Totems are a 5 piece Indie/psych/pop band from Brisbane. Originally named Cerebella the group formed in late 2008 when Guitarist Dominic Pelecanos decided it was time to. After making some home recordings the band began playing some shows around South-East Queensland with immediate success. So much success that the band broke up... and reformed under the name Totems. After a string of shows in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast singer Reyhan Lynch decided that the life of a struggling musician wasn't for him, so he quit the band to pursue his life long dream, reading all the books in the world. Suffering form the loss of their singer the band cancelled their shows and spat on all their fans. They are now a 5 piece with no band name making some juicy recordings with producer the sassy Steve Bart, that are better than the power of "Fushia" and "The monsters go rawr" combined. The band has been described as "pretty good" by their friend Muz a soil tester, and "Indie fags" by their friend Williams, an out of work electrician. They are renowned for hating people called Julius, and most Mexicans. What will they do next, will they even do anything else? Who knows?


Totems have not released any eps to date but have starting recording for their first ep. It will be released in the later half of 2010.