Captivating. Dynamic. Infectious. Modern. Rock. Tourist blends the best of both pop and rock worlds with an aggressive mix of radiant guitars and soaring vocals overtop of a powerful rhythm section.


In the summer of 2002, singer Blaine Braun and bassist Mark Radloff got together for a beer and a barbeque with some friends. They played in a band together in the past, and the conversation ended up revolving around what the both of them were doing musically. Blaine had just finished up with TWIST, a powerhouse modern rock act that had featured former members of platinum selling ECONOLINE CRUSH. TWIST had enjoyed some success in Canada, their debut CD had spawned two video's and garnered them late night talk show appearance's and radio support. Mark had just come off the road of a tour filling in for Vancouver rock act MORNING MAKER, a band that had enjoyed some success and opened for acts such as DEFAULT, NICKLEBACK and DANKO JONES. Unfortunately the tour was cut short by an early morning bus accident, in which Mark ended up being hurt in the crash. The two started discussing the possibility of working together again, and many drinks later the decision was made.

This was the beginning of TOURIST.

While Mark recuperated, he and Blaine started writing songs and recruiting players. While in the midst of the first demo, Mark starting talking to Greg Whitbeck from MORNING MAKER. The band had recently dissolved and as MORNING MAKER's main songwriter and lead guitarist he was trying to decide what direction to move in. A jam was arranged and the chemistry was incredible. Greg laid down some tracks on the first batch of songs Mark & Blaine had recorded. Without ever having played a live show those first songs from TOURIST had them selected as a 2004 Vancouver's 99.3 CFOX SEEDS winner, joining former winners, NICKLEBACK, DEFAULT and MATTHEW GOOD.

Things started getting busy.

With a huge sound, great songs and a stadium class live show, the band was landing gigs opening for bands such as The Offspring, Billy Talent, Thornley, Finger Eleven, Clutch and others. Management was acquired, and as some small tours followed, the discussions with labels and booking agents began. There was a buzz happening.

Then the unthinkable happened.

Corporate mergers, label's being bought by bigger label's... whole A&R departments wiped out. After watching two potential record deals disappear, many bands may have called it quits. Instead, the guys played more shows wrote more songs and continued to make new friends. One of the people that took the time to listen was Mike Fraser (AC/DC, SLIPKNOT, SATRIANA, METALLICA, AEROSMITH, HEDLEY). Mike loved the band and the band loved Mike, unfortunately Mike was also busy for months in advance so the band decided to start making the record themselves. After recruiting Mark Henning (TWIST) and the fun begins, we fast forward a couple of months. The band sits down to discuss potential people to mix. Lists are made, beer is consumed and talk centers around Mike. When Blaine and Mike talk... a cancellation has given Mike a free week and he's available to mix the record! More beer is consumed in celebration.

Mix begins at the world famous Warehouse in Vancouver, and the band discovers two things... One: Greg is an easy mark when it comes to XBOX NHL HOCKEY and... Two: the record sounds amazing!! Shortly after the recording, the band started looking for a permanent drummer. Blaine's former band mate, Bob Wagner had suddenly become available. Blaine and Bob had talked about doing this from the start, but Bob had previously been committed elsewhere. With Bob's addition, the band had stepped up a level, to where the band's huge sound could truly be appreciated. More live performances follow, and along with a tour for the BUDWEISER TRUE MUSIC series the band continues to work towards building a bigger fan base and developing their live show. "It's been a crazy few years" says Blaine, "Alot of hurry up and wait..." Finally, the wait is over.

Tourist's debut "The Relevance Of Motion" available throughout Europe and South America on Sept 29, 2006 on MTM MUSIC / PsychoActive. Available worldwide through ITUNES and CDBABY.

- Budweiser True Music Tour (Canada) 2005. This national campaign includes increased market awareness in every major rock radio station across the country, live performances, as well the ability to expand fan base via other opportunities offered by Budweiser.

- Winners of the 2004 99.3 CFOX Vancouver Seeds competition where they join alumni such as Nickelback, Default, and Matthew Good.

- Famous J together with Converse Shoes and Broadjam chose 'Everytime We Touch' to support the 2004 release of the 1970 reissue of the Converse classic shoe.

- 'Everytime We Touch' was added to the's Back to School MX CD 2004, distributed to over 8000 Florida college students.

- Have opened shows for Finger Eleven, SUM41, Offspring, Tea Party, Clutch, Thornley, Bif Naked.

- Semi-finalists in the M.E.T.R.O. Search 2004 in New York, and finalists in the Doniryeed Records talent search in Boston.

- 'Newradio' has maintained a top ten spot in th


Everytime We Touch

Written By: Blaine Braun

Staring at a photograph
Places I’ve never seen from a downtown parking lot
With international cuisine
Look over your shoulder, look over the one
With the bran van spanky shoes and the tinsel on her tongue
I can’t be what she needs, she can’t save me
Every time

I like breaking up with you
I like making up with you
Every time we touch

Shifting into overdrive
Waiting for sex to play me
I don’t think everything is easy for me to believe
I like your ruby ring
Diamonds and bitter sting
You’ve got me like shoulders to a sleeve
She can’t be what I need
She’s breaking me
Every time

I like breaking up with you
I like making up with you

Every time we go our way
Find the place we need to be
Does everything else stay the same?
Feeling afraid
Wanting the only thing that’s wrong
Back where we were

You look the other way
I feel it every time you say…

I like breaking up with you
I like making up with you
Every time we touch


Demo - Autumn 2003
The Relevance Of Motion - 2006 (released in Europe through MTM Music/Psychoactive)

Set List

12 song set, all originals. Approx 45 min. total.