touristical connection

touristical connection


on the beach in sanpedro belize touristical connection is an bunch of artiss on the beach of ambergiss caye wear blackhenoh the founder the the head of the movement hear on the island is connecting the world with this place we have a mix of style in the that we do hear an a mixter of gener


in the country of belize hear are some off its greatest gift an some off the nice peoples jha love nuff a round hear welcome to belize a new world an we are so please to bring to you the link touristical conection the movement an instrument of love in belize to the world an the unniverse your welcome to be a part of our joy fun an entertainment in belize, touristicl conection is consis of two parts the head an the body our entertainment comunity is so big an so loud nuff rispect to artiss like blackhenoh a positive part of the movement our dastination is 501 conect its just love see belize try belize


blackhenoh is an artiss liveing in bz who is realy from jamaica but went to belize on a mission to help the world an the people of the world an discovering the cultral ethic groups an the mines of some of my fellow belizean he is hear pushing the country an the people faword by dilvering them by giveing them the strenght they needed let their voice be heard