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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Rock Sound Magazine"

"TTM have lifted off from a place most bands reach far into their careers…they shed their local-scene confines at the 2:00 mark of track one…they promise much, much more by the chorus of track five."

-Pat McQueen of Rock Sound magazine [UK] - Rock Sound Magazine

"WFNX Boston"

"I really like what i hear! "White Noise" is my favorite track so far. Nate sounds like a younger more rocking version of the Get Up Kids Matt Pryor." - WFNX's Paul Driscoll. -

"Rugby Music Guide: Around the Corner Boston"

"They're barely a year old, but To The Masquerade are already rocking out like the most established pros. Their party-instigating style incorporates alternative hard rock with electronic dance beats under powerful vocals. The tunes "Emergency Exit" and the infectiously catchy "White Noise" have helped To The Masquerade start setting ears on fire all over New England. First Boston, next the world? Currently the band is writing and recording in anticipation of many shows in 2008." - Ralph Lauren Rugby Clothing Co. (


White Noise (2009)

Underground (3:27)
White Noise (3:16)
Throw It Back (3:27)

The Year I Learned to Teleport (2008)

Hello to the Cities (3:07)
She Never Once Paid for Drugs (4:27)
Makeshift Battles (4:14)
Kid Thief (4:11)
Lines on Paper (5:11)

Demo (2007)

White Noise (3:13)
Rewind (2:47)
New Love Song (6:08)
Emergency Exit (4:01)



We are To The Masquerade. Five dudes that grew up to share the common genuine love of rock music, showmanship, women, and cheap pizza. We moved in together, got jobs, and started making money so we could enjoy the finer things in life like the shampoo/conditioner combo and 2-ply toilet paper. Aside from that, and most importantly, we fused our musical backgrounds, started writing songs, came close to stopping global warming, and formed this band.

We are like a beer commercial, minus the freezing temperatures, talking animals, hot chicks, and silver bullet trains… so maybe that was a bad example. But beer commercials are good and fun, and if you asked our mother’s what they thought of us and our music, good and fun is exactly what they would call us.

Now, someone that may know a thing or two, would tell you that our music blends alternative hard rock with upbeat pad infused foot stomping dance party anthems. We favor electronic dance beats, synth driven choruses, and powerful dueling vocal arrangements. We would say its a modern dance rock, drawing influences from arena rock to new wave, from pop metal to garage rock. This all means whatever you want it to mean. We agree with all of the above, and more.

We’ve been to a bunch of cities, played with a bunch of bands, and done some pretty cool stuff. But why bore you with that list? We guarantee it’s either better, just as good, or almost as good as any other band’s resume out there. And besides, we just met. You’re still trying to figure out if you should end this date early or go in for the kiss after dinner. For our sake hopefully it’s neither. Don’t get us wrong, we’d love to get this relationship going too, but one step at a time, ok?

In all seriousness, our list of accomplishments is only as good as the music we play, so check out the tunes, and hopefully you become a fan, become our friends, and help spread the word.

We are extremely confident, mildly cocky, passionate, marketable, and serious. Thanks for checking us out!

Have a great day, and remember, your jobs are cooler than our jobs, and you can help us change that


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