Oakland, California, USA

Undeniably heavy and huge. We are filling the gaps between the Melvins and Jimi Hendrix.


Totimoshi was formed in Oakland, CA by Tony Aguilar (guitar, vocals) and Meg Castellanos (bass) in Nov. '97. After a slew of drummers Luke Herbst (drums) joined the band in feb. 2005. They have recorded with acclaimed underground producers Billy Anderson, Alex Newport and most recently with Helmet frontman Page Hamilton who did the production for the upcoming "Ladron". Touring constantly across the US they have gained a strong loyal following to to their innovative approach to heavy music. Touring highlights have included an opening slot for the Melvins 20th anniversary tour, and 2004's Helmet "Size Matters" tour. They've either toured or played with such seminal underground bands as Mastodon, High on Fire, the Unsane, Helios Creed, Yob and Saccharine Trust. A live performance of Totimoshi can currently be seen on HD TV's true music series with GWAR and Helmet. They continue to carve their own path with explosive performances, emotive lyrics, and hypnotic sounds. They are a true force with a new direction in music that follows no trend but it's own.


1999 self titled Self Release
2002 "Mysterioso" Crucial Blast Recordings
2003 "Monoli" This Dark Reign Recordings
2006 "Ladron" to be released this year

Set List

We typically play for the standard 40 minutes of pure fury with a sweet lullaby every once in a while to remind the audience that we love them more than a baby loves it's mother's teet. We typically start with the song "Ladron" followed by "In Virgo" then maybe throw in "Viva Zapata" for all the machos in the audience. We'll probably then stroke you gently with a sweet number like "Light lay Frowning" or "To the Fire, then maybe do "The Hero Released from Fright" to get you back out of your slumber then "The Skies Over Monolith Mountain" to really get the blood in your extremities hot hot hot. Now we have you where we want you. Soaked? Enlarged? I say we hit them with "The Drunken Sun Forever Watches" to make them wonder what the fuck we're all about. Then we might do "The Hide", and "The Pigs are Schemin" to make you remember - then rap it all up with "The Dance of Snakes" or lately we've been ending with a King Buzzo song called Isabella. If you don't know this song then just