Reading, England, GBR

Far from the trendy extended band names and from confuse music effetcs, Touch', made of four French and English guys invites you to express deep emotions or to feel both vibrating and energetic tones with catchy lyrics that you could not get out of your head !


Far from too much extended band names and confuse music effects, Touch' was born in Dijon (France) in 2008 and produces simple, vibrant, catchy and efficient music.

Its most well-known song before Jenny, surely Stay, characterises well the band's music style.

Some hard-hitting drums, a deep bass, both powerful and melodic guitars, but also catchy vocals and lyrics... Such is the perfect alchemy that makes of Touch' an original band which wants to come back to the basics of pop-rock music by allying it with with some true tones, in order to touch a large public.

Each gig is also the occasion to create a powerful link between the band and the public, in order to lead each spectator to a unique and vibrating universe : Touch's universe.

After more than fifty gigs in front of more than three thousands of people in France, Touch' is now ready to jump onto the next level, and perform on even bigger stages in order to set fire on it !


Touch' - Touch' [2011]

Set List

SKATEBOARD [2012 New Song]
Keep The Beat [2011]
Off Your Mind [2012 New Song]
Stay [2011]
Mokay [2011]
Come Back [2011]
Born To Believe [2012 New Song]
Cherokee [2011]
When You're Crying [2011]
Never Going Home [2012 New Song]
Radio [2011]
Jenny [2012 New Song - Touch' New Tube]