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“Rollin Season” Inside hip-hop critics are already giving critical acclaim & state that
“Rollin Season is a refreshing, original, take on good rap music. Straight up no frontin you might need a neck brace from all the head bobbing you’re gone do” ~ Hip-hop Insider.




TOW, how did he even get that that name ? Well for that answer you can ask the streets where it came from. Some debate it stands for “Thug On Wheels”, but more recently the M.C. TOW has been going with the definition of “Truth On Wheels”. .
Since the beginning of his early child hood TOW has always had a fondness for rhymes & music. He was raised in the Miami inner city sections of Little Haiti & Liberty City, his parents both Haitian migrants tried to shelter him & his younger brother from the violent drug filled streets in the surrounding area with music such as Gospel/Country/Caribbean & Light classical music. His father also a clarinet & saxophone player entertained them as well with his tunes. Though they succeeded in somewhat sheltering them with the arts & heavy church attendance it was inevitable that TOW would collide with violence & drugs, it would always have a way of following him & his family. TOW was an extremely troubled child, overly sensitive & prone to lashing out. Reason being was he not knowing what was going on with his own body frustrated him till all that consumed him was pain & anger. He tried avoiding any physical draining activity that would bring attention to him, but soon teachers & staff noticed TOW becoming tired from doing the simplest tasks. Doctors contacted by the school guidance counselor worried about his mental state, came to the school for physical evaluations & requested he be brought to the hospital & after a flurry of tests it was discovered TOW was suffering from muscle deterioration, basically weakening all his muscles, mostly around his spinal cord.
As TOW conditioned got worse over the years so did his attitude, from walking with a cane, to a walker & finally confined to a wheelchair. Hiding everything with a smile TOW slowly grew cold emotionally & gained a thick skin from the years of being made fun of & ridiculed from his peers in school & the neighborhood. During this time TOW still had a great passion for words & music, especially rap. He always participated in minor rap battles but never lasted due to his temper and or lack of commitment. He noticed if he changed his style to exaggerate or make jokes of his opponents the crowd would receive him better in battles, but this proved to be difficult for TOW. His style of rapping is more poetic, lyrical, & realistic not excessively metaphor based like a lot of talent out now. So he decides to quit doing battles & stick to writing music in which he can inspire & relate with his fans. After graduating High school TOW attempted college many times but never had the passion to stick with it. TOW addicted to the streets noticed he could really relate with people by just being pleasant. As cliché as it sounds he has been called “the nice thug of hip-hop music”. After the murder of his father in 2005 he decides to pursue music & entertainment professionally. He maintains a pleasant disposition but yet when writing, TOW is completely opposite in a more robust defensive style of lyricism. When it comes to recording in the studio he's a perfectionist, he is very well known to work weeks on one track till it sounds right to him. He knows this may go against the mainstream values of productivity, but him also being a Co-CEO to one of the quickest up & coming labels in the south (knyght Rydaz ent). He pretty much has all the time in the world knowing that his core fans will always be waiting for the next quality collection TOW releases.