Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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"A Transcendent bout of 70's stadium rock... Like Sabbath and Purple, but Blacker and Deeper."-Boston Phoenix. Winner of 2007 WBCN Rumble. Released 2 EP's & 3 CD's in 4 years. National radio play. Internationally released commercial work. Unprecedented live reputation. National touring. SEXY


D.O.B.: 1/1/06

"TOWNSHIP - VOL.1" (Release Feb 23, 2010)

VICTORIES: WBCN Rock n' Roll Rumble Winners, 2007

PAST LIVES: Runner and the Thermodynamics, Cancer Conspiracy, SPiTZZ, Bang Camaro

PAST LOVERS: Bad Company (direct support), Electric Six (tour support), Incubus, Perry Farell, State Radio (tour support), Priestess, Soundtrack Of Our Lives (direct support), Marillion, Richard Lloyd, Louis XIV, The Fiery Furnaces, Backdoor Slam, Extreme, Blind Melon, BRMC, Bobby Brown, LA Guns...

SWEET TALK: "With so many bands looking to the 80's for inspiration, rummaging through the dustbins of a more distant past may seem like a revelation. So it goes on the new self-titled album of Boston-based Township (out 10/28) on tracks like "Beaver Fever" and "Sinister Minister," where the songs are as good as their titles' rhymes and the band works up a churning 70's funk while it sweats out classic riffs. With sludgy grooves, scorching solos, and Southern Gothic operas, Township fires off a series of timeless anthems that resonate like sun-bleached Polaroids." - Boston Magazine, October 2008

"The band had my attention from the get-go, especially with the song "Highway," which has this irresistible build to it; it's now one of my favorite driving songs. The buzz at the show was late 70's sound, and comparisons to Faces and Lynyrd Skynyrd were made; all I know is, when the band locked eyes with the audience and said "Let's get sexy," (tearing out the song "Big Bad") it made me get sexy, too....Rochester likes you, too, Township." - Rochester City Newspaper, May 2008

"Like Sabbath and Purple but Blacker and Deeper" - The Boston Phoenix

"Hefty drum beats, devastating guitar explosions, some Who-style vocals and we're just happy as clams to give them some love" - Light in the Attic

"Township’s awe-inspiring rock histrionics are very present and the hits literally keep coming...Coming Home is a round-trip ending with a perfect nine-minutes-and-change finale that ends somewhere on the dark side of the moon. But by then, you’ll just want to start over again." - Northeast Performer



Gunnin Thru the Nite

Written By: Marc Pinansky

Gunnin thru the night, scaring all the glowing eyes from the cold roadside
Do you delight? Knowing that the path ahead has never been read

In years before, in woodsmans lore, there stood a mare in white declared

This isnt right, I see that all deployed will be destroyed
Therell be a fight, to which all employed will be cast to the void

In infinite and silent space we will come together to form a place

Where human kind will be no more
Our earthly bodies held closed the doors
We will form as one as the beads are strung
The energies of a million years, of life and death and countless fears

Do you comply? With this prophecy of our reality
It is a lie. Our human path is not to last,
It is to die. To be free from hate and earthly constraints
We will unite as a celestial soul out of our control

And the feelings of this genesis, like born again to forever exist

Where human kind will be no more
Our earthly bodies held closed the doors
Well form as one as the beads are strung
The energies of a million years, of life and death and countless fears


Single "Gunnin' Thru the Night"

"LADYWOOD" EP (2007),
Single "Give It"

"COMING HOME" LP (2008),
Single "Millions of People", "Big Bad"

"TOWNSHIP" LP (2008)
Single "Sinister Minister" , "Goodnight Moon", "Beaver Fever"

"TOWNSHIP - VOL.1" (2010)
"Highway", "Burnin", "Millions of People", "Gunnin Thru The Nite"

Set List

Anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
All original.