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The Bronx, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

The Bronx, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band R&B Funk




"Bronx Based RnB Singer-Songwriter Tournésoul Talks About Her New Music Video "Silk Sheets""

We connected with Bronx based RnB singer-songwriter Tournésoul for an exclusive interview to discuss her new music video “Silk Sheets”, how her hometown of NYC is reflected in her music, and much more.

After reading our Q&A with Tournésoul, be sure to connect with her on her website and social media, and check out more of her music on Spotify. - Carlton Boyd (DOPECAUSEWESAID)

"Review: Sarah Shah is Incandescent as a Troubled Teen in ‘Subway Story (A Shooting)’"

Written and directed by Ian Ellis James (aka William Electric Black), Subway Story (A Shooting) shows all the living poetry among all the frustration of what seems like any other subway ride in New York. It also reveals to us that there is truly no average subway ride in New York.

The center of this particular subway ride is Chevonn (Sarah Shah), a teenager who needs to write an essay in order to advance to the 12th grade, according to her teacher Mr. Evers (Levern Williams). She chooses to write about all the people she encounters on the subway on the day she decides to buy a gun to kill her mother (Jacqueline Nwabueze). - Saima Huq (STAGE BUDDY)

"Standing Tall as a Flower: Artist Sarah “Tournesoul” Shah"

"In the crowded club DROM in the downtown section of Manhattan a certain voice elevated the audience with elegance and style. It was the vocal chords of a shining star sprouting to spread her wings even wider. Sarah Shah’s star is rising as she has cemented her name and music with many fans across America.

Once you are a witness to her voice that is not only sensual but is complimented by its range and delivery you would be hooked. Sarah from a young girl has always gravitated to music in all its forms. At first..." - Nick Christophers (The Lifestyle Republic)

"TourneSoul – Silk Sheets (Video)"

TournéSoul [ IG: @tournesoulartist ], recording artist from Bronx, NY, just released her single “Silk Sheets” with an accompanying music video directed by BondinFirst.

With an ambition filled heart, singer/songwriter, dancer & actress, Tournesoul, is a vibrant, versatile indie artist & creative who takes listeners on a journey. This soulful artist from the Bronx gives back to the community by working as a youth empowerment mentor, step coach. Amongst many events she’s performed at, she makes sure she hits community events & fundraisers for the youth.

She continues to exercise all of her outlets & along with her Business Management degree to one day open her own entertainment company. Starting out, she released her first EP ‘Garden of My Soul’ in 2016, followed by her second EP entitled ‘Aura’ where she showcased new hidden talents. Tournesoul’s latest single “Silk Sheets” (Produced by dmuzicman) is available now on all platforms. - Triple HQ

"Tall as a Sunflower"

"Once you are a witness to her voice that is not only sensual but is complimented by its range and delivery you would be hooked. Sarah from a young girl has always gravitated to music in all its forms. At first she used her vocals in the Choir Academy in Harlem and began to develop her signature sound. At the Academy partnered with her longtime friend, Avionne, they joined forces to create their own singing and dance groups which helped them practice even more. This of course is not meant to take away the support and drive her parents and grandmother gave her to chase her dreams..." - RG Magazine

"Rock Meets RnB in Tournesoul's latest single"

Posted on 19th December 2019

Soaring riffs and soulful RnB combine in up and coming artist Tournesoul’s latest single “Silk Sheets” which dropped on September 7th.

Tournesoul has revived the 90s RnB style with a brand-new approach to the genre by merging some of the fiercest elements of rock with some of the most rhythmic romantic elements of RnB.

I can safely say that Silk Sheets was the first RnB track which offered a jaw-drop moment through the instrumentals match the same level of nuance found in the vocals. And thanks to the effeminately empowering lyrics, Silk Sheets moves away from the usual forlorn narrative often found in RnB. Instead, you’ll hear lyrics which affirm its wholly possible to maintain class and hold romantic affection.

You can check out the official music video to Tournesoul’s latest single Silk Sheets for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast - Amelia Vandergast


Silk Sheets - Jul 29, 2018 - Tournesoul - Produced by Music N' Me Records



With an ambition filled heart, singer/songwriter, Tournesoul is a vibrant, R&B/Soul indie artist who takes listeners on a journey. She has been a guest twice on ABC’s Here and Now with Sandra Bookman, along with performing at venues and events like the Highline Ballroom, the Oakdale Theater, NY Fashion & Music Conference, and The NYC Marathon. You may have seen her in the plays “The Faculty Room”, “A Subway Story” and “Pendemonium”. Currently, Tournesoul has two projects out called Garden of My Soul (Released in 2016) and AURA  which was released in 2018. In addition, she recently released her music video Silk Sheets which was directed by Bondinfirst. This video has got attention from press like, Triple HQ, Lifestyle Republic, and DOPECAUSEWESAID.

Tournesoul is from the Bronx, NY, the youngest of four, and has graduated from Five Towns College with her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management/Music Business. Not only does she sing, but Tournesoul, dances, acts, and creates content along side Bondinfirst, not to mention she is about her community. She works closely with children as a Leadership Development Specialist and with Bondinfirst she puts together fundraisers and drives to service their community. With Tournesoul’s success in this time, she hopes to continue to inspire many with her art, grow as a performing artist, and succeed in all her endeavors.

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