Cuautitlán Izcalli, México, MEX

Electronic music.


Juán Pablo Becerra Martinez aka Totore had his first encounter with electronic music production in the year two thousand and six.
While he was a member of "Durango", Roberto Aramburu introduced him to Ableton Live, provided him a folder containing beat loops, as well as taught him the basics of Ableton's Live software. It was also in this time, that he undertook to use Reason 4.
A year after he was invited to take part in the Electrofilia collective, where he met other producers who brought new ideas and production techniques to him.
Since 2008 he has produced dozens of tracks in Reason and Live. This made him realize, that he had to further and deeper learn sound synthesis, music theory and other software music production environments.
Juán has only had six live appearances as Totore and is anxious to perform on a formal basis.


Dromena EP 2008
Avandocs EP 2009
Tofeles EP 2010