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Columbus, OH | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Columbus, OH | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Rock




"Local Limelight: Tourist Trap"

A little kitsch goes a long way.

That’s what Columbus rock foursome Tourist Trap learned after hosting its first “Gnarbecue” two years ago.

The spontaneous bash in the University District backyard of bassist Zach Barnes, lead guitarist Nathan Weirich and lead vocalist Roberto Bryer has grown into an extravagant affair with 200 guests dropping by — this year on Independence Day weekend — to sit on plastic folding chairs and listen to local bands.

“It was awesome, and it was all do-it-yourself," Weirich said. “It was very rock 'n' roll.”

Tourist Trap’s DIY attitude is also evident in its music. Band members self-produced a three-song demo last year and are heading back to the studio this fall to record their first EP.

The Dispatch spoke with the group, which also includes drummer Shawn Wiler-Martin, before their show at Victory’s on Friday.

Q: How did the band come about?

Weirich: We played our first show a year ago this month. Roberto and I met on Craigslist. I was searching for guitarists that had similar influences I had. We started writing music together in March 2015; then I met Zach Barnes through a friend of a friend. Daniel Greenlee was the drummer, but he moved after that.

Q: How has your music changed since you started?

Barnes: One way our music is progressing now is we’ve stopped writing and slamming songs together at practices. We’ve started breaking them down at the studio, practicing different parts of the band instead of the whole band at the same time. We’re taking more technical routes to write different styles of music instead of staying in one genre.

Bryer: Another thing that has changed in our music is the way we’re writing and conceiving ideas. Normally it has been I have lyrics in my head and I go to the band and we write a tune, or we write a tune and I go home and write the lyrics. Now we’re piecing together a song and we’re synchronizing together. The chords and beats and notes coordinate.

Q: What are your songs about?

Bryer: A lot of the songs are kind of about inconsistencies of emotion. When you’r e faced with two choices, which choice do you make? We also have songs about places that we’ve been and hometowns that aren’t the same way, basically things you want to get off your mind but you know no one would listen.

By Julia Oller - The Columbus Dispatch

"Single Review: Tourist Trap - Hide & Seek"

Last month my friends in Heroes like Villains played a house show called the Gnarbeque. This is the second year this house party has happened and let me tell you if you haven’t gone, next year make it a priority. It was hands down one of the best shows I saw all summer. I went to hang with my buds and watch them kill it, which they did. But I left a fan of another band, Tourist Trap. That is one of the things I love about the scene here in Columbus, on any given night you can discover new music. Columbus is full of so many talented bands and I just stumbled on a new one.

Tourist Trap has been a band for over a year and in that time has gained a legion of loyal fans, this was evident by their performance at Gnarbeque. Their brand of alt-rock, blues, punk and a pinch of surf rock makes for an interesting sound, one that had this writer dancing in his seat. The band themselves call their potpourri of sound porch punk. A sound that I can get used to.

Tourist Trap is gearing up to release an EP towards the end of the year. And if the first single, “Hide and Seek” is any indication then this release is going to be amazing. When Bassist Zach Barnes sent me the single he mentioned it had a Rage Against the Machine feel to it. I have to admit I’m not the biggest Rage fan but I picked up on the sound really quick. The guitar work at points is definitely inspired by Rage Against the Machine. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, as Tom Morello is one of the most innovative and influential guitarists of our generation. But let me also say this, THIS IS NOT A RAP-ROCK project. This is a feel good song.

The more and more I listen to “Hide and Seek” I understand the porch punk thing. When I listen to music I sometimes envision things or I’m taken away to another place. With this song I picture friends sitting on a porch talking about life and what have you, then one of them mentions a really attractive woman that he knows. From there another guy pulls out a guitar and next thing you know, you have guys on a porch making music. And that’s this song. I can easily see my friends and I in Tennessee or North Carolina doing this. Because we liked to sit on the porch, talk about life and have a few cold ones and every time someone would bring out a guitar. Anyways this song very well could have been crafted on a porch. It has a simplicity about it, one that I appreciate. As for the topic, well we all have that person that we “chase” after. The one that we talk about with our friends. They cloud our thoughts but yet we know they will never be ours. Yeah, that’s the girl in this song, the “untouchable”. The one part of the song that really stands out to me is the chorus. It goes, “Oh, I will find you, I can search forever. Oh, you can’t stay hidden. Girl, you’re my forbidden.” Yes, he knows that she is his forbidden but he isn’t giving up on her. He is going to keep searching. I really like that, simply because I believe that if we want something bad enough that we should chase it and not give up. I feel like in a lot of music I listen to it’s the opposite. So it’s nice to hear this. It’s a change. I hope the rest of the EP has this feel to it. For if it does I may have to find a friend with a porch where I can go and listen to it while sipping on a Hefeweizen. So tomorrow, the 19th of August make sure you go give this single a listen when it is released. Let us know what you think as well.

