Traceys Mend

Traceys Mend


We are a band that puts 110% on every album and every Event we do. We are Traceys mend and our music can relate to any Kind of event and Situation.


Tracey’s Mend! Not just another band from the RGV. Why? Well, the plan is simple. Ride the ride until the wheels fall off. When the wheels fall off get a brand new set and ride them down as well. That’s the idea that was sold to the two piece band when they formed in the Summer 1998 under the indie label Taurgon Records. What started out as an acoustic band has grown to a four piece electric rock and roll band. They have opened up for Skid Row, Silver Tide and believe it or not Paul Wall. As the years went by Tracey hired and fired many members. They finally decided they got the chemistry right and kept Joel “Fatbeats” Lozano, who plays drums and is influenced by John Bonham, Nick Mason, Roger Taylor and Buddy Rich. Steven Saldana, who plays bass and is influenced by John Paul Jones, Noel Redding, Bob Daisley and the late Cliff Burton. Alvado Villanueva, who plays lead and rhythm guitar and is influenced by Vivian Camble, Randy Rhodes and Adrain Smith. Mendiola who tries to sing is influenced by Adam Durits, David Gahan, Peter Gabriel, Brian Ferry, and the late great Freddy Mercury. They have recorded an E. P. with Taurgon Records, which was released in the Summer of 2007. They will be releasing their debut album “Blue Above The Wire” in the Summer of 2008. So, as sure as wheels turn and wheels blow out, Tracey remains.



Written By: Tracey's Mend- Isaac Mendiola

What does it matter?
No one is here to blame
Broken glass will cut me
But you'll bleed the same
What difference does it make?
We're made up of colors
Family trees
Grow autumn leaves
My sister and brothers

You don't have to be a hardliner
You don't have to see this one out
You don't have to be a hardliner
And you don't have to see this one out.

Love is a weary soldier
With beauty beneath her skin
Always looking to look for
What we hide within
And peace is a lonely word
Watching you smoke your cigar
Ignorance only listens in it's jaguar

Repeat Chorus----->

Last Sunday

Written By: Tracey's Mend- Isaac Mendiola

Last Sunday
Drunk on holy wine
Pleading with endless pleases
And I hope love is doing fine
I need a ticket home
I need a strong Friend
I need to really try
Not to break before you bend

Last Sunday
And a lack of sleep
Love is Burning bridges
On Promises you dont keep
Las Sunday
But no one is home
When your lies become your truth
Then you know you're all alone

Last Sunday
So what's it going to be?
Are you still going to try
To bring out the best in me?
I need a telephone
I need to pretend
I need to really try
Not to break before you bend

Repeat Chorus ----->


A Soul Without A Summer- EP Fall of 2005
Last Sunday - Single Fall 2006
Blue Above The Wire- LP Spring 2008
Harlem To Memphis- Single aired (Q94.5 The Rock)
Taurgon Records-Idie

Set List

Song list without covers

1. Soulless Days
2. Narrow
3. Accused
4. Last Sunday
5. Day Dreaming
6. Harlem to Memphis
7. Don't You Know
8. Sleeves
9. Do You Remember Me
10. Hardliner

Song List with covers

1. L.A. Woman-The Doors
2. Soulless Days
3. Under
4. Fading and Finally Gone
5. Over the Hills and Far Away-Led Zep
6. All Saved but One
7. Somewhere Between Here and There
8. Slow Dancer
9. Come Together-The Beatles
10. Sympathy Runs Dry