Tracey James

Tracey James


Powerful vocals, sassy presence and winning smile make her one of the hottest Canadian Recording Artists in music today. Ahead of her time, Tracey has earned the respect and the right to grace any stage.


Originally from Nova Scotia and now calling Medicine Hat, Alberta, home, Tracey has kept herself busy in the Canadian Country music scene! She has performed at some of Canada's major country fairs and festivals and also headlined for the Buckle Awards at The National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.

Her "Dreaming Out Loud” CD spawned 4 radio singles and has 4 CMT videos in rotation, and she has also been nominated for 2004 Independent Female Vocalist of the Year.

Currently writing tracks for her next CD, Tracey’s musical evolution will astound those that crave, not only great music, but soul touching, sultry vocals, and this year’s tour schedule will allow all music fanatics the opportunity to experience some of Tracey James’ greatest performances.


One Mississippi

Written By: Steve Fox / Kim Parent

Hey cowboy, where you been?
Running all night with your rowdy friends
Huntin' down the buffalo
Winning first prize at a rodeo

Hidee hidee hi
Let me help you think of a believable lie
Hidee hidee hay
If you like games we're gonna play


One Mississippi I'll count to three
Two Mississippi cause you lie to me
And sold me down the river for the price of a song
When I open my eyes, you better be gone

Monkey see, monkey do
I can lie just as good as you
I think we'll get over this
What's the harm in a strangers kiss

Hidee hidee hi
If you gotta say something just say goodbye
Hidee hidee ho
On your horse and away you go


One Mississippi, two Mississippi
When I open my eyes, you better be gone

Seemed Like Yesterday

Written By: Lisa Brokop / Cyril Rawson / Ron Harbin

Woke up this morning I was thinkin' bout you
Wondering was it a dream or was it dejavu?
I was flipping through the pages at the magazine rack
When I saw it was you checking out a six pack

My first thought was that you hadn't changed
But my second thought was I always liked you that way
I still can't believe you used that same old line
Or that it was me, that said your car or mine


Seemed like yesterday we were riding around
All we needed was a road that'd get us outta town
I know what I felt back then and I think I felt it again
When you kissed me last night
It seemed like yesterday

If you would have asked me 24 hours ago
If this could happen again I would've definitely said no
But the years disappeared and time was erased
When I saw that little boy grin on your face


And thought the grass had grown up
We found the place where we first made love
Where we spread that blanket on the ground

It seemed like yesterday

I know what I felt back then and I think I felt it again
When you kissed me last night


Seemed like yesterday
Seemed like yesterday


Written By: Steve Fox / Adam Wheeler

There's a mother in the middle of nowhere
Cleaning rooms in a roadside motel
Tryin' to put her litle girl through college
So she won't wind up cleaning rooms like she does

Skip to 10 years later
And that little girl's a teacher
She's got 32 twelfth graders
Believing in themselves and it's all because

Of that mother in the middle of nowhere
None of them will ever know
A stranger changed their lives
And it just goes to show

We're all connected
We're all , we're all ... connected

There's a fire in the middle of nowhere
Getting bigger and closer to somewhere
But it's just another image on TV
To a guy two thousand miles away from there

His next door neighbor's packing his suitcase
He was going to take a little vacation
And he never has been a fireman
But now he's headed west to volunteer

Cause maybe he can make a difference
In this great big family
No matter what the distance
He's always believed


Connected to each other in one way or another
Everything we do is connected

We're pieces of a puzzle, bricks in a wall
Whatever happens to one of us
Happens to us all


What we do right now, affects someone somehow
Somewhere down the line we're connected


4 Singles including Videos to Canadian Country Radio from the CD - Dreaming Out Loud:

- One Mississippi
- Seemed Like Yesterday
- Connected
- You're The Reason Why

Her single "She Held On" was co-written and performed by Tracey James in support of MADD Canada

More On the Way!!

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