Toussaint & Buru Style

Toussaint & Buru Style


Toussaint the Liberator and Buru Style is roots soul reggae DANCE music that infects crowds with feelings of overwhelming goodness. They have the only triple threat that matters; meaningful lyrics, a polished, unique sound, and a singer with dynamic presence and an awe-inspiring voice.


After years touring regionally and internationally with Soulive, China Band and the Trama Unit, Toussaint has now added his crushingly soulful voice to the dub/funk unit Buru Style. Together they perform a mash-up of original reggae, funk and soul that is devastating audiences in the Northeast.
While with Soulive, Toussaint’s voice and songwriting matured immensely. Now cool, calm, and collected, Toussaint is singing some of the sweetest melodies to grace the air in years.
Live they take no prisoners. Tunes arrive in seamless succession like a volley of punches from Tyson’s prime. The horns jab, the riddims attack the body, and Toussaint’s the knockout blow; no stage is safe! Nor are studios, as the forthcoming studio album will prove.


- Toussaint the Liberator, featuring Buru Style, available at all online retailers!
- Toussaint Liberator with Soulive, No Place Like Soul. Stax Records, 2007
- Toussaint and the China Band, Love the Almighty High, Naked Ear Records, 2005
- Toussaint with Red Pill, Live at the Western Front, 2003
- Buru Style (instrumentals), The Crab, 2009

- with SOULIVE: “Mary,” “Callin,” “Comfort”
- with BURU STYLE: “Lovin You,” “Sit and Talk About It”

Set List

In the course of 2 or 3 hours, Toussaint and Buru Style bang out 30-40 tunes in seamless succession (no breaks in between songs folks!). The music is 95% original and draws from reggae, soul, and funk.