Moody, Prog Inspired Indie Rock from Seattle


From the meager beginnings, Tourist has continued to expand and elaborate on their unique and captivating style. The addition of Colin Griffiths on bass to the lineup at the end of the summer in 2002 to compliment the volatile drumming style of Ethan Jacobsen proved a perfect match to supply the backbone for the powerful melodies masterfully composed by guitarist/singer/keyboardist Alex Robert and guitarist Alan Foote. Together the band has developed a style all it's own with a jerky and uneasy sense of urgency instilled in an otherwise beautiful wall of sound landscape, reminiscent of bands like Gang of Four, Juno, Autolux and Doves, just to name a few.

Over the course of their 4 years together, Tourist has made an impressionable name for themselves amidst the Seattle music scene. Playing the supporting role for bands such as We Are Scientists, Vietnam, The Comas and The Divorce and with the release of their EP “We’ll Be Under the Radar When You’re Ready” in February of 2006 on VS. Recording Co., Tourist looks to spread their unique style outside of Seattle, with plans to tour the west coast in support of the effort in May.

With further plans to head into the studio in June of 2006 and tour again late that summer, Tourist has high expectations of taking their high energy and powerful brand of music to the farthest reaches possible. While the band's recorded material moves at an incredible pace with energy enough for two groups and production that uniquely attempts to capture the four piece's live sound, Tourist's live performances amaze beyond the limits of audio recordings, making them one of the up and coming acts that you really shouldn't miss.


Et Cetera (On and On)

Written By: Alex Robert / Tourist

You go on and on about things you remember
and things you don’t would you please
start making sense?

And you wore your skin inside out
don’t think I didn’t notice
that things have changed

My mind is in ten different places
I need someone to help me
figure it out

I have learned to just roll with the punches
and that’s all I can promise you
because things have changed

Etcetera, it goes on and on
but really makes no difference
I still hear the ringing bells

You go on and on about things you remember
and things you don’t would you please
start making sense?

You go on and on about things you remember
and things you don’t would you please
start making sense?

You go on and on and on and on and on…

You’re not dead yet so be optimistic
I have a policy for changing my mind
You take the low road and I’ll take the high road and
You think it’s funny when the hero dies

Moving Mountains Like Pianos

Written By: Alex Robert / Tourist

Here at the end of all things,
we make excuses for mistakes we've made.
We count on our vices like
pedals on bicycles
and we all make mistakes.
There is a time and a place,
for animals like us,
a big fancy cage.

Here at the end of all things,
time stands still
and gets rearranged.
We dance at such an awkward pace
and sing the songs we hate,
trying to stay awake.
These things can't be explained,
but oh - we can change.

You have such a sunken face
and television eyes.

Stand right where you are,
don't move or make a sound.
Help is on the way


"We'll Be Under The Radar When You're Ready" - EP - 2006, VS. Recording Co.

Set List

Set list generally consists of 6 to 9 songs.
Selection of our most current songs:
Et Cetera (On and On)
Moving Mountains Like Pianos
The Brilliance of Black & White
You Can Have The Last Word (I Don't Want It)
Full Moon Night, Bring Mugs R.S.V.P.
Dancing to Live Or Recorded Music
Square Shaped Clouds