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To The Moon

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"Taking the Tri-State Area To The Moon"

"These five musicians create a sound that will stir your soul and evoke a person's darkest emotion" -Ptah Gabrie - Poor Man's Breakfast

"To The Moon's Listen"

"The Chorus is so killer"
"Great Band and Writing Ability" - TAXI

"To The Moon's Something To Hide"

To the Moon’s (what's up Honeymooners?) debut EP, “Something to Hide”, is sure to be a hit outside of their native Philadelphia area. Their music is dark melodic rock with hard edges and female/male vocals (that surprisingly don’t try to compete with one another). Biting guitar distortion blames its stirring melodies as the reason it will haunt you for hours after you hear such glimmering tunes as the album opener ironically entitled “Listen”. Kick it!

- J-Sin -

"Something To Hide"

TO THE MOON- Something to Hide (L-Cast Records, Oh my god, this album totally took me by surprise, it is absolutely amazing! From the very beginning, it captivated my attention. Its kind of hard to describe what genre this would fall into but Ill say Melodic Hard Rock with dual vocals (one male, one female). So the male voice actually has a great quality to it, and its not whiny like most male vocalists today. The female voice is simply angelic and soothing to the ears, and both vocalists compliment each other perfectly. So lets break down each one of the six tracks on here: The first song is called Listen and it opens up quite regularly, giving you the impression that this is just another band, blah, blah, blah, but then pulls back a bit and the vocals come in, and thats when you realize youre in for a treat. I would have to say the vocals are a big part of the reason why I fell in love with this band right away. I cant really put my finger on who the guy sounds like (which is a good thing), but the girl sounds like Pamela Moore and Im sure no one knows who that is so Ill fill ya in. She is the one who did vocals on Queensryches: Operation: Mindcrime album, she played the part of Sister Mary. Those who know the album will know exactly who I mean. Anyway, moving on to track two which I think is the weakest of the six, but not bad. The song is called Bi-thoughtful Me and I think they were trying for a heavier vibe on this song and Im not quite sure it worked for them, though the middle part of the song is really good. Next we have Rewind which right from the start is incredible with its sweet guitar solo/ melody line to grab and demand the listeners attention. The pre-chorus and chorus are awesome and the end of the song is just beyond words with a vocal climax, if you will, that will leave you hanging and wondering if the song is over or not. A Sword Forged by The Fires of Passion is the fourth song here and it is definitely my favorite by far. Clocking in at almost eight minutes, this song takes you through all different moods, hard, heavy, bluesy, melodic, you name it, but it all blends together smoothly. Pray and Dont Tell is a little more upbeat than the others but still has that laidback feel on the verses, giving the song great dynamics. Glass: Love:: is a perfect album closer, it begins very calmly but quickly builds and builds until the very end when everything erupts and ends before you know it. This song, like track four, also has lots of different parts and every single one is equally amazing. This album has not left my frequent listen pile since I got it a week ago, I hear it at least once a day, Im hooked. Phil P. - Jersey Beat


Something To Hide EP



To the Moon,

a five-piece rock group, find their home in Bergen County New Jersey. They spare no amount of energy in expressing an original sound that is as haunting as it is inspiring. With a live show that challenges the boundaries of live entertainment, To the Moon is a pleasant relief from the monotony that often discourages live music fans.

To the Moon began as support for the release of multi-instrumentalist Chris Sulit's solo album entitled Color Me Sad. The album helped the band gain a lot of momentum and gave them a place to start. Now, close to two years later, To the Moon has made an imprint on the metropolitan area having performed at such notable venues as The Knitting Factory and The Bitter End (NY), The Khyber and Trocadero (Philadelphia), and The Conduit (Trenton), as well as countless smaller venues and college/university performances.

In June, L-Cast Records (Philadelphia's most prominent independent label) released To the Moon's debut EP entitled Something to Hide . Over a year in the making, the EP is a testament to the band's hard work and passion. Fans agree that it was worth the wait, and tracks like "Listen" and "Glass:Love::" have them roaring.

This group is writing its own legend. An artistic middle-finger is raised to everything you know to be true. To the Moon, sacrificing itself on the altar of eccentricity and nonconformity, are intent on continuing to get a rise out of new listeners. Paying careful mind to the fragility of compostion, the band intoxicates listeners with a sound so intense it leaves a trail of dumbfounded fans reflecting on what may or may not have just happened.