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Syracuse, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Syracuse, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Post-punk




"Review: Townhouse Warrior - Words, Unsaid."

Musically speaking, it’s kind of hard to get excited about pop-punk in the current climate, especially when so much of it is either formulaic or derivative or, God forbid, both.
Fortunately, there’s something refreshingly different about New York’s Townhouse Warrior, and third album ‘Words, Unsaid’, that sets them apart from the multitude of bands occupying the crowded space.
Much of this is down to vocalist Zack Fitzgerald’s distinctive voice, which recalls nerdy pop-rockers Feable Weiner. Here, it works surprisingly well, especially since everything on ‘Words, Unsaid’ is delivered with crystal clear clarity and devoid of the over-caffeinated hyperactivity of the ‘Weiners.
That’s not to say ‘Words, Unsaid’ doesn’t come packed with energy and verve; it’s a riot of big riffs and chunky hooks that could live comfortably in the catalogue of any number of early noughties pop-punk bands, and especially the likes of Rufio or Over It. ‘So Left, It’s Right’, in particular, is a perfect example; technical but not distractingly so, it’s a perfect slice of nostalgia-tinged pop-punk.
Yet, while there’s a certain rose-tinted appeal about ‘Words, Unsaid’ it’s certainly not rooted in the past, and much of it stands up to contemporary pop-punk songs.
And, while much of ‘Words, Unsaid’ is good, there are flashes of genuine inspiration dotted throughout. The last minute and a half of ‘Fake Confrontations’ is a delight, while ‘Late Bloomer’ makes the most of Fitzgerald’s voice, for example.
That said, often in ‘Words, Unsaid’, it would be great to have a second voice more often in the mix if only to offer a competing texture to Fitzgerald’s vocals. It’s also a tad bloated and at 12 tracks a touch excessive. You can, it seems, get too much of a good thing.
Overall, ‘Words, Unsaid’ is an enjoyable romp that shines in flashes and excels in the briefest of moments. There’ll certainly be better pop-punk albums this year – but there’ll be plenty worse too. And, if you’re tired of all the macho posturing and breakdowns that have found their way into pop-punk and pine for something a little more technical – and a touch more sedate – then ‘Words, Unsaid’ is certainly for you.
‘Words, Unsaid’ by Townhouse Warrior is out now. - Already Heard - UK

"Hearing Aide: Townhouse Warrior, 'Words, Unsaid.'"

Reigning from Upstate New York, the group Townhouse Warrior are set to release their third full-length album on March 20. This four-man punk rock band released their debut album just three years back and followed it up with their sophomore album in 2016. The group is back with their newest project and is ready to share it with the world. The latest addition to their group is guitarist Tim Hall who joins original members Zack Fitzgerald on lead vocals/guitar, Kyle Malfa on drums and Joshua Rivet on bass to take their high-energy sound even further.
Words, Unsaid, features twelve songs; each one is a powerhouse track in its own right. Every song brings a level of upbeat intensity starting with track one, “Echoes.” The opening to track three, “So Left, It’s Right,” slightly differs from the others as the guitar and drums are panned left and right respectively. This adds more layers to the song and encourages a head-bobbing reaction to its rhythm right off the bat.
I am personally a big fan of the album title namedrop in the song “Fake Confrontations.” The lyrics tell the story behind the title Words, Unsaid, giving this title a deeper meaning. Other noteworthy tracks on this album include “Toll Taker,” as it begins with an almost soothing electric guitar solo before introducing the sound from rest of the band. Likewise, “Daydreaming” is an inherently dynamic song as takes its listeners on a journey through soft and high-energy segments.
In my opinion, Townhouse Warrior is the perfect fit for the DIY music scene. Their fast-paced musical style has the power to electrify an audience and I would personally love to catch them performing in a basement venue. - NYS Music

"Local pop-punk band Townhouse Warrior to release new album"

Having a band composed of four artists that all have different musical tastes and influences may seem like a recipe for disaster. For the members of Syracuse pop-punk band Townhouse Warrior, this dynamic has not only worked, but helped them evolve their sound and create their upcoming album “Words, Unsaid,” which will be released Tuesday.
Townhouse Warrior is made up of Zack Fitzgerald, Tim Hall, Kyle Malfa and Josh Rivet.
Fitzgerald — the group’s lead vocalist, backup guitarist and songwriter — described the group’s varying interests.
“I like old school pop-punk, Kyle likes newer pop-punk stuff … and then we have Josh who likes death metal,” he said.
Hall, the group’s lead guitarist and a backup singer, said he draws a lot of inspiration from ’90s alternative music and early 2000s bands from when he was in high school. Hall is also the recording engineer for the record.

The band was formed when Fitzgerald met drummer Malfa in the local grocery store that they used to work at in the summer of 2014. At that time, Fitzgerald was a novice.
“Before Townhouse Warrior, I had no experience playing in bands or anything,” Fitzgerald said. “I would write songs because I enjoyed writing songs.”
Then he met Malfa. The two would hang out and Malfa wrote drums to Fitzgerald’s lyrics. They were just playing music as friends for fun, Fitzgerald said. It was the two of them, until they met their bassist Rivet at a friend’s house.

