Touchin' Tongues

Touchin' Tongues


"Touchin' Tongues Rocks Your Soul..!!"


1998-2001 Touchin’ Tongues are founded in 1998 by the Pieck Brothers who are both of Venlo (NL) descent. The two Bros. rehears fanatically at their parents’ attic together with cousin Ernesto (guitar) and Jomy ( lady singer). Later on Maarten (keyboard) and Rick (drums) join the band. Touchin’ Tongues is a fact. They decide to start as a coverband playing songs of Mother’s Finest, Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz and Marvin Gaye; a Rockband with a capital R and with a thick layer of genuine soul. The gigs in Holland are pouring in. Touchin’ Tongues is a fact.

2002 The inner urge to write and play own songs is increasing and TT proof to the world that there is a lot of potency and power in their own music. Their first own label single “Once Again” is released in 2002 and the band plays in several bars/pubs and festivals and on local radio and television stations.

2003 Touchin’ Tongues is declared “Talent of the year 2003” by Sky Radio. This opens the door to producer Rob van Donselaar of Studio Zeezicht and Who’s Next Records.

2004 Demo after demo is recorded and after releasing their own label single it is time for the Big Thing: TT sign a contract at Who’s Next records, the famous Rob van Donselaar ’s label. Together with Swedish highly gifted top talent Mikko Paavola, Rob produces TT’s first single “Counting Days”. In the same year TT is very positively reviewed at the NJOY fest. 2004.

2005 “Counting Days” is being received very favourably by Dutch media. Sky Radio even plays the song non stop for over a month. Rob Stenders hosts TT twice in one month in his popular radio program “Stenders Vroeg ”. The band proofs to be a great live band. Within a short period of time they visit various broadcasting companies such as RTV Utrecht, RTV Oost, L1, Omroep Brabant, RTV Drenthe and the renowned Tros muziekcafé. Also a position in the Mega top 100 is a fact.

2006 It is quite evident that Who’s Next Records releases a new single after the success of “Counting Days”. In march of the year 2006 the song “Hoochie Coochie Lady” is released and is played on the A-list of Radio 2. The song is played for more than a month on this very popular radio station. Also 3FM plays TT’s newest song and again a Mega Top 100 position is a fact.

Now The latest single “Fool” is composed by Tjeerd Oosterhuis and will be released in April 2007 together with a musicvideo



Written By: M. ten Hove, Rose

You’re a fool and you think you’re so clever
But I’m sick and tired of the lies
Try to hide what’s untrue yeah whatever
You’re so fake and you don’t seem to mind

Such a fool and you think you’re so clever
But your words sound like Bla Bla Bla Bla
Did you think this would go on forever?
You’re a fool I can see through your stupid disguise

Verse 1:
When I met you it felt so right
In the beginning we’d talk all night
Looked like nothing could go wrong
But this month it’s a different song

I try and break down your walls
You act like you don’t give a damn at all

Who was that on the telephone?
I heard you say, ‘no I’m not alone’
Than you leave with a silly lie
Well this time it’s the last goodbye

I try and break down your walls
You act like you don’t give a damn at all

Verse 2:
Always act like you’re the boss
Never could win and now your lost
Crawling back won’t help a thing
So take back that diamond ring, see…

I tried to break down your walls
You act like you don’t give a damn at all

We’re falling (and) falling deep again
The same old story, don’t care for that end
Wrong or right, I’m packing my bags tonight
And you’re not worth a tear, no you won’t see my cry

Hoochie Coochie Lady

Written By: N. Pieck

She’s a Dixie girl coming from the South.
Always searching for some dressed in shorts & thongs.
She does what she wants nothing but fun……

She’s a Southern belle cursed by some kinda spell.
She’ll wrap you around her finger turn your heart into stone.
Like a dog without a bone that won’t leave you alone.

She’s a Hoochie Coochie lady
(Hoochie Coochie lady)
Hoochie Coochie lady …uh wah hu…

She’s got a shameless soul on the streets of gold.
She’s the talk of the town and a thorn in the eye.
Well she looks like an angel but she’s nothing but evil.

She’s a Hoochie Coochie lady
(Hoochie Coochie lady)
Hoochie Coochie lady …uh wah hu…


This goes out to all my ill nanas
Me hermana’s
Mama’s with the bandanas
Club chicks
All around the world
Playing that game
Cut off shorts, high heals,
no shame.
Wildin’ out.
She looks like a Hollywood star.
Taste like a sweet candy bar.
Seductive tactics.
Straight up pimping.
She’s so attractive.
Ain’t no man can resist her
Keep ya game up,
And that’s what’s up sister!

She’s a Hoochie Coochie lady
(Hoochie Coochie lady)
Hoochie Coochie lady …uh wah hu…


2001 "Once Again" (single)

2005 "Counting Days" (single)
Who's Next Records

2006 "Hoochie Coochie Lady" (single)
Who's Next Records

2007 "Fool" (single) will be released in april 2007
Who's Next Records

Set List

1. Till the morning light
2. One in a Million
3. Fantasy fair
4. Bitter pill
5. Counting days
6. Love changes (cover)
7. Hey Ya
8. You've got that something
9. Tricked
10. Fool
11. Hoochie coochie lady
12. Get back