Trace of Doubt

Trace of Doubt


Trace of Doubt is a punk rock band from Montreal.

The goal is simple: have a good time and make shows the biggest party as possible and beyond...

If you are looking for a professionnal and respectfull band for a gig, Trace of Doubt is the band!!!


Trace of Doubt was found in 2007, since then the band have played a lot of gigs aroud the province of Quebec.

Venue like: club soda (Montreal), studio juste pour rire (Montreal), Bourbon street club (sainte-Adèle).

Experience live and in the studio, Trace of Doubt is ready for the road!!!


Hide in the Bushes: ep, 6 songs, 2008

Trace of Doubt: ep, 4 songs, 2011

Set List

We can play as an opening band: 20 min and more

We also play headline shows: 1h30