Tova Rinah and the Way Home

Tova Rinah and the Way Home


Bluegrass infused, Country laced, Celtic melody rich folk music with a message from a heart-tending songstress...


Tova Rinah's name is Hebrew for Good Song of My Heart. Tova has been livin' life aware of the constant tending the heart needs to grow. Alongside this awareness, she has an appreciation for the vernacular and a gift for teaching. Therefore, Miss Rinah has a message to sing, to deliver, to be heard and received.
Everyone has heard it said in one way or another that true songwriters are merely receptors of songs that are floatin' around on the airwaves waitin' to be caught. With a well-tended heart, wait 'til you hear the songs, the melodies, the movement this songstress catches, like a seed adrift in the wind. In fertile heart soil, the seed is planted and a song and a message have emerged like a Live Oak on a sun-drenched hill in the Southland with roots that go way down deep into the timelessness of folk music.
Stretching towards the left, a hardy branch of this musical tree is Bluegrass infused, the branch to the right is Country laced and in the middle Celtic melodies and Gypsy harmonies intertwine and reach high.
Each song, each message unfurls beautifully from the flowers and fruit of this musical tree.
In the Summer of '09, the message-rich album Golden Opportunity was harvested. In it's title track, jangly licks from a resonator guitar, the persistence of Upright and the steadiness of an acoustic present an anthem to live by..."It's our Golden Opportunity, our time like no other. To rise above the natural, to soar above otherwise disasters."
Listen to the heartfelt piano and rustic Dobro in the epic folk song, Different Kind of Light gently sound a warning..."Throughout the fields the heart walks through, there are mines to your left and right. As careful as you want to be, they're hidden out of your sight. You cannot use your eyes. You need a different kind of light."
With the strength of the fiddle and a touch of pedal steel, the awakening message of Long, Long road unveils itself within a Celtic melody...."Above and below, there are other scenes that roll on simultaneously."
Listen to her songs. Songs from a well-tended heart are resourceful tools for your own heart tending, tilling, planting and harvesting.


Long, Long Road

Written By: Tova Rinah

One speeds up, another one stalls
One picks up, another one falls
One walks alone, another with a pal
One with her man, another with his gal

It's a long, long, long, long, long straight and narrow road
I want to keep my feet a walkin' 'til I make it home

Just passin' through,
Headin' home, how 'bout you?

One looks ahead, another behind
One to the left, another to the right
One at his shoes, one at the sky
One is singing, as the other one cries

It's a long, long, long straight and narrow road
I want to keep my feet a walkin', 'til I make it home.
Just passin' through,
Headin' home, how 'bout you?

Gravity's pullin' down on me and this earth beneath my feet you call stability.
The space in between is where we play out our scenes daily.
Above and below there are other scenes that roll on simultaneously.


In '06 the Dream EP was recorded. At this time, Tova Rinah was playing with seven other musicians. The EP is a multi-layered listening delight.
In '09 the LP Golden Opportunity was recorded in Nashville at the House of David. Austin Harris' instrumentation is featured as well as a host of fine Nashville musicians and Mike Odmark's engineering, producing and mixing.

Set List

Sets usually start with a handful of rollicking bluegrass tunes like...

Echo of a Tune
The Promises
Walk Me Home
Two Hearts
Hold Me Near
I Still Think of you Fondly

Followed by 3 or 4 country numbers which feature some jangly guitar lead like...

Out on the Open Road
Drunk as a Skunk
Golden Opportuntiy

Bringing out the banjo again for...
Walkin' a Fine Line
Somethin' to Shout About
I Need a Guide

Or the Mandolin for a sing-a-long able folk songs like...
Cobalt Sea
Feel the Sun Again
Kingdom Come

Scattered throughout the sets you may hear a moving ballad depending on the mood like...

Different Kind of Light
Sweet Music
Idaho Prophecy
News of Another Kind
The Clouds of Heaven Parted