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Toy Surprise Inside!

Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States | SELF

Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States | SELF
Band Comedy Avant-garde


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"Actually, I stumbled upon your music while sniffing around looking for cool music and liked what I heard. I'm always on the lookout for stuff I like. As you know, I've worked on a lot of different things, and my tastes are nothing if not eclectic. Keep up the good work!

- Neil Kernon; Producer

"Love the sounds coming out of my speakers, let me turn it up!"

- Josh Christian / Toxik

"What a surprise! Very interesting music. Sounds like Zappa feat. Steve Wilson and Super Mario Bros scoring a Kubrick film! Complete sonic madness. I especially like "The Final Frontier" - very Holdsworth-like. Should you ever be circling above Europe, feel free to land in Poland - we'll jam along together."

- Tylda Ciolkosz/ CashMERE

"Love the music! Anytime you get something new, let me know. I am a big fan and if you ever perform here let me know... I would love to catch you live.

- Robb - Sunfall On Echoes

"This is wild! Sounds like the looming crash after a Saturday morning sugar rush!"

- Mindscape Music

"Still some of the best, craziest, and most original stuff out there. I love you like I love oxygen and various assorted gasses. If you get me your stuff, I'll get you on the air. "

- Matthew Archuleta - Mattle, Metal on Radio 1190

"Some great drumming and interesting arrangements here--I definitely hear the spirit of Zappa and Crimson lurking in the background, but you've brought your influences together in a personal way."

- Hermetic Science

You just gotta love these weird harmonies, sounds and samples... your tunes are truly great! I guess that this is what happens when you blend The Gathering and Pink Floyd with John Zorn and Spastic Ink! "Crazy Pills."... Pure insanity! Love the new look and tracks! Sometimes weird is never weird enough!"

- Uthull

"We can't believe one guy is making all that noise....quite incredible!!!"

- This Elegant Chaos

"Haven't even gotten thru the whole CD yet, but go ahead and consider me blown away. Any production delays you might have had were totally worth it, cause I think you nailed it. I like everything about it so far; from choice of instrumentation to composition (getting pretty good on those keyboards), and of course the killer audio clips - where IN THE HELL did you dig all those up?! Rich, over the top rich. And it looks great too! Even the shrink wrap was a cool bonus. Great little piece of audio visual artwork all the way around. Somehow, some way, you need to be doing this stuff live; you could totally sell some product. Looking forward to the rest of it and the other CD as well. Nice."

- Tom Beaven /The Rozen Bombs

(M.A. ; Microbiology -Notre Dame University)

"A madman with self control. Refreshing and talented...I love when people follow their instincts. Great work! There are some original and surprising tunes here. I guess we all can be inspired by the same sources. Toy surprise indeed!"

- Xinema

"Awesome project you got there. Like the haircut too. Keep it up and congratulations for transcending the collaboration and finally getting your own stuff down!"

- The Arkitecht

"Loving what you are doing, wikkid stuff. You have made my ears very happy; totally dig yah!"

- December of Terra Mortim

"Another fantastic discovery. And a one man band to boot! Great compositions and possesses the excellent chops to pull it off. The Zappa influence really comes through - and that aint no easy task!"

- Ghosts of Pompeii

"Amazing sounds, just crazy. Another man with a thing for the HAL 9000. Genius..."


"NICE!...... I'll have you know I put Zep on pause to hear your tracks!"

- King Mango

"You are far beyond everything..."

- Quickchill

"F**king awesome graphics, plus the samples (GIANT ROBOT - HELL YEA!) Same joy as watching a good 50s b-movie."

- Pankratz

"AHH!! FZ's GHOST LIVES ON IN 'TOY SUPRISE INSIDE' TRACK. TOP STUFF. You've carved yourself a great mix of sound and ideas here... we love it. -

- The Surf Messengers

"Oh la la! THIS IS GREAT! I really love this new look, new layout and new songs! No doubt, you are the best and a lunatic too! Well done!!!"

- Hazel..lita

"I love the influences - Edgar Allen Poe, Pink Floyd, Gary Moore, Greg Howe, and Droopy Dog! That's awesome! Definitely one-of-a-kind!"