By Ray Cobra - Tuned Up

"Tourist Trap (September 2017 issue)"

A strange thing happens as you leave your college years and enter "real" adulthood. In the blink of an eye, your large community of tight-knit friends suddenly split apart, bound for parts unknown. If you have put down roots in the city where you went to school, this can be a jarring experience. Boredom can easily creep into your once vibrant social life. If you don't channel it into something worthwhile, the boredom of this transition can lead to a lot of questionable behavior. This was the situation Roberto Bryer found himself in during the spring of 2015. Instead of drowning in the bottle or trying to live in a state of arrested development, Bryer turned to Craigslist and area musicians in search of players to start a band. The result of this search is Tourist Trap, whose live shows and infectious music are spreading like wildfire across the Ohio musical landscape.

Tourist Trap, initially consisting of Bryer (vocals, rhythm guitar), Nathan Weirich (lead guitar, vocals), Zach Barnes (bass) and a revolving door of drummers, began their musical journey by crafting a blend of blues and indie rock with a 60's garage rock flair. They displayed their potential and drive right away. The groups' first show was a festival they booked themselves, called The Gnarbeque. Throwing a day-long block party is one hell of a coming out party, and it set high expectations for Tourist Trap. By all accounts of fan reaction, these expectations were met by the release of the group's first demo. Released in December 2015, the three track demo demonstrated the band's ease in blending styles. From the bluesy swagger of "On The Fence" to the jangly swing of "Grass Is Greener," the release set the table for the high energy shows that would follow.

In the year and a half since it's release, the band has stayed busy. In early 2017, the band entered the studio to begin production on their first EP. Without a permanent drummer in place, Barnes told me that they called on an old friend who is a fixture of this publication. Says Barnes, "We decided to have Steve Hatmaker (Zoo Trippin'/Throwing Rocks At Girls) come in and take over the drum recording process of our debut EP. Steve is an absolute animal on drums and is a longtime and supporter of our project. He knows the songs and made the tracks sound great. The overall feel and mood of the record changed slightly, but the message and songs are still the same. Just a little heavier."

Since the process began, they have settled on a permanent drummer, selecting Matthew Straley. It's always been a challenge jumping on a moving train. However, Straley's groovy but precise percussion style has acquitted itself nicely to the Tourist Trap sound and the group is tighter than ever. For Straley, this is an ongoing challenge, but one that he enjoys. Straley shares, "I've only been in the group since April [2017], so at times it still feels like we're learning how to gel. I think it takes time and practice to really come together and create that cohesive sound. It's a work in progress, but it's been a really fun process feeling it out, and I'd say every show has built on and improved from the last. I was able to record one track on the EP. It was an interesting process coming into a band that was in between drummers but had already booked time in the studio and had solid material already recorded. While the situation may not be as fluid as I'd like, I'm excited to be a part of the group and to be featured on the EP."

Along with their regular schedule of shows, Tourist Trap was recently selected to appear on "Frontstage Live," a concert series that is broadcast live by one of the Midwest's premier independent radio stations, CD102.5 in Columbus, Ohio. Additionally, they have continued the tradition of The Gnarbeque, which just completed it's third installment. This year's was the largest to date, taking over an entire block on The Ohio State University's main campus. Coming off the success of these events, I expect the fall release of the group's latest EP, titled "Going Postal," to be the high water mark of an already successful 2017. - ION Indie Magazie

"Locals: Tourist Trap at Big Room Bar"

Gnarbeque founders release debut ‘porch punk’ EP

When the guys in Tourist Trap first started playing music together in 2015, they didn’t know anything about booking shows, so they decided to throw a house party and host their own first gig — an event they dubbed the Gnarbeque (a portmanteau of gnarly and barbecue).

While the first Gnarbeque was relegated to the basement, the following year Tourist Trap hosted the event outside the house some of the bandmates shared on Ninth Avenue in South Campus. The back porch became a drum stage for eight bands. Then, last summer the Gnarbeque grew into a giant, open-to-the-public block party with a dozen rock and hip-hop acts, DJs, fire spinners, hula hoopers, plus vendors with art for sale.

