To The Rescue

To The Rescue


To The Rescue rock the stage seamlessly blending musical talent, poetic songwriting, and catchy rhythm to put together an all around entertaining live show experience. Simply ear-catching, To The Rescue is not to be missed.


Ottawa based rock band To The Rescue have been together for 3 years now, and their chemistry is evident every time they hit the stage.

The band is 4 members deep (Mark Chippa- vox/guit, Keith Charlebois- guit/vox, Scott Bassarab- bass, Jon Busby- drums), and has been hard at work moulding and perfecting a sound which they lovingly refer to as "Energy Rock". Since their inception in late 2006, To The Rescue have shared the stage with some very well known Canadian artists, as well as some up and coming acts. Opening for GOB, Ill Scarlett, Mobile, USS, Ten Second Epic, The New Cities, The Johnstones and more. In June of 2009, the band was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in the national level COCA showcase, which was held in St. John`s, Newfoundland. An all-around amazing experience for the boys; being on Canada`s east coast (which is a treat in itself), meeting and interacting with some great local and national groups and performers, and sharing their music with all of the delegates representing just about every major Canadian University and College.

This past summer, To The Rescue married their music with moving pictures in their first stab at producing a music video. With help from Ottawa based company Hotcakes New Media, a video for their song "Are You Bulletproof?" was born. The band gained some valuable experience from this process and are looking forward to their next video project (watch for it this summer!).

Next on the plate for To The Rescue..? Back into the studio. The boys are really excited to lay down the 4 new tracks that will make up the new EP, their fifth in 3 years. Anticipated release date sometime in May, so keep your ears to the ground!

To The Rescue has always been devoted to making music that evokes emotion in just about any type of music fan. Their sound remains edgy and energetic, while still leaning on catchy and danceable. To The Rescue will continue to grow and share their music with as many people as possible. Look for To The Rescue at a venue near you!


To The Rescue (2007) - First release 5 song EP
The first single off the EP, 'Everlasting Dawn', debuted on Ottawa rock station LiVE 88.5 fm as part of an Indie Spotlight shortly after it's release and remained in rotation for several weeks.

This City EP (2008) - 5 song release
2 tracks from this release are downloadable from this EPK ("This City" and "Emergency")

Summer '08 - 2 song release
"Are You Bulletproof?" and "The Drama, The Queen, and the Magazine". A video has since followed the release of "Are You Bulletproof?" and can be seen on YouTube!

Summer '09 - 4 song EP
The newest To The Rescue release, which landed the boys a date with the COCA National Conference in St. John's, Newfoundland.

Set List

All original material. Sets range from 30 - 60 minutes.