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Tquan Moore

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE
Solo Christian Acoustic




"What people are saying about Tquan!"

"...Moore creates an unassuming and honest portrait of his passion for God. ...spontaneous, something like sneaking in the back door of a private worship session - a little rougher, but a more real. For the most part, All I Need is...a simple offering of praise."
- Soul-Audio.com

“Tquan has not only been a role model to me spiritually as a youth leader but also personally as dear friend. In my experience, Iʼve found that Tquan has never been reluctant to help out a friend in need. One of the greatest lessons I learned from Tquan as a student in his youth group was the purpose of worship through song, and how to experience Godʼs grace through that worship. My experience with Tquan through both his music and personal character is one on genuine and heart felt love towards all people. In my experience, Tquan has used the gift of song and music to touch the lives of hundreds of young people including myself, and spur us on towards a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Tquan uses his music to bless and encourage others.”
- Kirby Hards, Texas A&M Student

“Tquan you have been there for me through thick and thin and you have been a true friend and teacher.”
- Renee Decancio, Student - Houston, TX

“A weekend of worship and music with you is still having an impact on our ministry months later. Thanks for leading our students and volunteers closer to the heart of God through worship!”
- Greg Pirtle, Youth Minister - Allen, TX

“Tquan Moore is an incredible worship leader. Each time he has led worship for our students he has called them into a deeper love and passion for the Lord. Our students love his authenticity in worship and the fact that he brings all that he has before the God as an offering and sacrifice. One of my students remarked about how Tquan is just real in his worship. Students and adults alike just want to pour out your heart to God because Tquan pours his out to the Him.”
- Bryan Borden, Youth Minister - Houston, TX

“Tquan's passion for Christ is evident in all aspects of his life, and it is evident that the Lord has given him a gift for music to share with the world. His music, talks, and other ministries are not fronts for an empty man. Rather, these are the fruits that I have seen from his intimate relationship with our creator.”
- Paul Schlueter, Notre Dame Student

- Jim Spivey

“In my experience you can't help but to smile,feel uplifted, and be encouraged when you listen to Tquan lead worship.”
- Chesley Dickson, Longview, TX

“Tquan is an amazing performer. He really knows how to engage an audience into the worship experience by tailoring it to each audience. He is an awesome instrument for God and I am so blessed to have worshipped with him!”
- Crystal Lathom, Houston, TX

"Tquan is a genuine worship leader. He has an amazing ability to lead a group of people before God's throne in an honest, heartfelt way."
- Casey Picker, Little Rock, Arkansas

“Singing with or just listening to Tquan has helped me to experience the passion of praising our Lord.”
- Coulter Goodman, Harding University Student

“Over the past years on knowing Tquan I have looked forward to each and every opportunity to join him in worshiping our Father. Not only does Tquan bring his incredible music talents to the table, but he is also a reminder to us of what worship truly is supposed to be. Tquan doesn't just come to sing and praise, but to enter the presence of God and be changed.”
- Andrew Scharff, Chattanooga, TN

“I have had experienced the ministry of Tquan Moore in numerous settings, and am always eager for more...for myself and those I minister to. Whether it's getting him to lead worship for a church setting of hundreds, for a cozier group of dozens at a retreat setting, or for intimate sharing of his heart through his original music in my living room
with friends, the Spirit always works through Tquan because of his honesty, love, and gifts.”
- Brian Mashburn, Preaching Minister - Houston, TX

“Tquan is a passionate man of God who pours his heart and soul into his music. He is a blessing to many, many people.”
- Matt Soper, Senior Minister - West Houston Church of Christ

“I wanted to thank you again for coming to MCH and performing for us. Your music is awesome! They kids really enjoyed the performance. Good luck to you with your music career.”
- Anna Pruitt, Medina Children's Home
- Various

"Meet Tquan Moore: Music, Ministry, and Wine?"

by John G. Winder

In scouring the Cypress area for great live music I came upon the Cork Café, a wine and coffee bar. I dug into their calendar of upcoming live music performances and found Tquan Moore – a Christian music artist.

I was immediately struck by the fact that a Christian musician would be performing at a Wine Bar. It seemed strange to me because we normally see Christian musicians performing in Churches, or Church-oriented conferences or events.

