Tracing Figures

Tracing Figures

 Oakland, California, USA

San Francisco synth-pop, new wave, and shoegaze. A melodic and ethereal take on 90’s alternative, evocative of Blonde Redhead, M83, The Cure and Autolux.


Since 2008, Tracing Figures has rocked the San Francisco music scene with their fierce musical chops and high production values, tempered by soulful female vocals, guitar and synth wall-of-sound textures, and a rhythm section that grooves like clockwork.

Tracing Figures has always performed with a consistent draw at venues such as The Independent, The Rickshaw Stop, Bottom of the Hill, Café du Nord, Red Devil Lounge, Brick and Mortar, and El Rio. They have shared the stage with The Dandelion War, Via Coma, In Letter Form, The Family Flaw, Tomihira, Foxtail Somersault, The Love X Nowhere, Astral, Foreign Cinema, Your Cannons, …and more.

Tracing Figures’ music is a mix of synth-pop, new wave, and shoegaze, but the band fancies themselves a more melodic, ethereal version of 90’s alternative. Heavily influenced by the pop-tinged sounds of contemporary indie rock artists, the band is evocative of Blonde Redhead, M83, The Cure, and Autolux.     Founded in 2008 by guitarist Thad Baker (Anaura), the band's current lineup includes drummer Eric Bateman (Easy Street), guitarist James Spadaro (Foxtail Somersault), and vocalist Brianne Sherman.  


Tracing Figures (self-titled EP)
Tiny Telephone (EP released 2012)
Fault Lines (EP released 2013)