Tempe, Arizona, USA

Toybox is a three-piece pop punk rock band based in Tempe, Arizona. Representing three different parts of Japan, Yo, Naoto and Celica met while students at Arizona State University. They have developed a reputation for intense, energetic and commanding performances.


Toybox is a three-piece rock band based in Tempe, Arizona consisting of members Yo on vocals and bass guitar, Naoto on guitar and Celica on drums. Though the three of them hail from different parts of Japan, they met, and formed their band, at Arizona State University. They continued to develop their reputation for intense, energetic and commanding performances and forged fast friendships with other local bands and promoters and put out their very first professionally recorded EP 5 Seconds To…. Soon after releasing the EP, the original bassist Ren had left the band. While the departure was certainly difficult and upsetting, Toybox did what Toybox does best: persevere. Yo picked up the bass to fill in Ren's spot. And it was magical. Suddenly this leaner, meaner and more focused Toybox hit the stages of Phoenix with unprecedented and unparalleled zeal. A slew of new music began pumping out of them unlike anything long-time fans had heard from them before. Harder, faster, darker and powerful riffs, bombastic drums and frenetic vocals signaled the rise of a newly dedicated, hardworking Arizona rock band embodying life, love, death and reality with a unique and singular sound.
2010, the band has released highly anticipated first album titled "Stay Alive". Upon releasing, Toybox has started the U.S. tour going through Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana,Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.


Stay Alive- 8/2010

5 Seconds To...EP

Set List

Toybox plays from 45-60 minute sets. Our song line up is based on the venue and crowd we are playing to.