Wine Bars are not the normal venue for Christian music or Christian musicians. Not that there is anything wrong with a Christian artist performing at a Wine Bar. Sorry, my Southern Baptist roots are showing, but this incongruous mix aroused my curiosity even more.

Being an intrepid reporter, I dug deeper and discovered the “Music and Ministry of Tquan Moore”. You should do yourself a favor and take the time to discover Tquan, as well.

Tquan Moore is an incredibly gifted singer and songwriter who didn’t pick up a guitar until he was in his late twenties. So, having heard his music and knowing that he, as he puts it is, “A rookie”, I am all the more amazed at his talent.

His music is moving, emotional, inspirational, and worthy of being called praise music. If you’re unfamiliar with Contemporary Christian Music, and have been less than willing to walk into a Cypress Church in order to discover Christian Music, then maybe the Cork Café is the perfect environment for you.

If you’re already a fan of Contemporary Christian Music (think KSBJ), then don’t miss Tquan Moore’s performance at the Cork Café this Thursday night, August 14 at 8:00 pm.

Tquan, who is originally from Ft. Walton Beach, Florida graduated from Harding University a small private Bible College in Arkansas. After graduating from Harding he went into Youth Ministry and spent 11 years in Youth Ministry at West Houston Church of Christ.

There was a time in his life between ministry and music when Tquan wasn’t sure what he was being called to do. He spent a 40 day period of fasting, and prayer working to discern God’s will for his life. The answer was music.

“I didn’t know the next step but knew I needed to be glorifying God with the music he gave me. I knew I could start that now,” Tquan says of his journey.

It was then that Tquan decided to strike out on his own pursuing His music through performance and recording. Tquan also started his own music label; TQ MUSIC & MINISTRY”.

His CD, “All I Need” is on the “TQ MUSIC & MINISTRY” label. Tquan describes “All I Need” as over a decade worth of his best music.

“’All I Need’, has songs that I’ve written over the last decade or so. I’ve picked the best ones out of those. That title has to sum up what the whole CD is about. We have a redone, kind of upgraded hymn, and about how down here it gets kind of hard, but we have something to look forward to with God.”

“Don’t stop Praising”, is kind of bluesy, bluegrass-like. It’s (the CD) a good mix of rock, kind of slower mellow tunes, tunes that you could use in a Church service if you wanted, and a couple of blues kind of things. This CD is very representative of my life and the issues I’ve dealt with.”

Tquan says the inspiration for much of his music comes from those issues and struggles we all face in life.

“Lately it stems around what I’m going through. What I’m going through and how I want to express it to God. How can people who’ve been close at one point, and are no longer connecting – maybe family, romantic, or friend - are just no longer connected. What does it take to make it right?”

“In the past, I’ve run into somebody who has a great story in their life and something pops out of that and I say, ‘I want to write a song about that’. Generally, it’s something that grows out of conflict in life.”

So, how did this multi-talented singer, song-writer, minister, and musician come to be performing Christian music in a Wine Bar?

“I wasn’t sure how that would work out, but I met with the owner Kaleb Kothe, and he said “Let’s try it and if it works, it works”.
Apparently it works! Kaleb Kothe, owner of Cork Café says, “He’s (Tquan) the favorite artist.”

Tquan Moore says of his performance at Cork Café, “It’s not the same as what you might hear at Church. I don’t do a lot of Church music with Halleluah’s. It doesn’t fit the venue, but I still do music that has a real good Spiritual message to it. I think that really catches them, and some people recognize some of the Christian music”.

It seems to be a mutually beneficial relationship between Cork Café and Tquan Moore. Tquan is scheduled to perform at Cork Café several times in the coming months allowing for plenty of opportunity to catch him, his guitar, and his message.

“As long as they’ll (Cork Café) let me, I’ll keep coming back. They’re great.”

Cork Café is located at 25712 Northwest Freeway, Suite C in the Kroger Shopping Center next to Newk’s. You can contact Cork Café at 281.758.1682 and online at www.corkcafe.com.
To give a listen to Tquan Moore’s music check out his website at www.tquanmoore.com - The Cypress Times

"Bear Creek musician pursues ‘what if’"

Bear Creek musician pursues ‘what if’
June 10, 2009, 1:14PM

Maria-Patricia Cortez For the Chronicle

MARIA-PATRICIA CORTEZ: FOR THE CHRONICLE CHANGE OF DIRECTION: Tquan Moore perfors at the Katy-area Dunn Bros. Coffee.


