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"CD REVIEW: Tracey Amos - "Who Are We Really?""

By Gian Fiero - 02/23/06 - 10:59 PM EST

Sounds Like ?
Technical Grade: 10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10
Commercial Value: 9
Overall Talent Level: 9
Songwriting Skills: 9
Performance Skill: 10
Best Songs: Shoreline, Innocent, Sleeping With Addiction, Definition Of Love, And Life In The City
Weakness: None
CD Review: Tracey Amos (who is in no way related to, or should be compared with Tory Amos) is a San Francisco Bay Area singer/songwriter/performer via Los Angeles. With production and songwriting collaboration by one of the most over achieving and under utilized producers in the business, Xavier Dphrepaulezz, and a posse of top-notch musicians, her project is the early frontrunner for my 2006 Muse's Muse Award.

Xavier's penchant for creating Prince influenced production beams through on the song "Life In The City," which is reminiscent of the Purple One's "Money Don't Matter Tonight" and features Xavier's vocals, which conjure up visions of Russian Patterson. It's a smooth track with accessible content that could work well on AA radio or as a theme song to a TV show. The track captures the versatility and softer (i.e. Pop) side of Tracey's voice. The two talents blended together are like coffee and cream, but make no mistake about it; this is Tracey's show.

Unlike other female artist/male producer combos in which the female artist is a mere puppet, Tracey pulls her own strings and marches to the beat of her own drummer, showcasing superlative songwriting talent and a strong commercial brand identity in the process. Her signature song, "Shortline" is guaranteed to find a home in heavy rotation and light up radio switchboards every time it is played. It's a Rock track that rolls; starting soft, incorporating some Gwen Stefani Soda nuances that come out of no where, builds to an amazing climax and ends with strong punctuation. It gives music lovers the kind of contrasting elements and invigorating stimulation that records used to contain in the 70s - plus lyrical content they can chew on every time they listen to it.

Other stand out tracks on this CD (which needs to be purchased and enjoyed in its entirety) are the opening track, "Sleeping With Addiction"; Tracey's lone ballad and title song "Who Are We Really," which recalls "Free," the earlier work of Prince on 1999; the grunge inspired "Tear It Down"; the sassy 50 Cent flavored "Cadillac"; and the radio crafted hit "Definition Of Love."

So if the question is Who are We Really? The answer is a crew that is destined for major success.

Advice: Get your management team together. They are going to be very busy supporting the demand for your music and talent.

"Interview for Tracey Amos"

Tracey Amos a mixture of soul, funk, spirit and head bangin’ rock…She blames it on being one of the only mixed families in the little town she grew up in and her dad’s vinyl collection. She wants to touch the world, well not just touch it but shake it up a bit blur the lines and undefine the genres that are now so instilled in American music culture.

KJ: Do you remember the first time you wanted to sing and when you wrote your first song?

Tracey: Yes I was young and walking down the street. I ran across two rabbits playing in a yard, one of the bunnies was white and one was brown. The song was about people getting along regardless of color.

KJ: Who are some of the artists that you've written for?

Tracey: Recently I've written with Speech of Arrested Development. We were on tour and the song is coming out on their new album. I've also written with, house music greats like David Morales, and Juan Atkins. The most major writer is David Frank...It is always a great honor to work with an artist or a great writer on creating a song that conveys a vision and an energy that communicates what they are feeling. The artists I am working with now are into pop, rock and soul.

KJ: Describe your musical experience growing up outside of Philly and how it has influenced your sound today. Did it help you create your unique sound?

Tracey: Most definitely, but the thing that mostly influenced my style being in that region was the exposure to the different styles of music. In one household the only music ever played would be straight R&B and then in the other household I would hear nothing but straight rock-n-roll and when I visit with my uncle I was turned onto jazz so growing up being exposed to all the different genres of music impacted me most because it allowed me to hear a wide range of genres and has provided me with endless possibilities of how to write a song which is how I came to creating my own unique sound that you hear today.

KJ: You think because you’re sound is so unique that people find it hard to label your sound?

Tracey: Yes, because my style isn’t just R&B, Punk, Rock or Jazz but a blend of several genres and people always want to place me into a box. Even though I’m independent artist and you think that I don’t have to deal with the category issue, it’s there. When no one knows what to do with your music the first thing people want to do is define your style so that it appeals to whom they think should be buying your music and so they try and shove you into this neat little category exactly as we do with race, religion social and economics. My opinion is that music is universal and categories diminish its gifts and expression.

