Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

“gritty, dirty collection of liquor-fueled Americana music. Shifting flawlessly from roots, to blues, to country, to rockabilly and then some…an undeniable barn-burner”


Toy Soldiers – a lively & hard-working band formed in 2007 by frontman Ron Gallo, started out as just a duo, then spent the next few years with a fluctuating cast of players. They eventually settled into a solid 5-piece who love a good song and dance; no pretense or wall between the band and audience, members often times ending up in the crowd. The group, consisting of Gallo (lead vocals, guitar), Dominic Billett (drums), Bill McCloskey (bass), Matt Kelly (guitar), and Luke Leidy (keys), spent most of 2012 playing hundreds of shows up and down the East Coast and in their hometown of Philadelphia, tearing through dive bars, festival stages and even theaters with their soulful brand of rock n' roll music. Their first record, Whisper Down the Lane was described by WXPN’s Bruce Warren as a "gritty, dirty collection of liquor-fueled Americana music, shifting flawlessly from roots, to blues, to country, to rockabilly…an undeniable barn-burner." The follow-up, self-produced Get Through the Time EP was a look into the more pensive and heartfelt side of songwriting; and Toy Soldiers’ most recent release, Midweek Mountain Getaway, a split EP recorded all live with good friend & Nashville artist Jordan Hull, embraces the communal, live aspect of the band. 2013 will see the beginning of a new chapter, with the Fall release of their second full-length, entitled The Maybe Boys. The album was recorded with producer Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Man Man) and bridges the gap between all of their previous efforts, combining the group's earnest and eclectic songwriting style with the explosive energy of their live show. Named one of the “Top Bands to Watch in 2013” by USA Today, Toy Soldiers’ have no intention of slowing their roll as they move ahead into the year, continuing to spread the music and inevitable good times.


The Maybe Boys - To Be Released Fall 2013
Tell the Teller EP - 2012
Midweek Mountain Getaway (Split EP w/ Jordan Hull) - 2011
Get Through the Time EP - 2011
Whisper Down the Lane - 2012

Radio Tracks (AAA, college radio):
"Heart in a Mousetrap"
"Been Here All My Days"
"When I Tripped Into You"
"Throw Me Down"
"Hard Times"
"Love Ya Like I Love Ya"
"Back Rider"
"Long Gone"
"Which Way Waltz"
"The Wretch"
"Get Through the Time"