with blaring bursts of synth and booming bass. With one captivating jam after another, the Corbay EP bursts with electric energy down to its last note.

Total Warr’s live show finds the duo furiously pounding out drum beats, dancing around the stage fervently, and reaching for every instrument from an electric guitar to a laptop. With a double dose of energy and passion, Total Warr is ready to take the US by storm !



Written By: Benjamin Nakache / Guillaume Brouzes

I hate my band, I hate my music
And most of the time, I hate you

A million thoughts exploding my brain,
A million thoughts, a million thougts,
and never a good one

I guess I'm tired of fighting
I should say goodbye
But I never said hello

I hate my band, I hate my music
And most of the time, I hate you

What would it look like, in the end?
When we turn off the light
I dont deserve any respect,
Or even interest
And everytime I take a picture I can see the man I try to be.

I hate my band, I hate my music
And most of the time, I hate you

Saturday Night

Written By: Benjamin Nakache / Guillaume Brouzes

I won't slow down
To feel your breath
As cold as ice
Standing in the rain

I won't wait for the light to show up and rise,
I won't slow down, to feel your breath


- Cascade EP / Sept 2010 - Hi Score Recordings
- Please Never come back again EP / June 2011 - Hi Scores Recordings
- track 'Gangsta Rap' released on Kitsune compilation 'Parisien' Feb 2011
- Corbay EP / June 2012

Set List

xxx HATE xxx