- Tony Roberts

"Wow, totally different experimental heaviness. So creative, progressive and original!"

- Sienna

"The music is VERY experimental. A good sound and it works. It's good when someone breaks away from the norm."

- Weapons of Sound

"Wow, really ambitious. The sound he's achieved is genuinely 'neato!'

- Pete Gascoyne

"Anybody that cites Ernie Kovacs... along with Zappa, Fripp and Jonathan Winters, as influences, is cool in my book...... "

- Sodderpot

"This is too cool!! Very interesting stuff. I like how he's putting it all in the blender so to speak and just goin for it...!!

- Herb - Euphrates

"Thrazz" is brilliantly disturbed. There simply aren't enough horns in death metal music. "

- 0 + 1 = everything

" Nice to hear your mix of heavy guitars and jazzy / prog rock sounds. I like it."

- Francois L'Homer- Tear of a Doll
- Various


Toy Surprise Inside! Debut (2007)
- 7 Song debut CD including: "Directions Not Included", "Reckless" and the genre bender "Thrazz" which was featured on Pet Goat Records "Ass Jazz Vol. 2" compilation CD in 2010.

Replicas of the New Nostalgia (2009)
- 13 Track CD including: "Shaken...Not Stirred","Toy Surprise Inside!" (featured on the internet radio show, "Mattle; Metal on the Radio 1190 with Matthew Archuleta) "On the Lamb!"," Crazy Pills", and the classic thriller "Bates Motel".

The Band That Time Forgot (2011)
-11 Track CD including: "Kill The Bill", "Metal Tyler Moore", "The Vincent Price is Right", "Hero 4 a Day" and the epic three song trilogy " The Eastwood Exercise Emporium."

Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show #193):
“Direction Not Included!”

National and international airplay streaming:

Hero for a Day
Eastwood Exercise Emporium Part I
The Vincent Price is Right
Metal Tyler Moore
Kill The Bill
Shaken...Not Stirred



When midwestern musician/composer Ted Ryback began his newest musical outlet, he insisted it be fun, yet unlike anything, anyone else was doing. He felt America was missing a FUN, entertaining show, that could capture a feel & would command one’s attention. His form of motivation? Re-discovering the joys of youth! And what better way to present them, than by CELEBRATING them, with EVERYTHING FUN about growing up, through music & America.

Toy Surprise Inside! is a Wham! Bang! show, exploding with nostalgic spirit. This exhilirating breath of fresh air, is a deeply rooted celebration of American culture, that puts you back into your p.j.’s on a Saturday morning T.V. mission. Retro is the new cool, morphed with modern twists. Now add a bit of technology and watch the fireworks begin!

Ted's main objective: To create NEW favorites we'll ALL come to know and love, so we can 'pay it forward' to a generation who can experience what they missed. As one enthusiastic fan articulated, "Your songs sound EXACTLY like something I've NEVER heard before!"

All performed by one crazy cat, with the help of his webmaster of disaster,“Sugar Pop.”Together, these harmonic hipsters, transport you back to the“Honeycomb Hideout,” proving, it may not ‘ve ALL been “Peaches & Herb” but cruising through an era that’s neither lost..nor forgotten., is a lesson in American significance, that’s just plain “neato!” (Hollywood should be paying US for such a magnificent marketing campaign!)

NOTE: For a more extensive Bio about both members, visit our website. PLEASE don't mistake our lack of CURRENT gigs as being "newbies" or a disinterest in bringing our show to our fans. It has taken over 4 years in the making to cultivate, create and bring to life a show as epic and unique as this. We are TWO people who do it all, from create, record, mix, master, CD artwork, web design, distribute, market, splice and dice EVERYTHING involved with Toy Surprise Inside, down to the and creation. (and still have days jobs as well as take care of our ailing mom.) We put A LOT of work into Toy Surprise Inside! and share much more about our past experiences and how we've gotten to the current stage in our music, on our website. For where we've been and what we've done before this, feel free to click "Calendar" now, and look at our past gigs. The future of Toy Surprise up to you.