KJ: PopThat has found very talented unsigned and independent artists on my space and found that these artists are gaining exposure through the popular site. Would you say that is a great networking and marketing tool to expose your music to the general public?

Tracey: It’s real crazy because I didn’t want to get on at first, I had no idea of the power of my space, but when I got on and started networking and meeting other indie artists, and magazines and radio stations I understood the power of community that has been created., It is a great gift for the indie movement,. I even see it now as a great network for non-profits and beyond.

KJ: Speaking of my space, I read that you once toured with Guns-N-Roses. What was it like being on the road with such a legendary group?

Tracey: Yeah, I toured with Guns-N-Roses as one of their background singers and the experience was well an adventure! The feeling of a sea of people jumping up and down and screaming and parting hard while you’re up on the stage with the band that they love is just an amazing experinece. You could just see the power coming from the band coming from their full conviction and inspiration every time and it created this unexplainable adrenaline and energy that made the experience of touring with them an immense once in a life time blessing.

KJ: Did touring with G-N-R expose you to your first large audience?

Tracey: Wimbley! The largest stadiums they rocked them so yeah the biggest I have ever experienced… There were times where the girls would be flipping us off because we were on stage with the band or the guys would want to sleep with the background singers and have huge posters… it was crazy, I loved it! (laughs)

KJ: You’re debut album “Who Are we Really?” has been out for awhile now, what has the response been like?

Tracey: The album has actually been out a year already and the response has been great. People whether it’s their style or not like the album, which is awesome.

PopThat: Let’s discuss the tracks. Did you draw from personal experience when writing your songs for the album?

Tracey: Yes. (laughs) There were a few like Cadillac and Shortline that were written about things in my life that happened a long time ago but most of the song are ab - Pop That Magazine

"Primer Beso Interview on Life, Love + Music"


1]. ?When you use the term diversity in regards to
your environment while you were growing up, what do
you mean? The lack of diversity experienced often in a
culture is in perceptions ideals and values. In a
small town especially! It was beautiful in ways
because my family was one of the few racially mixed
families so people would sometimes try to reach out
and embrace something new and different but the peer
pressure would pull them back in to conforming to a
very segregated way of looking at people and life. I
find the same in my music people don¡¯t understand why
I rock out ;-)

2]. ?You came to my space November 1, 2004 what kind
of response do you feel that you have received here?
And do you manage ur own page, posting and messaging
etc? It took a while for me to figure out and embrace
myspace the cyber relationship thing evaded me for a
while but I warmed up and understood we are all peeps
trying to connect, the truth is I only started
focusing and working on my page a couple of months

3]. ?On your bios you refer to touring with bands like
Guns & Roses What are some of the distinct differences
that you notice between major and indie label bands,
people, music and the biz of it all in general? Biz is
what you make it just like anything and people are who
they are the biggest and most obvious difference
between the majors and indies is money and thus
exposure that affects individuals and situations but
really to me it¡¯s either the music biz or music plus
business and no matter how you slice it, it is up to
the individual to do it thier way.

4]. ?What is your take on fame and fortune and rock
star icons? ?????

5]. ?What is the hardest learned lesson that you have
overcome in your life? To truly let it flow and trust
my instincts.

6]. ?You got to grow up listening and dancing to
Motown on the east coast outside of Philadelphia and
your band covered ¡°Stevie Nicks, Bad Company, Queen,
Heart, The Beatles of course and a lot of Zeppelin¡±
That¡¯s a wide range of versatility vocally and
musically do you attribute that to your mom and dad
and how close are you with your siblings and parents
today? I am very close with my family they have
believed in me and supported me even when they didn¡¯t
get what I was doing they are my rock. I attribute a
lot of who I am to them. Musically mom played piano
and wrote songs and we always sang in harmony on road
trips. Dad had the LP collection and we just heard
great stuff all the time way more than the radio.

7]. ?What has been your most difficult battle and
uphill climb in the pursuit of your dreams? I was
offered 3 record deals at the same time based on my
songwriting. Production business decision that were
not mine messed everything up. I have yet to fully
recover but I am almost there...I¡¯m already working
on my next album ;-)

8]. ?Besides music what other art mediums do you enjoy
expressing yourself through? Painting, writing?
Dancing! Yoga, meditation some painting and drawing I
appreciate all forms of art and I love experiencing
them all

9]. ?Do you use drugs? Yes or no? How do you feel
about drugs? No an occasional drink only, I have tried
some. My take is it is a dangerous habit to have you
may have an addictive personality and not even know
it...just one time can lead to addiction I have seen
it happen...And I have seen drugs destroy lives and
families, careers and spirits even pot and alcohol,
can lead to a lot of money and time dedicated to being
in an altered state...I think altered states can serve
a purpose but you have to know what you are doing
being real truly is the best I have been my highest
being totally in the present and being clear and aware
and filled with joy and peace.