Needless to say, due to the event planning required for such a party, Tourist Trap bassist Zach Barnes said the band has no trouble booking shows these days. In fact, Barnes now runs his own nonprofit booking company. On Saturday, Jan. 20, Tourist Trap members Barnes, singer Roberto Bryer, guitarist Nathan Weirich and guest drummer Steve Hatmaker (Zoo Trippin’) will play a show at the Big Room Bar to celebrate the release of its debut EP, Going Postal.

Though Barnes describes Tourist Trap’s sound as “porch punk,” he said the band didn’t have a particular sound in mind for the EP. “We look up to bands that incorporate multiple genres,” he said. “We wanted the EP to sound how we felt. ... I wanted to make something I could hand to my mom and say, ‘I really hope you enjoy this.’ When I was 16 I played in a death metal band, and she didn’t enjoy that at all.”

On the EP’s title track, Bryer sings, “I don’t have a plan; just doing the best I can,” and that sense of wrestling with one’s place in society permeates the six songs. “It’s about making sense of everyday life for yourself versus the big picture,” Barnes said. “You can be so in tune to your own life and worried about your internet bill or owing your rent, [but also] so-and-so is president and things are happening in this country. It’s trying to figure out where you stand in the world so you can help the world as much as you can, but also being a human and not always knowing what’s right and what’s wrong.”

“Musicians and artists want to make a change in the world with their art instead of just being a guy in a band,” Barnes continued. “You want to do something with your passion. That’s how we felt coming into this project.”

By Joel Oliphint - Columbus Alive

"Album Review: 'Going Postal' by Tourist Trap"

Between surf-rock guitars and punky vocals, Tourist Trap’s latest album, Going Postal, feels like it belongs on a dark, grungy stage.

The album title originated as a slang phrase, typically used when someone becomes vehemently angry or out of control. Even in its slowest moments, the energy and enthusiasm behind the album’s six alt-rock tracks easily matches the implications of its name.

Going Postal is nothing short of electric; edgy guitars and a tight rhythm section aid in maintaining a cool, unbothered tone without losing any of the music’s power. It has a gritty alternative rock sound with just a hint of blues and punk influence.

It is both cleaner and bolder than the band’s only other song on Spotify: “Hide & Seek,” which was released in 2016 and came before a lineup shift that seems to have bolstered the band’s confidence. Now, it seems as if Going Postal has carved out a corner for Tourist Trap, and that space allows the band to thrive and come to life.

At times, the album is fast and reckless. “Detour” is breathless and begs for a crowd to mosh along to punky vocals and imperfect-but-passionate guitar. On the other hand, Tourist Trap meanders through fuzzy guitar licks and clean rhythms at a nonchalant pace. “Say” has a smooth, rolling cadence that feels like it could be sultry if the candy-colored guitar tones could step aside.

Lead guitarist Nathan Weirich rips through gravelly, powerful solos in nearly every track. He effortlessly cuts through intricately layered rock instrumentals, adding a rugged second wind whenever the energy of a song might begin to suffer.

Going Postal closes with its title track, a groovy and smooth song that is punctuated by bright guitar riffs and rumbling bass. Lead vocalist Roberto Bryer croons, “I don’t have a plan/I’m just doing the best I can,” a line that is representative of the wandering melodies and soul-searching lyrics on other tracks.

By Abby Jeffers - In The Record Store

"Tourist Trap – Going Postal"

A few years ago, I reviewed a single by a local band. It was a good single, A fun single. It was one of those songs that transported you to somewhere else. I dig that about music. That band was Tourist Trap. Fast Forward to now and I’m reviewing their EP, Going Postal. While it doesn’t have the same feel as that single, this is a solid release. And if you still haven’t given it a chance, you really should. And I’m going t o give you a few reasons why.

