Fronted by the most powerful woman in metal ever - Michele Madden, Tourettes is a 'sonic cluster fuk'. The music is a detailed trip, tight grinding slippery. ACHTUNG! - Licensed in Europe, Tourettes has played many major festival dates - the bands rights are free for the rest of the world!



Michele Madden - vocals
Ross Empson - bass
Michael Quigley - drums
Ashley Manning - guitar

Tourettes is a crazy union. They say opposites attracted and that is definitely true of this band. It is also said that diversity builds strength - this is also true of Tourettes.

As the principle composer Ashley Manning is the master of musical ceremonies. His inner turmoil comes to an almost schizophrenic fore as his twin halves compete for supremacy. Part mad scientist part raconteur his muse and his apple mac are umbilically linked to his skull in a mess of cables and spent cigarettes.
Lyricist and vocalist Michele Madden takes her struggle to the people. Her pen crystallizes the angst of the disenfranchised, the ecstasy and exhilaration of teetering on the edge of greatness and the desperation of a life less traveled.
Michele Madden & Ashley Manning - both adopted out at birth have somehow found each other and despite their often brutal loathing of one another have forged a song writing partnership that beguiles and tantalizes.
The rhythm section of Ross Empson (bass) and Michael Quigley (drums) push the compositions to a fever pitch. They have played together in many groups since the very early 90s. Unhinged, dynamic, sprawling, self obsessed these two musicians are integral to the band and somehow walk the line between insanity and celebration.

December 2007
Tourettes have been selected to showcase at SXSW in Austin Texas in March 2008 and will be performing other shows in Los Angeles and New York whilst in the USA. Tourettes will then go straight to Europe to do a 20 date tour with UK metal icons Onslaught.
The band is currently in Australia playing shows.

November 2007
Tourettes released 'Treason Songs' their second CD for German label Armageddon.
The band is was based in Hamburg where they toured, traveling to festival and club dates throughout Europe.

June 2007
Tourettes have just finished a new CD, recorded by Rob Hill at X Studio in Los Angeles. This new disc will be the Tourettes' second release on Armageddon Music - the CD is due out in Europe in September this year.
The band is currently based in Hamburg where they are rehearsing and traveling to festival and club dates throughout Europe.

September 2006
Tourettes released their first CD for Armageddon Music in. This was the bands first full length CD, ‘Sick Sense’. This record was tracked by Endre Lukacsy at Night Deposit in Calgary, Canada and mixed by Rob Hill in Los Angeles.

August 2006
Based in Hamburg Tourettes played Wacken open air festival in Germany. Attracting attention from other festival organisers the band went on to play both Summer Breeze and Up from the Ground festivals in September. They also played Bloodstock, the UK's premier metal date, and a number of other dates through both the UK and Europe.

2004 - 2005
The band spent six months playing shows in California and Western Canada and recording 'Sick Sense'.

January 2004
Tourettes opened for Metallica at the 2004 Big Day Out in Sydney.

The Band - Tourettes

The European Label - Armageddon Music GmbH

The European Booking Agency - ICS ( International Concert Service ) GmbH

"Imagine a heavy metal wheelbarrow being pushed down a hill too fast.........Utter, utter freaks."
Metal Hammer UK - March 2007

"Eye catcher is without a doubt the charismatic front woman Michele Madden. The band centres around her not only visually, but auditory as well. Her vocal eruptions in the form of grunts, screams, squeals and many, many more will scare the shit out of most male counterparts. The musical basis for her antics is laid by sturdy, industrially tainted hard rock packed in eleven varied songs....... If the band keeps on getting chances to play live and to work on their reputation on this side of the planet, who knows how big they can get. Their music should be the right tool to force a big break.
80/100" - October 2006

"Listening to Tourettes is a lot easier than frantically trying to describe them.... To cut a long story short Tourettes have created an album (sick sense) that draws on a massive range of musical influences while in no way sounding like any of them. Stand out tracks "Good Morning" and "R.F.S." perfectly showcase both sides to the bands persona but in no way overshadow the other nine songs on display here.
My initial response to "Tourettes" was to laugh out loud. I had no idea that a band could fulfill quite so many cliches. But thank God I persevered because "Sick Sense" is an exceptional album with a lot of very good tracks!
4 stars " - October 2006

"If you'll accept the somewhat disturbing imagery, she's g


miss misogyny

Written By: michele madden

She's the reason i deny myself.....

She comes to me
to the door of my sanctuary
When i want to be left alone
But i cant pretend that Im not home
(Im not home......)

Broken, she is broken.

I would'nt wish her on you
There's always something wrong
Always some mountain in her way
I wish that she would go and play
with someone else's time.

She drives me crazy
Sitting there just picking at her her
I could almost love her if she was'nt there
She drives me crazy with that need that makes her say
"Im alone without you baby you save my life every day."

She belives that nothing has changed while I belive I've gone insane......

I could almost love her
But you see i fear her
She breaks my back and still talks on
but now i just don't hear her
(just don't hear her.....)

She's the reason I deny myself.....


Written By: michele madden

You know what you want to ask me
yet already I forgive you
Repent unto me
Lay no blame
You and I both know what you must do to be clean again.

Repent unto me
Lay no blame
You and I both know what you must do
And i will hold you ,cradle you
I'll never let you hurt again
Ask me
love obscene
Go now
Your clean

And i will sactify with the thought of bliss and you will be clean again.

How long did it take you?
To confess
To open yourself
Unpure and love gone wrong
I will sweep you away
The things that you have seen.....

Sandalwood and sanctuary invade you
Robes laid away
I will anoint you
your origin of pain
your head will become so clear
and i will hold you cradle you
I'll never let you hurt again....

Sandlewood and sanctury invade you
robes laid away
and i know what you want to
I know how you need to
no matter the things you've seen
Go now your clean

Ask me
(Ask Me)
Love obscene
(love obscene)
Go now
Your clean


Written By: michele madden

I can't hardly hold
A precious this so true and cold
I could fake it might be bold
I wont break
and i wont fold

So who do you desire the most?

Your walking talking wind up ghost....
Is it me?
Am I am I the one?

My mother
My Father
My Dillante son
Is it me?
Am I the one.......

Look at the trouble I ve got myself in
He is a lie
And I am a sin
Tell me,Tell me everything
On the father the son and the holy ghost


2007 - Treason Songs
2006 - Sick Sense
2 x self produced EPs - Detestimony & self titled

Set List

Typically the band plays between 12 - 15 original songs, these a prodominently drawn fromour 'Treason Songs' CD and last years 'Sick Sense'.
Although the new tracks are markedly heavier and faster - so it is the bands preferrence to play mainly new material as heavier and faster is better!!!