10]. ?If there were two things that you could say to
today¡¯s youth what would it be? One-do you, the real
you and take the time to find out who that is. Two-you
have one life do it bigg, think bigg, think team,
think world community. Think, dream, work and play

11]. ?Love and music led you to and kept you in Las
Angeles. Have you had any second thoughts about moving
there? I have a love / hate relationship with L.A.
being from the east coast I like it real and served up
straight I don¡¯t really like the "pc" polite approach
I would rather you hurt my feelings than to waste my
time and I would rather do you that same
courtesy...but at the same time, there are amazing
people here and the land and weather wow! so I have
got the swing of the L.A. thing now..

12]. ?What kinda contribution politically do you make
or direct your efforts towards? I have worked with
imprisoned youth... and other similar causes...I have
focused mostly on children in my giving....they are so
open and perceptive and true I am presently starting
an organization called OPOL. I am in the process of
getting the paper work done, web site etc. Look out
for it. -

"Record Breakin"

Tracey Amos’ debut shows song writing depth as well as strong vocal performance and style. Coming up on the east coast in a supportive enviroment she started singing and playing piano at a young age and went on to work with artists such as Chaka Khan and Lenny Kravitz. Her diversity and range are captured well within the production and a new yet retro sound is the result. I expect a lot from this new artist in the future.


"Positively Consious"

Show opener Tracey Amos is a rock diva that names the Rolling Stones, Bad Company, Stevie Nicks and Led Zeppelin as her favorite and most influential bands. Her sound is loud and heavy on the electric guitar and will be an interesting deviation from the typical hip-hop opening acts: DJs. She studied music at the Berklee School of Music in Boston and it was there she says she discovered jazz. Consequently, her brand of rock ‘n’ roll sounds more like Prince than Bob Dylan. She has toured with hard rockers like Guns N’ Roses, but only released her debut album, Who Are We Really? this year.


"Lp: Who Are We Really?"

Lyrics: 4.4

Honestly Every Song is Very Soulful Show case alot of thought and different emotions. I mean I have to say I was extrememly shocked. for a New artist to come across so well with the words is extremely profound.

Beats: 4.3

The Production is Dope. Good midtempo Songs. Has alot of different elements in them from Funk to Rock. I wanted to hear more darker beats but hey For an Lp with the emotion and soul put into it, it's excellent something to get the crowd Jumping and something just to cruise to and zone out to in the whip..can't beat that.

CD Package: 4.3~

Basic but very dope!

To have all your friends in your lp cover when ya'll was kids shows that. you still roll with the same people that helped make you and grew you up. one of the best ways to show love too. reminded me of the QueensBridge Lp and Nas had all of them in there childhood forms in old photo's. that's just real Fly and Genuine! Simple and sweet. I wanted to see one or Two more pic's of the very sexy lady.

Overall Review: 4.3

I have heard alot of New Artist Music off of this music machine.

She is the only one so far that actually has talent depth and variety. Honestly and I mean this with no bullshit. she has the ability to become a got damn female jimi hendrix. I got the cd in my cd player spining and I have had the cd for 3 weeks and listened to every song like a maniac. I love it it is Dope as Hell. Plus it has got some Meaning to it. and that's what's missing from alot of music. I said that to Say this

If you like Rock/ Funk or if you just like good music.

I put this up next to evanessence any day of the week. She's On to something and it's HOT. Be on the look out. Tracy Amos is in the Galaxy people!
- By: Davinci for

"Her Inspiration"

Her Inspiration
By: Simóne Banks

"..Music is without boundaries to me, and the definitions of it tend to detract from the expression more and more." Spoken from the lips of a true revolutionary; Tracey Amos is the new voice of reason, the reason of who we really are.

Her debut album, "Who Are We Really?", answers the many questions about life, love and why we do the things we do; to ourselves and the ones we love. With establishing roots in L.A. by way of Philly, Amos breaks the barrier of music with an album that transcends through any genre or classification. Sensitive and inviting, one could only imagine what it would be like to sit across from this beauty and inquire why such songs like; Sleeping with Addiction is one of her favorites. "That is a heavy song for me, one of my favorites to perform. It is very personal as it is about the most pivotal relationship in my life; but it is also more than that. I like to make my lyrics open to interpretation because we all share the same experience in different forms."

