Tracing Lifelines

Tracing Lifelines


It's too hard for us to describe ourselves so this is what someone said about us who bought our album: "You (Christine) and Kyle have something special. This is the first cd I've ever had where I can't play it straight through. I've had to listen and relisten."


Tracing Lifelines is Christine DuBois and Kyle Martinez. They grew up in a small town, Los Alamos, New Mexico, where they started recording music together November 2007 in Christine's basement. Their first actual show was at an Elk's Lodge where they played only two songs, one of which they wrote in a bathroom ten minutes before they went on stage. They released a 5 song EP late January 2008 and this is their first full length album, recorded summer of 2008 and released fall of 2008.


This Book's All Lies EP - January 2008
Chasing Sunsets - October 2008

Chasing Sunsets Radio Airplay:
Pink Bikes & White Pick-Up Trucks
Shooting Star
New Mexico State University's Radio Station

Set List

12-15 songs. It will vary now with new material. We will occasionally cover a couple Bright Eyes, Feist, or Rocky Votolato songs.
Original Songs:
Chasing Sunsets
Clay Heart
Pink Bikes & White Pick-Up Trucks
Raining Lies
Tired & Lonely
It's Not You
A Girl & A Hero
Shooting Star

Hot Knives
A Perfect Sonnet
Past In Present