Birmingham, Alabama, USA
BandHip Hop

Highly-talented, motivated individual with versitile style that meshes flawlessly on each track. Energy, Carisma, Swagger unmatched by most, that provides the total entertainment package of Dirty South Hip-Hop at its finest display.


Mutual friendships among the group members is what brought these talented individuals together. Their mutual love for music is what held them all together. First obtaining local buzz throughout their high school with freestyle mixtapes, they decided to take the industry more seriously and began pursuing a wider-scaled audience. After years of ups and downs, things for the group know as "Slaughta Fam", are slowly beginning to look up for them. In the last year Tr3y and the other members step out on their own to test the solo waters. With Tr3y leading the way, expect big things to come from the Alabama artist.


Mixtapes: Slaughta S**t Vol. 1, Slaughta S**t Vol. 2, Slaughta S**t Vol. 3, Swagg To Tha Maxxxx: Da Mixtape

Singles: Milton pt. 1 & 2, Jordan Money, Swaggin Harder, Gone On, Thanx 4 Da Motivation, We In Tha Building