We are an indie pop four-piece from dayton ohio with the occasional boy and girl vocals. I've come to embrace that if you like death cab then you will most likely enjoy us.


Towhee is a distinctive indie-pop-rock quartet from Dayton , OH. The band is made up of Brandon Clark on guitar/vocals, guitarist Gerald Fullam, Sarah Cooney on bass/vocals, and drummer Jeremy Tumpak. They have been performing in the local circuit since August 2005 drawing crowds with a unique sound-blend of meandering melodic lines and mellow vocals. Towhee's members are also known for their enrapturingly modest charm and entertaining stage presence.



Written By: Towhee

I watched you open your heart to me
and began to see what we might be
I watched your eyes close so tightly
and wondered if you could see me

and this is why we can't be friends

your lungs fill with your breath
your hair feels soft in my hand
dream scenes come to life in your mind
spread your arms and begin to fly

I'll fly but just long enough to
fall because then I can dream
that you will be there to catch me
dreaming's easy when you are so near

and this is why we can't be friends


Written By: Towhee

Tonight, fireflies shine light in my eyes.
I'll watch you move beautifully around me.
You say Im not what you're seeking.
Thats not what I hoped for.

I'm so surprised at how fast you turn
drama takes us all
take me back home

Oh Darling I won't mind

Pocket Change

Written By: Towhee

I might as well have been good for nothin
In hIgh school we worked so hard for a little fun

Looking back,
mowing grass
riding bus
to take you out
Listen to the sound
coming from my mouth
I'll always care for you
I now see
what work can be.


Towhee - EP (2006)
Streetlights (2007)

Tracks that have recieved streaming or radio airplay...

from Towhee - EP:
"Oh I Swear"

from Streetlights:
"Pocket Change"
"This Is Harder Than You Know"
"I'll Fall In Line"

Set List

We can play as long as you need us to.