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Towne Adams (Released: 1/1/99)
Life Can Only Get? (Released: 3/21/03)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Writing a bio for a no-account, go-nowhere, do-nothing band like Towne Adams is a major pain in the ass. I could tell you about how brilliant the songs are, how transcendent the playing is, and how everybody who has ever seen the band just absolutely falls in love with their rock 'n' roll swagger - but you'd know I was full of crap. I mean, who would write a bio for their own band that DIDN'T say how great they were?

So, I'm going to do my best to give you a brief history of what this band is all about, how it came together, and why you'll thank me later if you take the time to get to know them (I should say 'us' - I'm knee-deep in this now).

All you short-attention-span music industry hacks probably are looking for an easily digestible blurb, so let's get that out of the way...

Towne Adams writes brutally honest self-portraits about cheatin', drinkin', lyin', and losin' (ala Todd Snider) and delivers them live with the intensity of rock's greatest underdogs like Social Distortion and Soul Asylum.

Got yer waders on? I know I do. Hell, I didn't write that, so I'm not ashamed to repeat it. Now for the history...

Towne was born in '74 in Austin, TX but soon moved to Waco and has been killing time there ever since. His introduction to rock 'n' roll came at age 13 when he started playing guitar and joined the punk band 'I Don't Know' whose singer went on to become the drummer for current punk veterans 'The Hammercocks'. He spent the next dozen years or so honing his chops playing country, metal, rock, you-name-it and eventually found himself filling the bass duties for Virgin recording artist Mark Curry.

After 5 months of heavy touring with Mark, Towne returned to Waco to start writing his own songs and form his own band. The line-up has changed a few times over the last two years (and two cds), but now consists of Kent Cowan on bass (who met Towne back in their high-school years through mutual friend Carter Falco, guitarist for Stargunn), Jonathan Holt on drums, and Errol Siegel on guitar. Errol (that's me - feels kinda stupid writing about myself in the third person, but what the hell) was most recently the lead guitar player for Punchy. Punchy and Towne had been sharing bills around Texas and on regional tours for several years. When Punchy went on hiatus, it was a natural fit for Errol to join up.

So there you have it - pretty much the same story that's been told by a million bands a million times. What makes this band different? Who knows. We're doing what we love without compromise (not that anyone's really asking) and hoping to find people (fans?) that agree that the best music comes from the dinky corner stages in the beer joints of America at 1am and not from the corporate boardrooms of billion-dollar major labels. Give it a shot and let us know what you think.