To The Point

To The Point


To The Point has evolved from pop-punk, to a harder-rocking alternative sound since forming in Regina, 2001. The band has performed live across the prairies, and their new CD Die Trying is on sale now across Canada. Now on their "I Hope This Works" September tour.


To The Point is about having a great time playing our music, and getting the crowd to have as much fun as we are. We play punk-influenced rock music, and we love seeing people jump around and move with us. What sets us apart from a lot of bands is pure and raw talent. JP is an amazing songwriter and this band is his passion. He vows never to quit making music and working towards our goals in To The Point. Current influences: Yellowcard, Hoobastank, Evanesence.


new CD "Die Trying" 2004. Available at HMV Canada and CDplus stores, or online at

Set List

We play our own music. We can do sets from 20 minutes to 2 hours, using both acoustic and full-band songs. Our music is alternative rock with punk influence.