Her inspiration is life; the everyday, the known and unknown, the experiences from interactions that cause joy, pain, happiness and fear. Respectfully, this is why her album is titled Who Are We Really. "I've wanted to know ever since I was little why we are alive? What are we doing here, and what really is the point? I have my perspective but I want to know where others are coming from."

Her musical roots began in a small east coast town, where she states was part hippie. Born to conservative parents that encouraged her and her sisters to sing and dance, she began to experiment with song writing and later formed a rock band, The Cherry Project with friends in junior high. When asked what attracted her to rock and roll then and if it is the same for her now, she expresses that it is the honesty of the pain and passion of letting out all the angst minus the candy coating. Her expectation of realness through music stems from her discovery of jazz music. She explains that jazz music opened her eyes in understanding that music is universal. "Songs usually come to me when I am driving or showering or playing etc., so I try to stay in the zone and get all the goodies while I am flowing. Also break-ups and hard times bring out a lot, though, I try not to do that too much, but I get great songs then as well."

Her sincerity is displayed through her lyrics with songs like Definition of Love, and Standing but overall you feel her passion and energy in songs such as Prepare to Die and Tear it Down. Tracey Amos, the mere definition of passion, struggle, and success.

Check out Tracey Amos at or to hear tracks or to purchase music. -

"Yamme interview"

Yamme interview

"Rising Star Tracey Amos is a unique and intricate blending of rare talent and beauty. Captivated by her love of music and influenced the great sounds of Motown's R&B and the wicked guitar licks of classic rock and roll; Tracey created an infusion of timeless music thats truthful and thought provoking. Her debut album Who Are We Really? is an impressive montage of musical genius that truly captures the very essence of this beautiful musical butterfly looking to live, love and share her socially conscious music with the world." Kesha Jenkins /

YJM: You have been described as 'one of the hottest female Independent singers in America' and that you have 'set new standards in the local music industry'. What do you say about this?

TA: Big smile, what more could I ask for? It is an honor to touch people... let alone get such kind recognition. I am wondering where did you get that quote? Big smile

YJM: Where do you get the inspiration for your work?

TA: From life experiences, frustrations, love etc… Just being is an inspiration.

YJM: What else do you do besides singing?

TA: I love the outdoors and yoga. I also enjoy meditation and reading, preferably about what’s really going on.

YJM: Do you ever face anything that could be termed high and low points in your career?

TA: Yes of course, I think all of us do. it is hard work being an artist, let alone an indie artist…but it’s worth it in the end.

YJM: If you were to choose, would you like to be a Singer, actress or musician?

TA: All of the above.

YJM: When did you start and what drew you to singing?

TA: I started writing and singing (and dancing) as a child. Maybe it was my family being musical. All I know is that it has always been a part of me.

YJM: You fuse Rock, Soul and funk in your music producing what critics term as new standards in the music industry. What do you call that fusion and why do you do that?

TA: I have tried to come up with names for it but, it’s really a blend of old school and me…I love old funk and soul...I love jazz and blues, rock…and all music really…so I do what comes naturally and I purposefully put these types of cuts on my albums because it expresses the all the different parts of me.

YJM: Now you sing and play piano and what other talents might be waiting to be unveiled?

TA: Writing and playing bass are my both my loves that I am nurturing. I am growing, and…I think there is always something waiting to be unveiled and I look forward to the adventure.

YJM: What are you talking about in your album, Who are we really?

TA: Who are We Really is an exploration of pain and optimism…it was written primarily during one of the hardest times in my life when I was really examining my beliefs and comparing them to what I was experiencing.

YJM: Some people have long observed that you are progressively upstaging many of your peers. What is your reaction to that?

TA: I do what I do, that’s all…and I just try make it hotter and hotter!

YJM: As you hold the publishing rights to all your works, do you encounter the problem of piracy?

TA: Yes, Probably but at this stage I just want the folks to know I am out here.

YJM: Which artist's would you like to collaborate with?

TA: Nina Cherry, Lenny Kravitz, Roy Hargrove, and Bilal are a few.

YJM: Apart from the USA, where else have you performed?

TA: I have performed in Australia the UK, Japan, Indonesia and Mexico

YJM: And what experiences do you bring back to the USA from such tours?

TA: I love traveling! There is nothing better than seeing how diverse but similar we all are. I love to check out the creation of earth and great works of art we as humanity have accomplished.

YJM: Whilst not performing, what else do you do? What is the other side of Tracey Amos that the world is not aware of?

TA: I am a homebody I love to cook, make a fire, play, I also love being in nature…;-) you know... just being.