Above I mentioned how that single was fun, that element is very much still here. The first track, “Detour” jumps right into that. It’s an upbeat number that will have you on your feet dancing in no time. It’s one of those songs that you just can’t help but have a smile on your face while listening to it. It at times has a throwback feel to it, that early 2000s rock sound, a la; The Strokes, The Artic Monkeys, The Libertines, and bands of the like. That’s a good thing, as it’s time for that sound to come back around. Another standout track is “Say”. This one is a little more laid back than the others, but it still rocks. It has a nice smooth groove to it. The members of Tourist Trap call their brand of music “porch punk”, this track is very much what I envision that to be. I’m a fan of front porch sitting, be it alone or with friends. If with friends, a guitar is nice. And this is the type of song that might be played. I really enjoy the vibe on this track. It’s so chill. Roberto Bryer’s vocals go along with the music so well. My favorite track on the EP is “Sox”. It’s another one that just grooves. It’s also just a fun rock song. I can’t help but bob my head when I hear it. Towards the end there is a guitar solo that is outstanding.

Yes, this is a fun album but it’s more than that. These gentlemen can play their instruments. This is a very talented band. That is obvious throughout this release. I mentioned the vocals of Roberto Bryer above, it’s just not that song, dude can straight up sing. He adds so much to this band. The guitar playing of Nathan Weirich is at the forefront of most of the songs. I really would love o chat with him about his influences. At times he has a blues sound and it adds so much more. Then there is Zach Barnes on the low ends, he is hands down one of the most underrated bassist in Columbus, if you don’t believe me start with the track, “Fox Paws”. For the recording they had Steve Hatmaker from Zoo Trippin’ fill in, so you know the drums are on point.

One more thing, if you are local to Columbus, you need to see them live. One of the best live bands in the city. And now with this awesome EP out, I can only imagine their live show is only going to get better. So, if you have a second, I would check this EP out. You won’t be disappointed.

By Ray Cobra - Tuned Up

"Q's and Queso: Tourist Trap (April 2018 issue)"

Could you please introduce yourself and state what role you play in the band?
Roberto: I'm Roberto Bryer and I'm the lead vocalist, guitarist and co-lyricist
Zach: I'm Zach Barnes and I'm the bassist/song writer
Nathan: I'm Nathan Weirich and I play the lead guitar and do backup vocals as well.
Ty: I'm Ty Phillips and I play percussion.

Congratulations on your recent EP release of Going Postal! Could you talk about your success with that?
Roberto: Sure, it was actually a very grueling process. We started writing songs for an album about two years ago. When we decided to write an album, we really put our heads together on what we want to portray in an album rather than just playing random tunes we liked. It started with a process of writing and trying to re-tune things. We truly took a perfectionist attitude on it. This caused us to be slightly behind on our time frame for the album release. But, once we released it, [the EP] really started growing popularity in Columbus.
Zach: Ever since August, every show that we have played is packed. It's been great to see every show in Columbus be crowded with familiar and new faces. I wouldn't say it has mainstream success, but it's getting us a foot in the door. We wanted to make the album easy to listen to with only 22 minutes. We did this because we wanted people to be able to sit through it as simple as something like a TV episode.

You mentioned the challenge of the time frame when making the EP. Were there any other challenges you faced when releasing the EP?
Roberto: Yeah, we all have full time jobs and/or go to school so finding time was difficult. We had a drummer that we parted ways with last February and we were to go into the studio a few months later. We then got another drummer, Matt, and that did not work out long-term. Matt recorded the first track on the EP, 'Detour', and shortly left the band after due to personal reasons. So we had Steve from Zoo Trippin' play drums for our EP recordings. Then we ended up with Ty [this year]!

Is there anything you would change about 'Going Postal,' or are you completely satisfied with the EP?
Nathan: I personally wanted more instruments and more layers to every track, but that was a little much for our first EP. We were more focused on completing this EP and learning from it. We didn't have enough time to get as detailed. Although, in terms of our first EP, it's great! It's better than I ever envisioned in my mind.
Zach: There are some bass lines I wish I would have written differently. Honestly, I've been playing them live. Everything turned out exactly how I wanted it to, though. It's perfect in my mind and I'm proud of it.

What are your pet peeves?
Nathan: People who chew with their mouth open.
Ty: When I meet someone more than once and they don't remember my face OR my name. I hated Nathan for a minute. Then I was like, 'alright, he's hilarious and cool, so I'll let it slide.'
Roberto: Someone else playing playing my gear when they don't ask to.
Nathan: You guys are directing shit at me right now...
Zach: My pet peeve is when Nathan texts me when I'm at work.
Nathan: Never mind, my pet peeve is when people direct their pet peeves at me.

