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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Masterpiece of 2005"

"Emotional is the first Icelandic masterpiece of the year 2005. It's going to be stuck in my player for a very long time.”
- Five stars out of Five, DV (Iceland)
- DV (Newspaper, Iceland)

"Worth six beers, costs four beers"

"Trabant have captured the energy of their live shows, but, much better, they’ve reinvented the groove that early recordings and shows only hinted at ... this will be the release of the summer."
- Worth six beers. Costs four beers. Winner. The Reykjavík Grapevine (Iceland)

- Grapewine (Iceland)

"Pop, love, glitter, gloss and joy"

"Emotional is a melancholic pop album with great songs. A magnetic album where love, glitter, gloss and joy take over."
- Fréttablaðið (Iceland)
- Fréttablaðið (Newspaper, Iceland)

"Animal aggression to adventure"

"All the emotional scale is taken care of, from the animal aggression to the adventure and glory-sounds of Emotional Meltdown. Trabant is with out a doubt one of Iceland’s greatest bands."
- Guðný Rúnarsdóttir, Vamm (Iceland)
- Vamm (Iceland)

"World's greates band"

Gary Blackburn, at Fat Boy's Slims Southern Fried Records

"World's greatest band" - Gary Blackburn


Emotional – 2005 (LP CD)
With Emotional Trabant entered a new era, where the stage-bombs got get bigger, the crowds got wilder and the beasts will ran free. There’s no turning back; enter the world of misty love affairs; sweaty beats & free champagne…you nasty, nasty little boy.
The record was only released Iceland but Trabant toured with it through the UK with a great response.
1. Overture
2. Maria
3. Nasty Boy
4. I Love You Why?
5. Pump You Up
6. Loving me
7. Galdur
8. Emotional Meltdown
9. The One
10. Arms

Trabant á Bessastöðum (12T 002) 2004
We got a phonecall from our friend Mr. Olafur Eliasson, a great artist, who at the time was to be invited to a party to his honour at the presidential palace in Iceland. He and the first lady of Iceland, Mrs.Moussayef, asked us to play at the party and of course we said YES. So we just took our travelling studio with us, and recorded this was a REALLY nice party, by the way!!!
1. Enter Spacebar
2. Lady Elephant
3. DC Yeah
4. Ávarp

Ballet (KON01) 2002
The ballet album was written & recorded in only 2 months, or so. It was written for a real ballet show here in Iceland called "EVA3", and was only made in aprox. 20 copies. The first song on this album ended up as the opening track on our latest album "Emotional".
1. Pomp og Kringumstæður
2. Popster
3. Hlið Dögunar
4. Víbrar
5. Einhyrningur
6. Dauðinn og Riddarinn
7. Réttlætisgyðjan
8. Hænan
9. Róbó
10. Vá

Superman 7" (TMT 07) 2002
Side a: Superman (radio edit)
Side b: Superman (Thor remix)

Superman (TMT 07cds) 2002
1. Superman 7" radio edit
2. Superman (OZY Thule remix)
3. Superman (Worm is Green remix)
4. María
5. Polka DJ

Enter Spacebar Remixes (TMT 06cds) 2001
1. Original Mix
2. Q Burns abstract message mix
3. Bodenstandig 2000 Schwert und Skelett mix
4. Thor the happydude mix
5. Einóma texture mix
6. iLO rug mix
CD Bonus tracks:
7. Lady Elephant
8. Enter Spacebar Enter Stereo mix

Moment of Truth – 2001 (LP CD)
1. Enter Spacebar
2. Org Org
3. Moment Of Truth
4. Pre-Pop-Loop
5. Bluesbraker
6. old Elgar
7. Bahama Banana
8. Traktor Intro
9. Lady Elephant
10. Hi-Tec Hurricane
11. Retard Part 1
12. Retart Part 2
13. Himnalalala
14. Happy Sunny Song
15. Superman

Enter Spacebar 12" vinyl (TMTP 06) 2001
Side a: Enter Spacebar
Side b: Lady Elephant



Trabant is sexy electronic music, a punky flavor of R&B and pop. It is music made for sweat, neon lights and a world gone wrong. Trabant released their critically acclaimed debut "Moment of Truth" in 2001, giving us a glimpse into the future. Then moving away from its studio-based focus, Trabant has since developed a pompous live attitude. An electronic five piece group playing for their lives, taking it to "eleven" - musically and morally. But first and furthermost Trabant strives to make honest pop music for the people.
Trabant's five members come from very different backgrounds in the Reykjavik scene: One rap producer with the sailors blood pumping; a death metal guru, a champion turntableist; a rockabilly preachers son and an over the top performance artist.
Together, all these influences explode in the mighty Trabant.
With their new album “Emotional”, Trabant will enter an era, where the stage-bombs will get bigger, the crowds will get wilder and the beasts will run free. There’s no turning back; enter the world of misty love affairs; sweaty beats & free champagne…you nasty, nasty little boy

Highly energetic live performances with their reputation proceeding them has lead to somewhat of an excitable following of this Icelandic 5 piece and things are just about to get going.

The small, isolated country of Iceland still remains one of the top favourites when it comes to the production of spunky and innovative rock and kandy coloured, avant-garde pop music. This baby faced volcanic Island sits below the Artic Circle and is as much of an unexplainable beauty as is the band that is native to it.

Trabant can only be explained as a rare treat of loveliness with goodness oozing from every electronic synth and sound that they produce. The boys are extremely more-ish with their quirky and inventive music and their intriguing charm verges on what can only be described as addictive!