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I discovered Toykult, via a random friends invitation on mySpace – love it or loathe it, it has its uses - and I immediately took to their playful brand of dancy electronica. While there was an obvious sophistication, there was also a good dose of northern humour thrown in and while there was a dark, almost gothy edge to many of the tunes, they were also undeniably danceable.

The closest comparison I can think of is the mighty Renegade Soundwave, which is high praise from me - they were one of the bands that drew me to the indie/dance crossover thing in the late 80s, and their album In Dub is still a regular in my CD player. RS were cited as a major influence by The Chemical Brothers, and are seen as a forerunner of both big beat and drum ‘n’ bass. Not a bad CV. There’s also a hint of Pop Will Eat Itself in there - a band I’ve been looking to properly replace since their sad demise about ten years ago. It’s not like they sound like them, more that they seem to embody that spirit that ran through those bands in the early nineties - EMF, Shamen etc. It’s white boys going drinking and clubbing but with a bit of respect, leaving the rugby boy idiocy at the door.

Toykult’s debut album, Sow Loco, is an absolute cracker. It drones, bounces and twangs its way into your soul and just when you think you’ve got it sussed, something quirky, interesting or slightly sinister happens and you have to re-evaluate it again. It’s very 90s, taking in the whole baggy vibe into the rhythms - you could definitely see Bezz gurning along to this soundtrack, but thankfully without the house piano. And there’s more to them than just the music.

A quick visit to can not only get you the album, but some amazing digital image DVDs as well. Having seen some of the sixth form nonsense that’s passed off in clubs, this stuff looks well worth investing in. I’m no expert, but to my untrained eye they’ve come up with some amazing stuff. So that’s art and 90s electronica all in one cuddly bundle. And yes, soon they’ll be doing toys as well… -


Der Abräumer schlechthin kommt diesmal von Toykult und hört auf den Namen "Sow Loco". Der Dreier aus Sheffield macht aus seinem exklusiv über die eigene Webseite vertriebenen Debütalbum einen Schrein für den Sound des Frühneunziger-Madchester-Acid-Raves vor allem der Happy Mondays und explodiert förmlich in jeder Sekunde in tausende brillante Funken. Eine der Platten des Jahres, so cool, dass es wehtut.

Friedrich Reip -


”Form and The Future of Sunshine” opens Sow Loco with a sound like a cross between 90’s U2 and Linkin Park. Thank my lucky stars that once the vocal arrive the Linkin Park comparison is drop, as is the U2. Canadian band Toykult know there early 90’s Madchester scene and seem as if they could travel right back and be part of it. Capturing elements of the Happy Mondays and Stereo Mc’s, Toykult grab the listener immediately on the opener and hold them tight. It is not often that something rubs me the right way on the first listen, but Sow Loco’s promo cd will surely be going on my shelf next to the rest of the cds I buy. Keeping things moving forward, “Chinwaggin Shit” delivers a shaky delayed up reverb vocal spliced all over a ice acoustic guitar and relaxed percussion. Wow, I love this album! I haven’t been this into a bands sound in a long time. I usually never even refer to myself in these reviews, but what can I do?

Taking musical cue from Prodigy on “Face in My Mind”, Toykult sends the masses to the dance floor with their eyes cast downward. Each songs reveals new layers in Toykult’s sound and creativity and Sow Loco pulls away from its influences and moves into a territory all its own as apparent on the albums standout track “The Greatest Smile”. “Smile” contains magical arranging and catchy beats, sounding like Shaun Ryder and the Happy Mondays being held captive by Daft Punk. Mixing past genres with the new ones they create, everything on Sow Loco calls for attention. -


A dark, drawing sort of dystopian swing-rock, with masterful production and haunting use of the sampler to transmogrify lyrics; this up-and-coming Montreal trio also intensely experiments with their pedals to kaleidoscope their guitar tones into a glorious psychedelic frenzy — Brit-pop-garage-techno with a bit of two-step danceability. — J. Milo -

"Listen To Me top ten for 2007"

A top ten of bands/artists who I'd not heard before 2007, and who got in touch with me either via myspace,, Dandelion Radio or in some other way during the year. All are excellent.

10. Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones (
9. Heyokah (
8. The City and Horses (
7. We Are Spirit (
6. Toykult (
5. BL4ND (
4. (team) photo (
3. Subliminal Attraction (
2. Titee & Pixieguts (
1. 2 Hot 2 Sweat (

Will be playing all the bands on this list at some point during my Dandelion shows in the early part of 2008. -

"CLASS OF 2008"

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2008: DEBUT ALBUM - SOW LOCO - official label release - Some Bizarre records, UK.

2007: DEBUT ALBUM - SOW LOCO - self release

2007: EP1 - Distroboto machines in Montreal,


2001: Collaborator on Holger Czukays: Linear City Album Release.



A visceral splicing of British, European and North American alt indie, new wave, punk, rap and electronica defines the genealogy of toykult's musical DNA and intent. Particularly artists like the Fall, The Happy Mondays, Pop Will Eat Itself, The Gorillaz and Beck.