• Age: 36

• Community Connection: Bear Creek-area resident, former youth minister at West Houston Church of Christ in northwest Houston.

• Fast Fact: Moore is an independent Christian singer/songwriter

• Quick Quote: “I’m just some dude trying to make ends meet, but we’ll see what happens.” Tquan Moore

• For more information: www.tquanmoore.com

No matter what genre you prefer, there’s nothing like music to soothe the tortured, strained, worried and stressed soul.

As a singer/songwriter, northwest Houston resident Tquan Moore, 36, does his part in the Christian music genre.

He tours the state and has gone as far as California to perform at festivals and in coffeehouses. Moore recently appeared at Dunn Bros Coffee, 6825 S. Fry Road, Suite 100, in Katy.

Moore has written more than 30 songs.

“Sometimes I write about a life event,” Moore said. “Sometimes it’s just an open-ended thought that sends me down a path.

“Most of the time it’s a combination of what I’m experiencing, what I’m feeling, and conceptual ideas.”

Originally from Fort Worth, Moore was musically influenced by his mother, Mary Moore, who now lives in Florida.

“When my mom was cleaning our house she would sing along to Motown hits and things like that,” Moore said. “But probably the whole Christian music scene started when I was in high school.”

The church Moore attended in north Texas was primarily a cappella worship, which is singing without instruments.

“They had a pretty big influence on me,” Moore said.

Moore attended Harding University in Arkansas, where he studied bible and psychology. After graduating in 1995, Moore moved to Houston. Moore eventually added guitar to his musical skills, and then he worked as a youth minister at West Houston Church of Christ in northwest Houston for more than 11 years.

Moore didn’t decide to be a full-time singer/songwriter until about 18 months ago.

“I always kind of wondered about just doing music,” Moore said. “In the back of my mind there was always this ‘what if?’ I love to sing, I love to write music, so, what if?”

“What if” became “can do” after a meeting with a management company for independent artists, the Houston and Nashville-based Indie Extreme.

Next thing Moore knew, he started his own record label and launched TQ Music and Ministry.

Moore released his first CD, All I Need, in May 2008.

Moore said musicians are given a platform and should use it to do good.

“I don’t know the mystery of it, but when you have that stage, you gain attention,” Moore said. “I believe if you can use that platform to change the world for the better, then that’s what you should do.”

Moore’s satisfaction comes from witnessing the transformation of people’s lives through the power of Jesus Christ, he said.

Moore said he wouldn’t be able to do this if it wasn’t for his wife of 14 years, Leahanna Moore, whose full-time work as a nurse at Wilson Elementary School in Cy-Fair school district supplements the family income.

“I’m just some dude trying to make ends meet,” said Moore, a father of two with one on the way. “But we’ll see what happens.”
- Houston Chronicle


All I Need



Singer/songwriter Tquan (tuan) Moore, sometimes called “TQ” for short, has been writing music for over fifteen years. During 11 of those years, Tquan was a youth minister before God sent him in the direction of full-time Christian music.

TQ started performing Christian music in 2002 as a way to share with others, the music he had already shared with God. He was lead singer and acoustic guitarist for Houston-based band, ‘Beckoned’. Out of 170 entries from 35 states and eight countries, TQ, with Beckoned, was one of seven artists/bands invited to perform at a Christian music contest called ‘The Unveiling’. Shortly there after the doors were opened to pursue a career in music and complete his first CD as a solo artist.

TQ’s heart is for the transformation of people’s lives through the power of Jesus Christ. Whatever context he gets to do that in be it through music, speaking, at a retreat/conference or chatting with someone over lunch, the transformation of peoples lives is what he believes God has called him to. You can definitely hear transformation in his music.

TQ’s debut CD ‘All I Need” has a great range of styles from the inspirational rendition of the old Hymn “Here We are but Straying Pilgrims’, to the bluesy “Don’t Stop Praising” and to the rocking “Finally Headed Home” It is a CD that should appeal to a wide range of musical tastes. With the help of budding producers Jeff Armstreet and Ryan Booth and also the talents of consultants like Robbie Seay, Matt Brouwer and Daniel Pratt, a very deep and enjoyable CD has been produced.

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