Tracie Callahan

Tracie Callahan


In every story, and in every life there are moments of crystalized decision. These moments can change the course, or even the nature of the person involved. Each of Tracie's songs highlights such a moment, bringing it to life with vivid detail.


Born in Massachusetts and raised in Maine, Tracie has been involved in music for most of her life. Though she started with school bands and singing groups, she quickly added solo performances to her arsenal. During her high school years she appeared on a holiday concert aired by Maine’s CBS stations. For two years she also traveled the state performing with the Arcady program, bringing classical and world music to local schools and music venues. She went on the study classical voice and music performance at the University of Maine in Orono.

Since graduating in 2001, Tracie has spent her time honing her skills on guitar and developing her own vocal style. The simple, haunting beauty of traditional Irish ballads; the depth and soul of blues, and the fun and energy of harder rock and punk music all mixed together in her mind once she left school, hungry to write songs of her own.

She has been a member of the Maine Songwriters Association since the summer of 2003, which she spent busking in Portland’s many public squares. She has performed at showcases put on by the association, designed to highlight local songwriters and musicians.

Tracie sings often with local groups like the Vocci Disonatas, and the Mad Regals performing medieval and renaissance style music. In the past she performed with a Bangor based a capella vocal group called Impromptu; touring coastal and central Maine, and areas around Naples, Florida. Now she stands perched on the edge of the vibrant local music scene, ready to make her mark.

Set List

One to three 40 to 45 minute sets, up to 4 half hour sets, or a single set up to 90 minutes long.

Mostly origionals including the following;

Answer Me
Trying to Rise
Let me Freeze
Away from Me (the selkie song)
Winter on the Hill
Softly Fall
Answer Me
Man of my Dreams,
He will be forgot,
Memories of Water
Keeping Time
One Step Closer
Space Between Us
We See Home

Covers and traditionals including;

Maid in Bedlam,
Blood and Fire (Indigo Girls)
Who will save your soul (Jewel)
Maid on the Shore
Daily Growing
She moved through the fair