Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN
BandAlternativeHip Hop

Towodo is a musical ensemble that has elements of the electronic, psychedelic, and hip-hop realm. The band writes original music that draws influences from groups such as Radiohead, Xavier Rudd, Balkan Beat Box, Oka, and Bonobo. The group has been collaborating, writing and arranging since the spring of 2013.


Meet Towodo, a sonic project well in the making. Originating in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2009, Mike De Groot (turn tablist, electronic percussion, didgeridoo) and Stephen Barkman (bass) began working on the idea of an electronic inspired project presented in a live fashion. After years of writing, sampling and experimenting with sounds revolving around digital beats and bass grooves, these two reached out for the expertise and creativity from the locally rich musical community. Chloe Shindruk (synthesizers, vocals), Nicholas Turnbull (drums), Robert Turnbull (electric guitar), Matt Filopoulos (electric guitar), Liam Karp (lyricist), and Scott Campbell (projections) completed the musical and visual experience of Towodo. The group has been collaborating, writing and arranging since the spring of 2013.

These wide eyed, tie-dyed, electrified, bonafide hip-shaking humans will take you on somewhat of an outer space odyssey. This is achieved by combining elements of the electronic, psychedelic, and hip-hop/trip-hop realm. 

Towodo's live performance juxtaposes ancient, and in some cases sacred instruments alongside modern methods of music making. Their music touches the boundaries of technologic possibility while staying true to the live instrumentation that fuels the emotion in their performances. 

Towodo is focused on incorporating elements of art into their performances. This includes the active use of projections and lighting which breathes visual life into their music. This fusion of audio experience and visual experience plays a massive role in influencing the members of Towodo and is a driving force for their future musical works.