YJM: How is your family or society taking you?

TA: Some people get me and some people don’t …I don’t usually worry about who or how but sometimes it hurts when people you love don’t get you and try to bring you down…but that’s just life right?

YJM: Yes that’s right!

YJM: Would you mind telling us something about your background?

TA: I came from an average family in a small east coast American town...the only thing that set us apart was our mixed heritage (it was rare where we lived) and our parents strong sense of values.

YJM: Are there any difficulties you face that are associated with your kind of life?

TA: Yes, many but over all how can you beat singing, writing and playing for a living?

YJM: What are your plans for 2007?

TA: To release a live album and start recording a new album, for release in 2008

YJM: Can I just say your live work is fantastic.

YJM: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

TA: Releasing more records with a great fan base around the world… -

"Words, words .. I love words...:"

Words, words .. I love words...:

Fun words.

Words of romance.

Words defying injustice

Words of passion

Words of praise.

I love words ..

Storytellers and songwriters are just so much fun,

'cuz I dig how they do what they do..they do it with words

This week's artist writes with Joy, Passion and Romance.

Her words inspire, uplift and make me smile.

She is twisted, funny , and real.

Artist of the Week TRACEY AMOS

Check her out listen to the words….


Stop and remember..


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"Humming Bird"

Tracey Amos grew up in a small town outside of America's heart of invention Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her childhood was filled with diversity, inspiration, music, verse, and most important love. Her parents planted the first seeds that would become a fruit baring garden and cornucopia of brilliant raw talent. Tracey has cultivated tempos and progressions and fused together sounds that will ignite you and compel you! She is to the soul what water is to earth, woman, man and child, she is sustenance. Tracey performs her art without any rigging or clutter she uses no trickery or sorcery. But like a true illusionist in the blink of an eye she will transcend you from the mundane world of music that has became as stagnate water in a poisoned well to an uncharted island where you will drink from her chalice and taste once more sterling visions of long lost onyx dreams come true.

Tracey’s CD titled “Who Are We Really” removes the blinders and takes us on a pathway that reveals one of the vital aspects and crucial elements in the mix of really knowing who you are. Which is, never forget where you came from and what it took to get from there to here. That includes being mindful with a heartfelt sentiment, reverence and appreciation of those whose lives and support made the difference from one step to the next on your journey.

Tracey has reached her five points and she has arrived without need of signs of her antirust or crossing guard. Her position is clear and unpretentious. Without hesitation she comes through by way of the pass that narrows and it is her turn to traverse. There are only a few from all walks of life there and as it should be they humbly bow and amiably acknowlede that she has the right of way. To the benefit of anyone who will receive her because Tracey is a true artist who radiates beauty and kindness. She is gracious and giving and it reflects not only through her brilliant lyrics and moving music but in the choices that she makes regarding her personal and professional life, her hopes, dreams and artisan form.

Prey In The Night written by Tracey is featured in the a new Indie film drama, Hand In Hand along with, My last Mistake, Jacob Elliot & The Black heart Brigade & Ralph Williams. Produced by Jade Green Productions in association with Mercurio Morini Films. -


"Who are We Really" 12 song LP
"Cadillac" single featuring Angelo of Fishbone
"Cadillac" and singles "Alive", "Sleeping with Addiction", and "Who are We Really" recieve the most airplay on line and on stations in Germany and the US.



Born in a small city outside of Philly, I grew up seeing many parks but very little diversity. I knew the first time I visited NY, that one day I would live there... And I did. I moved to NY with my training in recording and piano and my love for sound. My objective: To create my own sound and have a voice in this world. Growing up, my parents loved to dance and perform with me and my sisters to Motown. That inspired me to try my hand at writing songs as a young girl. In junior high, I played in my first rock and roll band. That's when it became a part of me: Rock and Roll... the feeling. We played covers of our favorite artists Stevie Nicks, Sly, The Beatles of course and a lot of Zeppelin. With these influences running through my fingers, spirit and throat, I discovered jazz in Boston at The Berklee College of Music... I was changed forever. I developed the understanding that music is universal... the colors and vibrations it captures and creates. I grew. I faced love as a young woman in the city, cultivated friendships, felt pain and hardship. I learned about the world by touring with groups throughout the US, Europe and Asia. Then love and opportunity brought me to LA, which is where I have made my debut album. And with my life savings and all of my heart, soul, tears and convictions, I am bringing it to the world... starting here... EVERY ARTIST WANTS TO TOUCH THE WORLD.................. RIGHT NOW, I JUST WANT TO TOUCH YOU.