Toy Vivo Duo

Toy Vivo Duo


An enchanting, limitless journey with the magical 90 strings Kanun & verious percussion instruments. From meditative & lyric atmospheres to upbeat virtuoso performance. Avshalom Farjun is the founder of Nada Records and the creator of the legendary ensemble Bustan Abraham.


Avshalom Farjun is a self taught musician, a producer & the founder of the world music label Nada. in 1992 he created the acclaimed group Bustan Abraham. During the 11 years of its existance, Avshalom has performed with Bustan Abraham in hundreds of concerts all over the globe, before deciding to present his own solo performance. He plays the Kanun in a non-traditional manner, explorin a wide range of musical influences from east and west.
Tha Kanun is an oriental psaltery and the grandfather of the piano. It is a flat wooden anciant zither composed of 90 strings. According to Arab historians, the Kanun was invented by Al-Farabi (9th century), who was a philosopher and musician of great importance of the Abbasid period. He was born in Persia and spent most of his life in Baghdad.
Avi Agababa ia a leading figure amongst Israeli percussion players and was one of the first to concentrate on Mediterranean and ethnic music. Avi's playing is known for its musicality, expressive feel, uniquely wide range of sounds and very strong ense of groove. He has been performing all over the globe with Isreli artists such as Chava Alberstein, Yair Dalal, Eyal Sela and many others.

Press cuttings

“Avshalom Farjun succeeds through the sounds of a complex and extraordinary instrument like the qanun in unfurling a fascinating rainbow of feelings. And the surprise – the qanun is an eastern instrument that touches the west, transcending borders, the pure essence of world music. Farjun reveals the instrument’s endless expressive potential in an unprecedented way and transports you to special musical places that you have not yet been.”

Ma’ariv (Yossi Harsonski)

“Avshalom Farjun’s ‘TOY VIVO’ is a spellbinding example of a minimalist musical journey among vistas of sounds, like an echo of the mind and as a backdrop for quiet and meditative contemplation of the inner spirit and of the world without. Farjun plays alone without accompaniment, yet he succeeds in overcoming this limitation by virtue of an uncommon playing technique: he not only plucks the strings of the qanun but also uses them as a harmonic instrument, drums on them as a percussion instrument and produces from the instrument a rich sound both amazing and varied.”


“In contrast to traditional players, Farjun plays the instrument differently. He creates his melodies on the qanun like a rocker pulls out a guitar in order to write the next song: genuine.”

Makor Rishon (Ami Brand)

“Avshalom Farjun, among the pioneers of world music in Israel, causes wonder with his improvisations on the qanun. This astonishing thousand-year-old ninety-stringed instrument furiously changes form and sounds, moving within the same composition from an Arabic sound similar to the oud to the sound of a western romantic harp, then to the sound of a Latin guitar and even that of a Mediterranean mandolin. ‘TOY VIVO’ is an event that will wonderfully improve your lives by its presence.”

Time Out -Tel Aviv (Simona Wasserman)

“The qanun in the hands of virtuoso Avshalom Farjun is transformed into a full string orchestra. Rich and thrilling expression that combines the sounds of a bazouki and mandolin, oud, saz and flamenco guitar and even harpsichord and piano. Farjun’s sound soars, lofty and clear. His playing is precise, magical and filled with dignity and sensitivity. A wonderful example of beauty and splendor.”

Yediot Ahronot (Amos Oren)


Ireland – Sligo: Solo festival
Sligo Jazz Festival
Dublin: Festival of world cultures
Manorhamilton: The Glens centre
Spain - Sevilla: Casa de la memoria del andaluz
Toledo: music for piece
Valls percussion festival
England - Caerleon Arts Festival
London: Conway Hall
Belgium - Brussels: Espace Senghor
Antwerp: Jewish festival
Germany - Munich: Jewish culture festival
Carll Orf Sal
Israel - The international oud festival
Bereshit festival
The Israel Jerusalem international festival
Canada - Montreal Jazz Festival
Luxembourg - Cultural center Wiltz
France - les Suds a Arles - Arles
Paris: Espace prevert
Bordeaus: Musiques de nuit
Austria – Linz: 4020 festival
Greece – Thessaloniki: etno-jazz festival
Mexico - Ollinkan Festival (in 2007 & 2008)
Poland - Warsaw world music festival
Estonia – Viljandi folk festival
Serbia- Etnofest- world culture
Prague – Check republic (world music festival)


Toy Vivo Duo - Laughing with angels (live) (Nada Records 2006)
Toy Vivo - Avshalom Farjun solo (live) (Nada Records 2005)
Bustan Abraham (Nada Records 1992)
Bustan Abraham - Pictures through the painted window (Nada Records 1994)
Bustan Abraham - Abadai (Nada Records 1996)
Bustan Abraham - Hamsa (Nada Records 2000)
Bustan Abraham - Fanar (featuring: Zakir Hussain & Hariprasad Chaurasia) (Nada Records 1997)
Bustan Abraham - Ashra (Nada Records 2001)
Bustan Abraham - Live concets (Nada Records 2003)

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Set List

Normaly one or two sets. total time of concert between one & two hours - upon request
The repertoire is based mainly on improvisations, alongside new compositions by Avshalom Farjun, and compositions performed in the past by Bustan Abraham