Tracey Saxby

Tracey Saxby


Organic. Acoustic. Rock. "an earthy voice goddess" The Nelson Express


Yeah, she's still got a little sand in her hair and she's barefoot whenever possible, but this isn't stereotypical folk. Sure, it's acoustic. After that, it almost defies description.

"Saxby's sound is difficult to categorise and simply can't be lumped into any old box." Ben Preece (Time Off , Australia)

Everyone seems to hear something a little different. For some, it recalls the coffeehouses of the sixties. Others hear roots, funk, soul, and blues. Others detect a “distinct element of rock.” Ben Preece (Time Off)

Her lyrics are subtly textured with layer upon layer of different meanings. And you can dig as deep as you want.

As for her voice... it's a voice that will make you shiver. It's a voice that has stopped people in their tracks. It's a voice that can make your day a little brighter.

" stopped me in my tracks the other day..." Simon Backhouse (DJ Dynasty, Australia)

In less than a year, Tracey has captivated audiences on both sides of the equator. Starting with a weekly residency at Grind in Rossland, she also organized several sold out shows aimed to showcase local talented artists.

"Saw you play last night at the Railway. Beautiful. You're captivating. I'm a fan." Jeremy, Fan (Vancouver, BC Canada)

Her debut album—Barefoot Acoustic—has received extensive radio support across Canada and the USA and is being featured on podcasts worldwide. Tracey wanted the CD to be reminiscent of the bonfires on the beach where she honed her craft. The result is a delicious blend of organic acoustic rock inspired by the beaches of Australia and the mountains of British Columbia.

" of the most refreshing Singer/ Songwriters I have heard in a long time." Colin Shannon (President, Creative Radio)

Over the summer, she toured extensively across western Canada, played supporting shows for Andrea Revel, Lena, Ben Sigston, Lotus, and Po'Girl, and performed live on several radio stations.

In the rainy fall of the northern hemisphere, she travelled to Australia, playing shows for the first time to a home crowd in Brisbane, opening for Grand Atlantic, and finding inspiration for her next CD in the wilds of Tasmania.

Just a girl and her guitar...


Life is Beautiful

Written By: Tracey Saxby

I´m so happy, now it´s raining down
Love the feel of the mud on the ground
And ´tween my toes

I´m so happy dancing in the rain
Splashing naked in this puddle without shame

´Cause I´m me, and you are you
Life is free and beautiful

Tussles and mudfights make me smile
Skinny dip in the river, then warm up by the fire
Take it slow

´Cause I´m me, and you are you
Life is free and beautiful

Better Now

Written By: Tracey Saxby

Sometimes, I can't get away from you
Sometimes, all I wanna do is escape from you

But you make me so crazy
It's all bottled up inside
And you send me up the twist and round the bend
Makes me wanna run and hide from you, and

Let it out, get it out
Let me release
There there, it's all better now

Don't try, to tell me all about your strife
Cause I'm, tuning out just to get me by

Pre-chorus & Chorus

Chemical Lies

Written By: Tracey Saxby

Take a shot
Look around you
Look at what you've got
And what've you got to lose?

Take a chance
Shake off inertia
Snap out of that trance
And don't look so confused
Go blow a fuse

I'm gonna take you for a ride
Strap yourself in for the otherside
Hope you can swim, it's a rising tide of

Three-eyed, deep fried
Oversupplied lies

Pick a pie
It crawls out the box
And sings a haunting lullaby
Of what is lost

Pick apart
How the seeds were sown
By another money chart
The fields are overgrown
With just another clone
Who will atone?


Three-eyed, deep fried
Synthesized suicide
Fluoro-dyed, supersized
Oversupplied lies


Tracey's debut CD, Barefoot Acoustic, was released in July 2006.

Track Listing:
1. Chemical Lies
2. Better Now
3. Life is Beautiful
4. Miss Me Too
5. The Beach
6. Love & Hate
7. Truth
8. Orange Epiphany
9. Snow Goddess
10. Better Now (remix)

tracey saxby: vocals/acoustic guitar
oliver sea: drums/bass/electric guitar
elizabeth patterson: piano
dean herdman: djembe

produced by: tracey saxby
mixed & engineered by: oliver sea
recorded at seaside studios, vancouver, 2006
design & artwork by tracey saxby

all songs written by tracey saxby
all songs © tracey saxby (SOCAN/ASCAP)

Set List

As an opener, a 40-50 minute set consisting of originals.

As the headliner, Tracey will play two 40-50 minute sets consisting of originals and a few select covers.

Typical covers include Radiohead, Morcheeba, Po' Girl, Tori Amos, Portishead, Ben Harper, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Pearl Jam, with a little twist.