Tracey Piergross

Tracey Piergross


Was that the radio or was that Tracey singing? ... Listening to her live will leave you in awe - everywhere she performs people rave over the beautiful, warm, vocals that seem to good to be LIVE , but they are!


Influenced by just about everything she ever listened to.... Tracey has a collection of originals that sound like a cross between Annie Lennox & Sade meets Sheryl Crow & Macy Gray. Her newer originals sounding more jazz influenced but always poppy. Her collection of covers spands the broad spectrum of Top 40 including styles like R & B, pop/rock and standards.


Listening To My Heart

Written By: Tracey Piergross

When I first saw you, there was something in your smile that went right through to me

And this feeling that I get, it's not letting go just yet.
I want you and I want to
So let's freze it all in time until it comes true

I'm listening to my heart again
And I can hear you, yes I can hear you... calling.

When you, first laid eyes on me
I saw that dance inside of you dancing with me

And this feeling that I get
It's not letting go just yet
I want you, I want to
So let's freeze it all in time
Until it comes true.

I'm listening to my heart again
And I can hear you, I can hear you,


Original Music

"Tracey" CD (2003)
"BareBones" - acoustic CD (2001)
"Bedroom Demos" - pop-dance/rock (2002)
"She Dances" - 1990's Dance Music (1990)

Set List

20 originals songs by Tracey
20 pop/r&b/light-rock/jazz standard cover songs

Performance length - 1 1/2 - 2 hours(up to 3 sets)