Middlesbrough, England, GBR

Toyger are a five-piece math-pop band from Middlesbrough, with a sound outlined by intricate, rhythmical guitar lines and Foals-esque percussive beats. Formed in March 2010 they have gained a reputation for their inexorable, energetic live shows with the likes of Tall Ships, Brontide and Tellison.


Toyger, originally an instrumental band, formed out of a mutual dislike for bland, seemingly unimaginative indie music that dominated the Middlesbrough scene. Influenced by math and post-math bands such as Secondsmile, And So I Watch You From Afar and Tubelord, the band wanted to create music that kept the listener guessing, and so set out to break down the conventions of song-writing and start from scratch. This is the main reason why their songs rarely return to a section once it has been played.

Toyger's 3-track demo E.P. (released a month after the band formed) was originally written without vocals, and when lead singer Rory was introduced he had the task of writing lyrics over the top of the tracks. Since then the method of writing the instrumental parts to songs first has stuck with the band, and has accentuated their favour for continuous song structures.

With only one release behind them, the band has worked hard to gain a reputation for being a strong, energetic live band, and have gained most of their fan base from playing live shows. The band have played with the likes of Tall Ships, Tellison, Tubelord, Polarsets, Let's Buy Happiness and Mammal Club, and played at 2011's Evolution Festival, sharing a stage with Katy B and Jamie Woon.

On the 24th of October 2011 Toyger will release their debut single "Karl's Diary" via ex-DARTZ! guitarist Henry Carden's label Pay For The Piano.


Karl's Diary

Written By: Rory Duffy

I am dry with my customary raincoat
Beneath holes lies polyester reinforcement
With gusto, I walk towards my place of work
To join hands with the general census

Make your way
through this man made forest
On those rollerskates
Over pinecones
Cause this is the done thing

Navigate your skin and bones to do what I did do what I did
Navigate your skin and bones to do what I did do what I did

Those wooden doors don’t reach the floor
I’ve seen so many times before

I was told I’d make the cut
Covered to protect my luck

Exactly what I waited for
Hide inside my demeanor
I was a young man once before

Warm this winter with your heart
And I will fold this paper
I will fold this paper nine times

Compressed air, unfair head start
And I will fight these monsters
And I will tie my own shoelaces

Come right up to me and speak your verse
And I’ll remember more than none
Of anything you have to say
For I am sleeping one more day
One more day


October 2011: Karl's Diary Single (Pay For The Piano Recordings)

March 2010: 3-track Demo E.P. (Self Released)

Set List

I Got a B in GCSE French
Purple Voices
Karl's Diary

Around 25-30 mins