Courtesy of Townhouse Warrior
“I was like, ‘Hey, would you like to play bass for my punk rock band?’ and he said no, just straight up no,” Fitzgerald said. “I asked him again three weeks later, and eventually Josh said, ‘Sure, I’ll give this a try,’ and here we are.”
The band went through the first two albums, “Seriously, I Don’t Mind” and “For Every Wasted Day,” before Hall joined the band. Hall said the band had gone through a few guitar players before he became a member.
He met Fitzgerald in 2016, and Fitzgerald asked him to join the band multiple times before he agreed.
“I was like, ‘All right, I’ll give it a shot, because I really like these guys,'” Hall said. “I did sound for them at a couple shows, and it seemed like the camaraderie was there, so I joined, and I’ve been in the band for a little over a year.”
It was with this new setup that Townhouse Warrior produced their newest album, which they recorded from January to October of last year.
“Townhouse Warrior’s second record was very slow and stripped down and raw,” Hall said. “The first one was a little bit pop-punk, and it had a big sound to it … the third one, overall, is real tight.”
Even after the first album was completed, the band still hadn’t figured out their sound, Fitzgerald said. The second album was closer, but not entirely there. He said the band’s third album is a culminating evolution, mixing together the things they got right on their first two albums.
It’s this confidence in their newest release that made the members of Townhouse Warrior want to get the word out about their sound.
“We’re taking a more formidable approach when it comes to getting it out there,” Hall said. “We’re utilizing (social media), and it really works. I think people are going to be really excited about this.”
The album will be released on all platforms on Tuesday. A release show for the record will take place May 5 at Sharkey’s Bar and Grill in Liverpool.
“I think (the albums) are all so different, and we are still in the process of finding our collective sound,” Fitzgerald said. “I think in this third one we pretty much found it, and the future is just expanding on it.” - The Daily Orange

"Townhouse Warrior - Album Review - Words Unsaid"

Townhouse Warrior is a group of young men who have formed an alternative punk band with penchant for writing songs that have great hooks and an energetic feel. Based in Syracuse, these four gentlemen have come onto the scene and taken, what some consider a stagnant genre and breathed new life into it. Their album, Words Unsaid is a prime example of what energy, youth and good writing can do to revitalize a genre that often gets overlooked in the local scene. With a lot hard work and perseverance Townhouse Warrior has become a coveted act in lineups all over New York State and beyond. Their brand of alternative punk and energetic style make Townhouse Warrior a popular live attraction, wherever they hit the stage.
Words Unsaid pulls out all the stops, hitting you with twelve tracks that will leave you wanting more. If you like alternative, new punk or 80’s punk, then this album is for you. Melodious, heavy guitar riffs over the top of perfectly “punked” drum and bass lines are the foundation for Words Unsaid and it all gets topped off with a stellar vocal performance. Tracks like “Fake Confrontations” and “So Left, It’s Right” will have you hooked with catchy guitar work, while others, such as “Toll Taker” and “Echoes” have that “in your face” punk feel which fans of this genre have always craved. Townhouse Warrior consists of four musicians at the top of their game with vocalist/guitarist Zack Fitzgerald, along with bassist Joshua Rivet, drummer Kyle Malfa and guitarist Tim Hall rounding out this powerhouse punk quartet.
Be sure to check out Townhouse Warrior at a venue near you – including their release party for Words Unsaid Saturday, May 5th, at Sharkey’s in Liverpool. Check for upcoming events on their Facebook page. You can also find the official music video for Far Away on the Townhouse Warrior Facebook page. Be sure to look for even more things to come from these guys and get your self a copy of Words Unsaid here.

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Words, Unsaid. - (2018)

For Every Wasted Day - (2016)

Seriously, I Don't Mind - (2015)



They’re back! Upstate New York’s Townhouse Warrior says it all with their third release Words, Unsaid. A testament to late nights and long drives, Syracuse’s smiling pop-punk revivalists are back with a truly DIY album. Since the spirited 2015 debut of Seriously, I Don't Mind Townhouse Warrior have been maturing musically while maintaining their upbeat and spritely appeal. The 2016 album For Every Wasted Day was a clear step in shaping what would become the roots for this newest, fast-paced entry to the TW catalog. With the addition of guitarist Tim Hall (previously of Fortune and Fame & Trespassers) and only a little over a year since their sophomore album’s debut, the quartet touts a technical take on classic pop punk. High energy rhythms followed by exuberant cheers have been filling venues for the past three years courtesy of Kyle Malfa's locally renowned drumming. Josh Rivet’s driving bass and live-wire presence returns, jumping out of each track with poise and fundamental groove. The practiced and positive four have even been expanding beyond the Salt City into PA, NJ, MA and more. Expect the bounding solos and vibrant riffage punctuated with vocalist/guitarist Zack Fitzgerald’s characteristic laid back and youthful themes to push TW further than ever. Do you ever take the time to wonder?

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