THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN is an aggro-tech industrial band currently based in Brooklyn, NY. with a heavy foot in electronics, punk-rock, hip-hop, noise, politics, satire and anything else that can be squeezed into a blissful mix of sonic ear-candy.


THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN will have a strong appeal to fans of Ministry, Pigface, Mindless Self Indulgence, SMP, DEVO, Michael Patton, Skinny Puppy, Combichrist, Slip Knot, Korn, Snog and Godflesh. Their last release, the highly praised "You Knew It All Along" has garnished enough attention to catch the eye of Invisible Records label owner Martin Atkins leading to THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN signing with Invisible Records, the home of legendary acts such as Pigface, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Attrition, Bile, Sheep on Drugs and many many more. T.O.T.S. live performances are second to none. They've pounded stages across the US with nothing but a growing fanbase left behind. The live show is largely characterized by their extremely energetic performances, strongly integrated lighting and visual presentations along with bizarre circus and sideshow antics.

"A Must Buy"
-Gothic Beauty Magazine

"Their industrial-punk attitude and gruff mix of electronics and guitars provides a noisy and high spirited experience."
-Octavia, Outburn Magazine

"So offensive that I contemplated piercing my eardrums with a ball-point pen."
-Industrial Nation

"The only fitting musical comparison is Skinny Puppy on crack."
-Illinois Entertainer

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Cow Tippin'

Written By: Chvad SB

Genetically bred and then fed themselves when they die.
Herbivore turned cannibalistic carnivore and you ask yourself why?

More beef for the burger.
More burger for the bun.
More genetics, cow synthetics.
And the Happy Meals are fun.
And the Happy Meals and toys.
And the millions they employ.
Can’t compensate for the hundred million creatures we destroy.

Cow Tippin’, Cow Tippin’
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Let’s take a baby and put it in a box.
Feed it nothing and watch it whither away.
Then we cut off the atrophied muscle,
Cook it up and serve it as a meal.
Call me a freak?
I call it veal.

Cow Tippin’, Cow Tippin’
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Ok, here’s a good one:
What has four stomachs, weights 1200 pounds and drinks cows milk?
A cow mother fucker!
It’s not even something we really need.
Humans, in their infinite superiority are the only species that find it necessary to suck the nipple of another breed.

American Way

Written By: Chvad SB

Burn the mother-fucking White House down and burn Bush too…
Anti-American? I’m just as much American as you.
Maybe more maybe more you mother-fucking whore,
I didn’t vote for Bush and sure as fuck didn’t vote for war.
Two sides of the same corporate loin:
serving their wants, their needs and serving the corporate coin.
No one asks? No one cares? Or maybe it’s the truth that no one airs? Unfair?
What’s fair when the greens got your back? Drop the slack, can’t attack?
Hack through the shit and stare and…
Bite the hand that feeds you?
What about biting the hand that needs you?
And what are you gonna take from me?
My civil liberties for letting my opinions flow free?
I’m free? Not me. Not me and not you.

Mr. “Found God, Found Love, Found Purity”
to Mr. “Couldn’t Give a Fuck” to Mr. “National Security”,
to “Mr. Patriotic, Racist Psychotic, Security Act”,
remove your freedoms and your rights to act.
Why not make a pact with the Devil?
He’d take half the time and money to level
another fucking country that we’re forced to hate.
Force-fed, in-bred, eat, shit and mate
to spawn more hate filled brainwashed prawn.
Take our country down a new path to a new dawn.
Where everyone can find another Christ and another life,
have inebriated kids and a fuck-head brainwashed wife.
294 million lemmings as an army of none,
this fucking war Bush started has only begun.
We can’t win it, can ya’ dig it? Are ya’ ready to lose?
US of A ain’t bringin’ nothin’ but bad news.


2008 - "The Return of the Wetlands", Invisible Records
2005 - "You Knew It All Along", Invisible Records
2003 - "You Knew It All Along", EP, Facility Records
1999 - "God in a Box", Invisible Records


2007 - "Clown Carol", original score
2007 - "Negative Impact Vol. 2", Pitchfork Productions
2007 - "Marathon", original score
2007 - "The Sexes"
2006 - "The Pod", original music
2006 - "Lovecracked The Movie", original score
2006 - "Negative Impact Vol. 1", Pitchfork Productions
2005 - "Fully Automated -The hEADaCHE re:mixes", Uncoiled Loops
2005 - "Sylvia's Baklava", original score
2003 - "UV Refractions", BLC Productions
2003 - "Interbreeding II:Industrial Mutation", BLC Productions
2003 - "The War Against The Teeny-Boppers!", Invin-Kor
2003 - "Unto Ashes "Empty Into White"", Projekt Records
2003 - "Doggie Tales", , original score
2002 - "CitizenToxie:TheToxic Avenger IV", TROMA Records
2002 - "Diverje: "2:40 AM"", DSBP Records
2002 - "Notes From Thee Real Undergound Vol. III", Invisible Records
2002 - "Teen Feeding Frenzy!", Go-Kustom Records
2001 - "SpudSuckers! A Tribute To DEVO", Facility Records
2001 - "Delicate Furies", InstrumenTales Records
2000 - "F.E.S.T.E.R.: A Tribute To The Residents", Facility Records

Set List

Typical set list runs between 30 and 45 minutes.