How did you all meet?
Zach: Craigslist.
Nathan: No, Roberto and I met on Craigslist.
Roberto: I was in a studio apartment doing nothing, and Nathan was a sad, lonely boy playing guitar in his basement. I wanted to find someone to play guitar with, so I started looking on Craigslist. I ended up hitting up Nate. I knocked on the door and there were just twelve people in the living room. I asked if Nate was there, and they told me he was in the basement. I thought, 'this is where I die.' The basement only had one light bulb. I started going down the stairs and Nathan was playing a super ominous song in the corner with barely any light. We ended up hitting it up and kept practicing together. That's when we decided we wanted to start a band.
Nathan: I tried a few people from Craigslist and it just did not work out. Roberto and I liked the same music and were willing to compromise a lot. We found a front man and singer, so the next thing we needed was a bassist. I was at a party at Zoo Trippin's old house, and that's where I met Zach. Everyone told me he played bass, so I hit him up as well. We have had a lot of drummers that have led up to Ty being in the band. Three of our past drummers were from Craigslist, but we met Ty through mutual friends at The Village Idiot, a bar we frequent.

Ty, how long have you been playing with Tourist Trap?
Ty: It's been about a month and a half. I would have never expected to be playing shows so big, so fast.

How has your experience been so far?
Ty: It's been good. My friend let me know that a band he knows of was looking for a drummer. I listened to the EP and thought they sounded sweet. I'm excited to write the parts in the music coming up. I was impressed that we were able to progress within 5 days for a show we had recently. It was easy to hop onto a band that already had so much set up for them, overall it's been a very positive experience.

What's the other band that you are a part of?
Ty: TATTAT, and we have our first show coming up on Thursday, March 29th at The Walrus in Columbus. It has more of a funk/soul sound to it. I like the fact that both bands I'm in have very different sounds.

Do you have any main topics or influences for your songs?
Roberto: Yes, I tend to write a lot about emotions.
Zach: I'd say that a lot of our songs are about people we meet, too.

Do you have any goals for the band in 2018?
Zach: We throw a summer festival every year in July, and hope to be throwing that soon. This will be Nathan's last show before moving to Baltimore, MD for work. We also plan to record a single in May and a music video sometime early this summer. We're also hoping to play more festivals and shows out-of-town this year.

Who is your dream band to tour with?
Nathan: The Arctic Monkeys, even though I'm the biggest Jack White fan. They're more in our realm of music.
Roberto: Cage The Elephant. We cover them often, and we identify with their sound a lot.
Zach: The Kooks, for sure.
Ty: My pick would absolutely be The Raconteurs. They don't tour anymore, but they definitely fit my style.

Do you have any upcoming shows?
Zach: We actually just found out that we will be opening for Franz Ferdinand on April 14th at Express Live! This will be our biggest venue that we've played at yet. Then we have a show on April 24th with Hail The Sun at the Big Room Bar in Columbus.
Ty: We're also playing a show in the Short North on May 5th. It's local and free at Paradise Garage, and it's a bike-themed art event. There will be prints available for purchase. Lineage Brewing will be there as well, as they sponsor the event. This year, there will be three acts, and we will be playing outside during the Short North Gallery hop!

Where's your favorite place to get queso in Columbus?!
Roberto: Cosecha Cocina in Italian Village.
Ty: Nada in the Arena District.
Nathan: I really love Bakersfield in the Short North. It's worth the couple extra dollars.
Zach: Mamasita's here near campus is the best.

Anything else that you'd like to add?
Nathan: I'd like to give a shout out to The Village Idiot. They've let us do a lot of photography there, along with our album art. The owners, employees, and regulars are also often attending our shows and supporting us in any way possible, and we really appreciate that.

By Melinda Boyd - MNSTRM Media Magazine

"Things We Love: Picks From Zach Barnes"

Gnarbeque mastermind also enjoys barbecue. Originally from Trenton, New Jersey, Barnes was born to a military family that moved him all over North America and Europe as a child. While living in Southern Maryland at the age of 12, he discovered a love for performing and entertaining, picking up his first guitar, joining his first garage bands and eventually becoming a thespian during a stint in his high school’s theater club. Barnes has been a Columbus resident for the last five years, and each summer he helps host the annual Gnarbeque Music and Arts Fest, along with his bandmates in Tourist Trap. This year’s event takes place on Saturday, July 7. Here are some things he loves.

- The Philadelphia Eagles

My mom is a huge Eagles fan, and it rubbed off on me. I’m not the biggest sports fan in the world, but it’s almost like my mother language to scream at a television when the Eagles are playing, whether they’re winning or losing. It was amazing watching them win the Super Bowl this year. I’ve never had such a heartwarming feeling over a sports team winning a game.

