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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1997 | INDIE | AFTRA

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 1997
Band Hip Hop Soul




"TQ - Legendary | Album Review"

TQ was once the vocal talk of the town, with his smash hit ‘Westside’ blowing up spots across the world back in 1998. Since then the Compton, California singer’s had a few lesser known hits, enjoyed a stint at Cash Money Records and released numerous independent projects. Still riding the indie artist route TQ unleashes his seventh studio LP, Legendary.
Following a mixtape of the same name, Legendary is a mixture of soulful hip-hop, acoustic R&B and electronic pop. With hit and miss moments throughout, TQ has the potential to break back into the commercial market but always seems to be just one hit away. Kicking things off, “No Better Love,” which hears rap assistance from Gilly The Kid, is a braggadocios showing of machoism over a catchy yet occasionally stale backdrop.
On the plus side, TQ’s lyrics are very believable. When he sings, “Nobody gonna love you better,” listeners – women in particular – might relate to the singer’s charm. The same can be said about his Prince-ode “Nikki Ray” [think "Darling Nicki"]. Whilst not instrumentally strong, the way TQ teases the listener with his story of sexually rampant lust is explicitly mind blowing.
Stronger moments on the album come when the crooner teams up with Mystikal and Mannie Fresh on the single “Bad Man.” Probably the most upbeat moment on the album, it has a ’70s feel to it whilst bridging the gap between the west and south through the use of Fresh’s sped up bounce-based production and TQ’s street talking prowess. With Mystikal on the comeback trail himself, his second verse is a little hard to understand – but then again who cares? His passionate delivery is enough to get listeners excited.

Incorporating an electric guitar in to the mix, “I Wish” plays as an inspiring uptempo number that hears TQ spin Nas’ “If I Ruled The World” into his own record. Wishing for things like flying like Superman, with an attractive hook and an uncomplicated slice of production, “I Wish” hears TQ do what he does best; taking everyday situations and putting an uplifting vocal spin on them.
Happy to be a spokesperson for his State, each one of the Compton vocalist’s albums features some sort of dedication to California; Legendary is no different. “California Dreamin’” is a soothing, almost Country-sounding acoustic number. Taking a backseat to the huge stadium high note delivery that he favours on occasions, the song hears TQ tell various west coast street tales. The combination of instrumental prominence and low-key storytelling makes the track one of the album’s most memorable.

A fan of experimentation, there are times on Legendary that hears the singer get ahead of himself just a little bit. “Star” is an uncontrollable sporadic mess production-wise. Not able to concentrate on the vocals because the backing track is so wild, it’s definitely not the TQ fans of his previous works are accustomed to. Whilst playing around with some rock influences ["Good Love" and "Long Kiss Goodnight" hear an almost Lenny Kravitz meets Prince mashup come to life], the truth is vocally TQ is deep rooted in soul and he can kick the hell out of any 808. Hearing him step up to the rock plate is a pleasure to witness.

Sourced From: http://www.soulculture.co.uk/reviews/tq-legendary-album-review/#ixzz2cc7mJ5Y6
Follow us: @SoulCulture on Twitter | SoulCulture on Facebook

Sourced From: http://www.soulculture.co.uk/reviews/tq-legendary-album-review/#ixzz2cc7SYHeT
Follow us: @SoulCulture on Twitter | SoulCulture on Facebook

Sourced From: http://www.soulculture.co.uk/reviews/tq-legendary-album-review/#ixzz2cc7JyQc9
Follow us: @SoulCulture on Twitter | SoulCulture on Facebook - Will Lavin

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West Coast R&B singer TQ returns with the brand new single "Hotel California," lifted from his forthcoming album 'Legendary,' set for release later this year. The track was originally recorded by the Eagles in February 1977 from their album of the same name. - SingersRoom.com

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1998 They Never Saw Me Coming
2000 The Second Coming
2004 Listen...
2006 Gemini
2008 Paradise
2010 Kind of Blue
2013 Legendary


1998 Westside
1999 Bye Bye Baby
1999 Summertime - Duet with Another Level
1999 Better Days
2000 Imagine That - Duet with Mack 10 and CJ Mack
2000 Daily
2001 Let's Get Back To Bed Boy - Duet with Sarah Connor
2002 Way of Life - Duet with Lil Wayne
2003 Keep it on the Low - Duet with The Birdman
2004 Right On
2005 Adore
2006 Hot Girl
2008 S.E.X.Y.
2010 Electronic - Duet with Tha Vill
2011 Uh Oh - Duet with Danielle Senior
2012 Hotel California

2013 Bad Man

2014 I Wish



Singer/songwriter/producer TQ hit the music scene in 1998 with a style that made him different than any other R&B singer on the market. A native of Compton, California, his swagger and delivery made some fans regard him with the same appeal as a rapper. In fact, he has been told that he reminds many of a singing Tupac

With 7 studio albums under his belt, TQ is a true veteran in this business of making music. His latest album, "Legendary" is available on iTunes around the world and showcases that veteran's savvy. TQ focuses on making genre-breaking music and with a fanbase as vast and varied as his, it's evident that it must be working.

TQ has toured around the world with his versatile, multicultural, band and garners great reviews from past attendees of his shows. High powered energetic with a mix of original music and classic covers. TQ's on stage charisma and pure vocals entertain his fans from song one until the finale. Available for 5, 7, and 9 piece band shows begining in March 2014. For bookings contact thehubmuzic5000@gmail.com

TQ is currently gearing up for shows to promote his new album, "Legendary", of which we've attached a sample. His new single, "I Wish" is getting heavy rotation at internet radio and with club DJ's around the world. The video for his renowned rendition of the Eagles classic, "Hotel California" has eclipsed one million views on YouTube and across the net.

Get TQ for your next event or live music night. You won't be disappointed.

-The HUB Muzic