- Metal music

My band Tourist Trap plays a mix of alternative rock and pop-punk, but heavy metal is my guilty pleasure. I remember seeing awesome heavy metal bands at venues in Maryland when I first started playing music, and I thought, “That’s what I wanna spend my days doing.” There are so many amazing metal musicians from the Central Ohio area, which was a big reason I moved here.

- Ray Ray’s Hog Pit

Ray Ray’s has been a game-changer for me when it comes to the food truck game. I don’t think I’ve ever had a pulled pork sandwich with so much character. I’ve even had friends from Louisiana who visited and admitted that the food from the Old North location was the best barbecue they ever had in their lives.

- Miller & the Hunks

Beyond being some of my closest friends, the local indie-rock act Miller & the Hunks is my favorite active band in the area. The band’s music is organic and catchy, and its live performances make me envy the members’ dance moves, plus they’re all-around great people. The Hunks’ latest two-part EP, And Jeff, is a collection of songs that I have not been able to get out of my head for months since it was released.

- Jim Carrey

This one may be nostalgia from watching “Liar, Liar” or “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” repeatedly as a child, but Jim Carrey has always been my favorite actor. The way he creates his own characters in any project he’s acted in is truly inspiring. Plus, he’s a metal head and a smart guy. What’s not to like? - Columbus Alive

"10 Columbus Bands To Know"

The amount of musical talent in Columbus is bountiful, endless and diverse, which brings about the subjective question as to who is deserving of top billing in Columbus. Releasing an EP and opening for Franz Ferdinand at this year’s CD102.5 Day just starts to scratch the surface on what Tourist Trap has accomplished in the first half of 2018. The alternative upbeat rockers paint a perfect soundtrack for spring and summer, lending to days filled with porch drinking and nights fighting against the plague of getting old.

By Zak Kolesar - Experience Columbus


Still working on that hot first release.



Tourist Trap began in Spring, 2015 with guitarist Nathan Weirich and frontman Roberto Bryer. In May 2015, Nathan met bassist Zach Barnes through fellow musicians that lived in the same area and the project had become a three piece. The band has since worked with a rotating cast of drummer and percussionists. After months of practicing, writing and recording, the band played their first show in the basement of a house (known as the inaugural First Annual Gnarbeque) and had their crowd of family and friends begging for more. 

In early Spring of 2016, after several more shows and releasing their first demo recorded at the iHeart performance lounge in Columbus, founding drummer Daniel Greenlee accepted a job offer in Tucson, AZ and had to relocate, leaving Tourist Trap without a percussionist. The band worked with hired guns and recorded a few singles at Songcatcher Studios in Columbus, and began releasing them online slowly. The band played with great acts all over the city, and then they hosted their second house party, The Second Annual Gnarbeque. After the second Gnarbeque, the band received more press than anticipated, including write ups in The Columbus Dispatch, The OSU Lantern, Indie ION Magazine and TunedUp and they even got a chance to be a part of the CD102.5 Holiday Local Showcase for a chance to open for Band of Horses and Warpaint. 

The band played shows through 2016 and 2017, and buckled down to record their debut EP with Songcatcher Studio. After several shows and a several months in the practice room, the band was ready to start laying down demo tracks for Going Postal. The band continued forward to have Steve Hatmaker (Zoo Trippin') record all percussion for the EP. Shortly after releasing their debut EP in January 2018, the band hired percussionist Ty Phillips-Bond to be a full time member of the band, filling out the line up once more. In March of 2018, Tourist Trap won the CD102.5 Local Artist Showcase for CD102.5 Day, giving them the opportunity to open for Franz Ferdinand, The Glorious Sons and Lovelytheband. The band finished a new single titled "Cinderello" with Mooney Recordings and released it before parting with founding member/lead guitarist Nathan Weirich, as he accepted a job opportunity in Baltimore, MD after graduating from The Ohio State University. The band hired Noah Richelsen as the lead guitarist of Tourist Trap in summer 2018. 

The music is in the vein of alternative rock, indie, surf, blues, and punk. The band dubs their genre as "Rock n' roll porch punk", which has been a running joke within the band. They plan on playing several shows throughout the Midwest, and recording more material later in the year, but are currently promoting their debut releases as far as the internet can get them. 

Band Members